Results – Scottish Cyclo-Cross Series 4


Isla Short & Rab Wardell winners at round 4 of the Scottish Cyclo-Cross League at Clydebank on Sunday

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Results – Scottish Cyclo-Cross Series 4

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Main Race
1 Robert Wardell 01:05:43
2 Mark McGuire Team Bicyclesat 16 seconds
3 Harry Johnston Team Thomsons Cycles at 49 seconds
4 Jack Ravenscroft Team Thomsons Cycles at 01:41
5 David Lines Starley Primal Pro Cycling at 02:23
6 Steven HalsallVelo Club Moulin at 03:15
7 Calum Magowan Peebles CC at 03:46
8 Sean Clark
9 Gary MacDonald Hope Factory Racing
10 Graeme Warren Velo Club Moulin
11 Tom Owens
12 Paul Carmichael TheBicycleWorks
13 Rory Maguire Phoenix Cycling Club
14 Graeme Cross TheBicycleWorks
15 Ian Dunlop Velo Club Moulin 1 Lap
16 Addy Pope Velo Club Moulin 1 Lap
17 Gavin McDougall Ronde Cycling Club 1 Lap
18 Wayne Barr Velocity 44 Stirling 1 Lap
19 Allan Love 1 Lap
20 Marc Austin 1 Lap
21 Barry Wilson 1 Lap
22 David Atkinson CC London 1 Lap
23 Lauri Peil Edinburgh RC1 Lap
24 Jonathan Goldstraw Stewartry Wheelers 1 Lap
25 David Hamill Pedal Power RT 1 Lap
26 Scott Kerr Walkers Cycling Club1 Lap
27 George Stewart Gamma Racing Team 1 Lap
28 Eoghan Maguire Edinburgh RC1 Lap
29 Craig WebsterMukyriderz Cycling Club 1 Lap
30 Calum RidoutWalkers Cycling Club1 Lap
31 Tom Blankenstein 1 Lap
32 Dermot Bailie Edinburgh RC1 Lap
33 Jim Cameron Isle Of Mull Cycling Club 1 Lap
34 John Soutar 2 Laps
35 Dominic Sharkey 2 Laps
36 Steven TurbittVelo Club Moulin 2 Laps
37 Owen Philipson Stirling Bike Club 2 Laps
38 Russell Craig Ythan CC 2 Laps
39 Brian Traynor East Kilbride Road Club 2 Laps
40 Ed Vickers Pioneer Scott Syncros2 Laps
41 Bryce Renwick 2 Laps
42 Dan Gates Glasgow Tri 2 Laps
43 Andrew Birkett 2 Laps
44 David MacNeil Dunfermline CC 2 Laps
45 Adam Wallace 2 Laps
46 Christopher Johnson Ayr Roads Cycling Club 3 Laps
47 Dave Watson 3 Laps
48 Jamie Bolland 3 Laps
49 Gordon Dalglish Kelso Wheelers 3 Laps
50 Darren RidoutWalkers Cycling Club3 Laps
51 Gordon Traynor Mukyriderz Cycling Club 4 Laps
52 Andrew Rafferty 4 Laps
53 John McCracken Walkers Cycling Club5 Laps

Veteran 40-49
1 Gary McCrae Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
2 Stephen Jackson Glasgow United CC
3 Hans Forhaug Glasgow United CC
4 James MelvilleGlasgow United CC
5 Colin Bain East Kilbride Road Club
6 Alister Watt Granite City RT
7 Franco Porco Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
8 John McCaffery Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
9 Barry McGuire Team Bicycles
10 Fraser Moore Edinburgh RC
11 Alan Lamont Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
12 Steve Nicholson Dunfermline CC
13 Crawford Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC
14 Michael Nally Dunfermline CC
15 Andrew Strathdee Edinburgh RC
16 Gordon Dickson Rockhard MBC
17 Andrew Kitchin Edinburgh RC
18 Gary Beall Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
19 Stephen McDowall Pedal Power RT
20 George Roberts Icarus Racing
21 Gary Robson Gala Cycling Club
22 Andrew Isherwood Peebles CC
23 Gordon Chisholm Perth United Cycling Club
24 John Reid Stirling Bike Club
25 Alan Quinn Glasgow United CC
26 Gordon Traynor Spokes Racing Team
27 John Woodrow Sandy Wallace Cycles
28 Ronald BarkerTeam Thomsons Cycles
29 John-Paul Baxter Ayr Roads Cycling Club
30 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC
31 John McLagan Perth City Cycles
32 Christopher Marquis Velo Club Moulin
33 Ross Black Glasgow United CC
34 Oliver Samphier Stirling Bike Club
35 Kevin Gault Ythan CC
36 Troy Fraske
37 Paul Fettes Carse of Gowrie Velo (COG Velo)
38 Ally Wight Hardrock Hoodlums CC
39 Paul Gibson Ayr Roads Cycling Club
40 Fraser Waters Velo Club Moulin
41 David A Lindsay
42 Nathan Beard Gala Cycling Club
43 Russell Stout Velo Club Moulin
44 Malcolm Cooper Ythan CC
45 Paul Anderson Perth City Cycles
46 Martin Steele Velo Club Moulin
47 Gary Johnstone Mukyriderz Cycling Club
48 Paul Bailey Glasgow Green Cycle Club
49 Craig Caldwell Mukyriderz Cycling Club
50 Donald BissetMusselburgh RCC
51 David Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
52 Jerome Finlayson Pedal Power RT
53 Alan Picken Hooked on Cycling RT
54 Roddy Fawbert
55 Allan DawsonGala Cycling Club
56 Colin Moulson No club
57 Lindsay McGarvie Ayr Roads Cycling Club
58 Calvin Price Dunfermline CC
59 Kenneth Morrice VC Glasgow South
60 James Goldie Walkers Cycling Club
61 Simon Kenny West Lothian Clarion CC
62 Andrew Kent Ayr Roads Cycling Club
63 Stuart Punton Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
64 Brian Mccutcheon Walkers Cycling Club
65 Ian Churcher
66 Paul Hutton Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
67 David Borland Johnstone Wheelers CC
68 Jim King Stirling Bike Club
69 Gordon Watt Deeside Thistle CC
70 Craig Kidd
71 Russell Mowat Walkers Cycling Club
72 John McComisky Pedal Power RT
73 Peter Ellen Edinburgh RC
74 Joseph Fee Deeside Thistle CC
75 Calum PuntonKinross CC
76 Robert Kelly Ayr Roads Cycling Club
77 Michael ForanGlasgow Green Cycle Club
78 Stephen Birrell Ronde Cycling Club
79 Tim Allen
80 Paul Davies Kinross CC
81 Bill Burns Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs
82 David HordonWest Lothian Clarion CC
83 William Young Royal Albert CC
84 Nick Rowan Kinross CC
85 Paul Freeman Hooked on Cycling RT
86 Eric Easton Edinburgh RC
87 Paul McInally Evans Cycles Race Team
88 Iain McMullen

Junior Men
1 Pearce Somerville Team Thomsons Cycles
2 Conor Nally
3 Douglas Carchrie Perth City Cycles
4 Jamie Mason West Lothian Clarion CC
5 Calum Gray Peebles CC
6 Andrew Brown Glasgow Cycle Team
7 Alistair Merry Discovery Junior Cycling Club

1 Isla Short Team Thomsons Cycles
2 Kerry MacPhee Rock And Road Cycles
3 Madeleine Robinson Velo Club Moulin
4 Anne Ewing WV Breda
5 Eileen Roe Wiggle Pro Cycling
6 Jane Barr Velocity 44 Stirling
7 Mona Petrie Deeside Thistle CC
8 Morven Brown Dales Cycles Racing Team Scotland
9 Gillian PalmerSandy Wallace Cycles
10 Kate Carmichael Hervelo Cycling
11 Marie Meldrum
12 Ainsley Turbitt Velo Club Moulin
13 Janet Erskine Ayr Roads Cycling Club
14 Nicola Johnson Hervelo Cycling
15 Carina Convery Sandy Wallace Cycles
16 Elizabeth Adams Glasgow Green Cycle Club
17 Katie Newlands Ronde Cycling Club
18 Carlie Wilson Dunlop
19 Pammie Ball
20 Fiona Walker Walkers Cycling Club

Junior Women
1 Erika Allen Team Thomsons Cycles
2 Emma Borthwick Edinburgh RC
3 Heather Coull East Kilbride Road Club

Veteran 50+
1 Brendan Roe Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
2 Mark Barnett Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
3 Brian Nicholas Moray Firth Cycling Club
4 William Young Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
5 Andrew ShortTeam Thomsons Cycles
6 Colin Shearer Velo Club Moulin
7 Kenny Kentley Velo Ecosse
8 Malcolm Dunlop VC Edinburgh
9 Euan Ritchie Angus Bike Chain
10 Robert Bloor Edinburgh RC
11 Ian Archibald Team Thomsons Cycles
12 Howard Perkins
13 Jack Savage Glasgow Ivy CC
14 Alan Shanley West Lothian Clarion CC
15 Jeremy Toy Dundee Wheelers CC
16 James OKane West Lothian Clarion CC
17 Jim Foulis Dundee Wheelers CC
18 John GemmellAyr Roads Cycling Club
19 James JacksonDunfermline CC
20 Willie Webster Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
21 Alan Wilson Perth United Cycling Club
22 James MacLaren Johnstone Wheelers CC
23 Mike Ferguson Johnstone Wheelers CC
24 Douglas McGarrie
25 Alistair Ross Dumfries CC
26 John Myerscough Kinross CC
27 Ivor CampbellRock And Road Cycles
28 Neil Raitt Angus Bike Chain

Veteran Women
1 Brenda Callander Stirling Bike Club
2 Cathy Wyse Deeside Thistle CC
3 Anne Chisholm Perth United Cycling Club
4 Lorna Sloan Walkers Cycling Club
5 Peggy Series Team Thomsons Cycles
6 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club
7 Sharon O’Leary
8 Celia Tennant Royal Albert CC
9 Yvonne ShawRoyal Albert CC
10 Caroline Lukes Mukyriderz Cycling Club


Under 16 Boys
1 Mark Donovan Beacon Wheelers
2 Conner Johnstone Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
3 Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC
4 Tim ShoremanDeeside Thistle CC
5 Cameron Mason Team Thomsons Cycles
6 Tormod Doherty Glasgow Riderz
7 Conor Stevenson Tay Titans
8 Ben Fettes Discovery Junior Cycling Club
9 Finley Atterton Edinburgh RC
10 Sorley Johnston Glasgow Riderz
11 Maximilian Bloor Edinburgh RC
12 Cameron Oliver Stewartry Wheelers
13 Oran McConville EKRC
14 Lewis Overend Johnstone Jets
15 Hamish Mclean Johnstone Wheelers CC

Under 14 Boys
1 Jamie Johnston Team Thomsons Cycles
2 Rory McGuireTeam Bicycles
3 Christopher Hordon West Lothian Clarion CC
4 Callum Cooper Ythan CC
5 Alexander Dent Nevis Cycles Racing Team
6 Logan Maclean Stirling Bike Club
7 Elliot Duff Glasgow Riderz
8 Kyle Thomas Edinburgh RC
9 Daniel McGarrie Johnstone Wheelers CC
10 Aaron King Stirling Bike Club
11 Findlay Webster Edinburgh RC
12 Harry McGarvie Ayr Roads Cycling Club
13 Kieran Ballard
14 Joseph Crawley East Kilbride Road Club
15 Kyle Howie
16 Connor Emordy Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs
17 Cameron Anderson Royal Albert CC
18 Aidan Carlin Royal Albert CC
19 George Freeman
20 Toby Dawson Gala Cycling Club

Under 16 Girls
1 Megan Wilkinson Peebles CC
2 Nia Struthers East Kilbride Road Club

Under 14 Girls
1 Anna McGorum Peebles CC
2 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC
3 Ishbel Strathdee Edinburgh RC
4 Anna Shackley Glasgow Riderz
5 Niamh Doherty Glasgow Riderz
6 Georgia Ferry Glasgow Riderz
7 Estelle Fuller Edinburgh RC
8 Beth Wilson Glasgow Riderz

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