Cyclo-Cross – Tyres from Continental


Well known for their Road racing tyres, Continental also have a selection of tyres for cyclo-cross too

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Cyclo-Cross – Tyres from Continental

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MountainKing CX
In muddy races, the Mountain King has already made a name and is now the mud specialist in the cyclo-cross segment. Thanks to its deep profile, the Mountain King digs deep into the sturdier ground beneath any soft mud. The large studs also roll pretty well on harder ground. The shoulder lugs are intentionally separated from the centre lugs so that they can cut deep into the ground in cornering and off-camber terrain. BlackChili Compound offers outstanding grip with good self-cleaning. Feedback from testers: ‘Like riding on a track’.




After a successful start on the MTB scene, the award winning X-King pattern is now available to cyclocross racers and recreational riders. We’ve developed a tread pattern that is studded enough to work well in muddy conditions, yet roll like a semi slick in a straight line. Ask countless MTB XC racers and they’ll tell you that the X-King is fast!


The tall shoulder lugs do provide great bite in the loose and wet corners and of course, our special Black Chili soft compound boosts grip in all situations whether they be hard & dry, cold & wet, roots, off-cambers, grass or stone. When the tyre deforms under impact with the ground, the Black Chili compound aborbs the shock and propels you forward like no other tyre. It’s fast, grippy and it lasts as long as a harder compound tyre, giving you great value for money! The 32mm RaceSport version is UCI legal whilst we also provide wider versions in our standard format to suit all budgets and intended uses.



Cyclocross Race
The Cyclocross Race makes its case with a voluminous 35mm carcass and has a racer’s heart beat. It promises the convenience of riding tubulars without having to deal with the cumbersome fitting process. Even at low air pressure, perfect balance between grip, comfort and low rolling resistance is provided. Choose between a supple, lightweight 180 tpi casing for racing which includes a folding aramid bead, or for grass roots and leisure riding, the 84 tpi casing wire bead option.




Cyclocross Speed
The Cyclocross Speed can be used both as a pure speed option on dry CX race courses, or as a nimble urban warrior on the cross-commuter bike thanks to the two casing options available.

Choose the supple and lightweight 180tpi folding version with an aramid bead for racing or the robust 84tpi wire option for the freeroad bike that allows you a fast on-road experience with the option of jumping across the parks and down the shortcuts in the urban environment.




Speed King Cross
The 35mm Speed King Cross was developed for cyclo-cross races and general 700c riding on off-road terain. Now superceeded by the Cyclocross Race, the Speed King is still popular and still available in the UK. Lugs extending far into the shoulder make it possible to cross steep slopes, even if the ground is soft. Choose between the foldable race option with its 180 tpi casing or the robust wire bead option at 84 tpi.



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