Report – Wessex Cyclo-Cross League Rd 11


Totton rider Andy Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles-Ridley) led the latest race of the league from start to finish in tricky conditions at Thruxton. Tamina Oliver won the Women’s race

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Report – Wessex Cyclo-Cross League Rd 11

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Sunday 23rd November | by Graham Robins
Totton rider Andy Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles) led the latest race of the league from start to finish in the tricky conditions at the Thruxton Motor racing circuit to the West of Andover. The opening laps saw Andy being challenged by Dan Guest (Performance Cycles) but once the 22year old rider came to grips with the slippery conditions he eased away and set up a large lead, and winning the race by a clear 48secs.


Local bike shop Behind the Bikeshed laid up a course utilising one of the grass car parks on the approach to the race track with a lot of twists and turns as it wound its up and down the banking making the off camber descents tricky following heavy overnight rain which continued throughout the day. The course cut up during the earlier races providing the seniors with the worst of the conditions to cope with.

From the first whistle Hargroves came to the front along with Guest followed by Sam Allen (VC Nantes Atlantique) and last week’s winner Matt Macdonald (Hargroves Cycles) who then retired with problems. The chase was on behind as riders slipped and slithered their way around looking for some grip. Up at the front end and chasing well were Matt Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles), Chris Minter and Jamie Norfolk both riding for PedalOn.

Over the next few laps the race order remained the same with just the time gaps between riders changing. Guest was now 38secs down on the lead, followed by Minter at 57secs and Allen at 1min 05secs. There was more to come from Chris Minter as he soon started to reel in Dan Guest and soon the two of them were locked together with two laps to go.
Andy Hargroves remained smooth over the final lap avoiding the back markers and coasting to a comprehensive win, but the two chasers were locked together through the switch backs and as they approached the finish line Minter had enough to hold of Guest to secure run up spot.

Crispin Doyle (Hargroves Cycles) was the winner of the combined vet/women/junior race but he was made to work hard for it as Chris Rothwell (Ride 24/7) was with him for most of the race finishing just 3secs down at the finish.
Doyle and Rothwell soon built up a good lead with another Sean Williams (Cotswold Veldrijden) coming third just ahead of team mate junior Tom Sewell and Phil Bowley (Alton CC) rounding out the top five. Steve Davis (Hargroves Cycles) was the winner of the +50 category from Tim Costello (GS Vecchi) and Chris Hutchings (VC Venta) third.

Tamina Oliver carried on her fine form this season by winning her straight tenth race of the league wrapping up the women’s section last week with three rounds to go, she also leads the overall +50 and Women’s section of the league. Helen Pattinson (Solent Pirates) continued to improve as she finished second ahead of Wendy Wood.

Edward Gronbech (Oxford City RC) won the youth race leading from the front and never challenged. Charlie Cooper (Eden Veranda Racing) was second despite missing his grid call as he had to change wheels prior to the start, but once the race got underway Charlie soon scythed his way through the riders and was soon at the front of the chasers with Erin Baker, but with a lap to go Charlie dropped him in his pursuit of Edward.

Senior Men
1 HARGROVES Andy Hargroves Cycles Sen
2 MINTER Chris Sen
3 GUEST Daniel Performance Cycles Sen
4 ALLEN Sam VC Venta Sen
5 HARGROVES Matt Hargroves Cycles U23
6 NORFOLK Jamie Vet
7 HICKERTON Joe Charlotteville CC Sen
8 NORFOLK Karl Sen
9 LEWIS Richard Basingstoke CC Sen
10 COTTY James Eden Verander Sen
11 ONSLOW Nick Vet
12 DAVIES Steve Hargroves Cycles Vet
13 CHAPPELL Scott Behind The Bikeshed Sen
14 BUCKLAND Adam Banjo Cycles Sen
15 TAYLOR Aaron Banjo Cycles Sen
16 WOOLLETT Doug Maybush CC Sen
17 SPIERS Gavin GS Henley Sen
18 LINNEY Chris Eden Verander Sen
19 VOLKINS Daniel Outriders Sen
20 ATKINS Daniel Didcot Phoenix Sen
21 BUDDEN Tom Sotonia CC Sen
22 WILKS Phill Sotonia CC Sen
23 MANN Julian Velo Club Venta Sen
24 WHITE Simon Maybush CC Sen
25 BROWN Patrick Eden Verander U23
26 EVANS James NHRC Sen
27 DOBSON Chris Hargroves Cycles Sen
29 HAINES Andrew Cowley Road Condors Sen
30 FRISBY Paul Southdown Velo Sen
31 OSBORNE Paul Farnboro & Camberley CC Sen
32 RAMINO Brett Cowley Road Condors Sen
33 HAZELWOOD Andy Maybush CC Sen
34 WARREN Richard Zappis CC Sen
35 LANGHOUT Neils Sotonia CC Sen
36 HOY Nathan VCGH Sen
37 PEGGLAR Martin QECP Sen
38 BENNETT Richard Cotswold Veldrijden Vet

1 DOYLE Crispin Hargroves/Ridley RT V40
2 ROTHWELL Christopher Ride 24/7 Jun
3 WILLIAMS Sean Cotswold Veldrijden V40
4 SEWELL Thomas Cotswold Veldrijden Jun
5 BOLLER Phill Acton CC V40
6 ROGERSON Graham Cotswold Veldrijden V40
7 HYDE Tim G.S. Henley V40
8 MCDONALD William Take 3 Tri V40
9 HAY Craig Rock N Road Cycles V40
10 WILMOTT Robin Cotswold Veldrijden V40
11 BARLOW Gary Reading CC V40
12 DAINS Steve Hargroves CCC V50+
13 GURNEY Edward Velo Club Venta V40
14 HUTCHINSON Peter Cotswold Veldrijden V40
15 THOMAS Paul Velo Club Venta V40
16 COSTELLO Tim GS Vecchi V50+
17 WALMSLEY Nick Cotswold Veldrijden V40
18 HENRY Mark Take 3 Tri V40
19 DRIDGE Garath Southdown Velo V40
20 CONNELL Philip Sotonia CC V40
21 WINKS Mark Didcot Phoenix CC V40
22 HUTCHINGS Chris Velo Club Venta V50+
23 CARTER Robert Velo Club Venta V40
24 BEECH Nicholas G.S. Henley V40
25 LEWIS Darren Reading CC V40
26 FORD Rob beeline V40
27 ROBERTS Andrew Cotswold Veldrijden V50+
28 CROSS Malcolm Hargroves/Ridley RT V50+
29 MEADWELL Simon Bournemouth Jubilee Whls V40
30 GUARD Simon Sotonia CC V40
31 COLLINS Alan Portsmouth North End CC V40
32 CRACKNELL Andy V50+
33 POOLE Timothy Performance Cycles V40
34 OLIVER T Cotswold Veldrijden F
36 BOND Paul V40
37 DYMOND Martyn Cotswold Veldrijden V50+
38 ROUX Nicholas G.S. Henley V40
39 WADGE Phill Newbury RC V40
40 WOOD Heidi 333 Fab CX Team F
41 PATTINSON Hellen Solent Pirates F
42 AKERS Robin Beeline V50+
43 PILGRIM-MORRIS James G.S. Henley V50+
44 PHILLIPS Dave Cotswold Veldrijden V40
45 O’RIELLY Duncan Didcot Phoenix CC V40
46 HOLLOWAY Kevin VC10 V50+
47 WREY David CC  Basingstoke V50+
48 OLIVER Sam Palmer Park Velo RT Jun
49 MEAD Steve DPCC V40
50 DYMT Anthony North Hampshire RC V50+
51 TUTT Robert GS Europa V40
52 FREWIN Adam V40
53 POMFRET Paul V40
55 PURVIS Mitchell V50+
56 OBHI Harjinder North Hampshire RC Veteran
57 BOLLIE Nigel Owen Cycles V40
58 PRATT Nigel Andover Whls V40
59 MACDONALD Ian Hargroves/Ridley RT V50+
60 WARWICK Peter Didcot Phoenix CC V40
61 TOMLINSON Robert Sotonia CC V40
62 SEAWARD Laurence Solent Pirates V40
63 ALLAN Keith VC Venta Vet 60+
64 BREMNER Richard North Hampshire RC V50+
65 MORE Bob GS Vecchi V50+
67 MALE Andy Take 3 Tri V40
68 WALTERS Simon Velo Club Venta V40
69 LANGRIDGE Tony Velo Club Venta V50+
70 COOPER Steve I Team V40
71 LASSITER Kim Cotswold Veldrijden V40
72 POPE J Hardgrove CCC V40
73 REDDY Natasha Palmer Park Velo RT F
74 PHILLIPS John Sotonia CC V50+
75 CHINN Phill Fareham Wheelers CC V50+
76 DRUCE Nick Didcot Phoenix CC V40
77 CORNELL Tracy North Hampshire RC F
78 GUEST Harriet Performance Cycles F
79 RADBURN Micheal Owen Cycles V50+
80 ABBOTT Richard Didcot Phoenix CC V50+
81 MAINPRITE Craig Savage Tri Club V40
82 WARWICK Stephen Didcot Phoenix CC V50+
83 SWANSTON Jamie G.S. Henley V50+
84 HUGHES Carly F
85 ROWE Edward Sotonia CC Jun
86 HUGHES Martin V50+
87 BOOKER Geoffrey Oxonian CC V50+
89 GRACE Stuart GA Cycles V50+
90 WILLSON Becky F
91 CLARKE Emma Palmer Park Velo RT F
92 FOX Jonathan Charlotteville CC V50+
93 LANGDON Paul Hardgrove CCC V40
94 SCOTT Mandy Cotswold Veldrijden F
95 MYNOTT Richard V50+
96 TIPPITT Lewis Eaden Verander V40
97 QUINEY Murray Southdown Velo V50+
98 MURRAY Simon V40
99 ADAMS Mark Hargroves Cycles CC V50+
100 JONES Rihianna Cotswold Veldrijden F
101 SHEERER Jamie Andover Whls V40

1 GRONBECH Edward Oxford City RC U16
2 COOPER Charlie Eden Veranda Racing U16
3 BAKER Erin Team MK U16
4 HAWKINS Angus Palmer Park Velo RT U14
5 HUYNH Nathan Cotswold Veldrijden U16
6 FREEMAN Jack Alton CC U16
7 SCOTT Archie Cotswold Veldrijden U16
8 COOPER Will I-Team Cyclists’ Club U16
9 ELLIS Jamie Cotswold Veldrijden U16
10 WADSWORTH Maddie Beeline Bicycles RT U14
11 CLACY Barney Chapel Tri-Stars U14
12 MANLEY Abbie Jedi Cycle Sport U14
13 TURNER Bryn Poole Wheelers U16
14 ADAMS Fletcher Hargroves/Ridley RT U16
15 BAKER Alderney Team MK U14
16 HARRIS Liam Palmer Park Velo RT U16
17 MEADWELL Maximillian Bournemouth Jubilee U14
18 ALLEN Joey Pedal On U14
19 PERRYMAN Kara Solent Pirates U16
20 SCOTT Katie Cotswold Veldrijden U14
21 CLARKE Tom Palmer Park Velo RT U14
22 POWELL Holly Chapel Tri-Stars U14
23 PERRYMAN Amy Solent Pirates U14
24 KIMBER Jamie Cotswold Veldrijden U16
25 HURST Rebecca Poole Wheelers U16
26 TURNER Rowan Poole Wheelers U14
27 JOSEPH Amber PPV U16
28 SOUTHFIELD Jack Oxonion CC U14
29 DAWSON Samuel Palmer Park Velo RT U16
30 HORNER Freddie Behind The Bikeshed U14
31 HUTCHINSON Conor Cotswold Veldrijden U14
32 FREEMAN Ella Solent Pirates U16
34 THOMPSON Rachel PPV U14
36 CANTELO Amy Solent Pirates U14
37 MULLEN Sarah SPY CC U16
38 FOX Ben Charlotteville CC U14
39 SHAFTOE Ella Cotswold Veldrijden U14
41 NUST Christopher VC Venta U14

Under 12s
1 WADSWORTH Anna Beeline RT U12
4 WADSWORTH Thomas Beeline RT U10
6 COOPER Madeline Eden Veranda U10
7 FAWEETT Josh Solent Pirates U12
8 UPHILL Alex U12
10 BROWN James PPV U10
11 CLACY Felix Chapel Tri Club U12
13 WHITCHER Jamie Solent Pirates U12
14 SMITH Tyler Cotswold Veldrijden U12
15 CROMIE Jack iTeam CC U10
16 ELLIS Lewis Cotswold Veldrijden U10
17 PENMAN Harry U12
18 SEAWARD Lewis Solent Pirates U10
19 MURPHY Niamh Cotswold Veldrijden U10
20 HUNT Ben U12
21 COOPER Melissa Eden Veranda U12
22 TUCKER Drew Newbury RC U10
23 CRACKNELL Nathan Pedalon U12
24 PHILLIPS Daniel Cotswold Veldrijden U10
25 CLARKE Harry PPV U10
26 ROBINS Callum Solent Pirates U10
27 CHARLES Edward Charlotteville CC U10
28 SPIERS Ethan GS Henley U12
29 WOOLHOUSE Ben Newbury RC U10
30 DUNN William Thatchem U12
31 BUENFELP Bobby Gosport BMX U10
32 PHILLIPS Ellen Cotswold Veldrijden U10
34 HUNT Freya U10
35 WARD Tabitha U10

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