Blog – Emma Coldwell Pedalling circles


After a heavy racing incident, Emma Coldwell is back pedaling circles after enjoying the warm October and looking forward to some winter training

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Blog – Emma Coldwell Pedalling circles

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From Team Vertex’s Emma Coldwell
Emma is one of the many people in the sport who have only just been caught by the ‘bug’ and says her team Vertex is great and she is hoping to attract more women to the team.

Emma only started riding in 2014 after finding herself getting injured when running and says she fell into cycling quite by accident. Her first time trial was in April and road race in late June and already has had to get over some accidents. This will be her first winter laying the foundation for the 2015 season and Emma says she’s excited already about racing next year.


This is Emma’s latest blog …

All about the base!
It appears someone has forgotten to inform the weather that we are actually in November… I for one, am not complaining as I have been enjoying the glorious sun whilst getting back on my bike! Yes!!! Finally back on the bike and it could not have come soon enough! It’s certainly put some colour back in my cheeks… a healthy rosy glow which certainly looks better than the purple and green tint that had taken over my face for a few weeks!

My head and facial injuries (from a racing crash) are just about sorted now, although as I now have at least a week of memory loss and confusion, I think it’s safe to say my head injury was much worse than I had imagined! Thank goodness for my Limar helmet (now destroyed) as I dread to think of what the outcome would have been without it!


Pic: The marks of someone’s chain ring… rather the helmet than my head!


My iron gate… the perfect climbing companion!

It’s over six weeks since the accident but I still have an open wound on my shoulder and tomorrow is the day of the ultrasound scan to see what, if any, soft tissue damage I may have done. I can ride again but still have pain if I try and lift anything or lift my arms in the air… rather annoyingly I also tend to sleep on my right side and it’s still too painful.

Starting off slowly and building strength again, I opted for solo rides intially. My own pace, my own thoughts and just me, the road and my bike. Three 25 mile rides under my belt without enormous discomfort, it was time to join the Sunday social!

A lovely day and I was grateful for the rebellious nature of my fellow riders, who in the absence of ‘da boss, opted for a scenic ride to Bolton Abbey – a far less hilly and more sheltered option than the previously arranged Langsett adventure!

Despite the easier route, I noticed how much strength I had lost on the hills – and I suffered a long bout of ‘cafe legs’ on the return journey! Either that or someone cast a spell and turned the tarmac to treacle on the way home!

I was fortunate to be able to go on the Vertex evening rides last week too… its all about the biscuity base baby! Two pleasant 35ish mile rides, a steady pace, with a few signs to sprint for to keep us on our toes! Brilliant!

Saturday was perhaps the start of the training though… a great route with constant pedalling on a mainly flat route and working to my heart rate in the absence of a recent power test to recalculate my training programme. It was gloriously sunny and the tail wind on the way out made it even more enjoyable… but just as what goes up, must come down and sure enough, it was a bit of a battle on the way home straight into a head wind!

Learning to ride slowly again does take effort… but in order to go fast, I have been reliably informed, I must learn to go slow.

Sunday, I was very apprehensive as we set out for the Sunday social to Hepworth, near Hebden Bridge, an area well known for its generous lumps! After my performance the week before on the smallest of inclines in addition to my not so hill friendly gearing, it’s fair to say I wasn’t entirely looking forward to the pain.

Whatever apprehension I may have felt, it was soon replaced with laughter from the super company (cheers gents), great topics of conversation, amazing views, winter sun AND one of the most memorable cafe stops ever surrounded by classic cars and bikes and all things retro!

The ‘Oil Can Café’ at The Carding Shed – what more could you ask for… oh yes – amazing cakes. I can also say I educated the gentlemen on how to correctly enjoy a scone with cream and jam (cream first and then jam!) Despite the initial cynicism, they found that having tried it both ways, they had to concede my way was definitely the best way! Ha ha

Straight out of the café, we were greeted with a 1 in 5 which was a good way to warm up again as the temperature had dropped whilst we were enjoying the delights of the café.

I have to mention the view on the way home was equally as spectacular and made all the more interesting by the strange creatures that appeared to be sheep but resembled a pig, with the stocky stature of a bulldog on the juice… just bizarre!

Before I forget… we have had some success on the saddle front. An Adamo Prologue – the pressure is off, it’s taken a couple of adjustments to get it in the right position (far enough forward to ensure some padding for the seat bones!). I can recommend them and the shop has a HUGE selection!

Also helped with the investment of some decent tights. I can’t wait for the new Vertex: Ride Biemme kit to arrive – the quality is incredible! These days I get more excited about my Lycra, than a new pair of shoes – well almost!

Turbo’s planned for the week ahead as child care prevents any road action and then the pain of my power test is on the horizon! (SOB). I am so glad to be back on the bike… life can return to some sort of strange normality!


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