Photo Feature – World Cup Course


VeloUK pays a visit to the World Cup course in Milton Keynes to see what is install for the riders this weekend …

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Photo Feature – World Cup Course

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Photo Feature – World Cup Course
It was a misty, grey day when I arrived in Milton Keynes to do a course inspection on Thursday afternoon. As soon as I’d come off the M1, I was met by digital signage for the World Cup and saw many more signs as I approached the park which was round the corner from where I lived many a year ago.


I sussed out the closest parking and as ever, it isn’t cheap in Milton Keynes at £1.40 per hour but I only needed two hours so that was cool.

I wandered over just wearing trainers on my feet not realising how much rain has fallen in MK this week. Trainers were a mistake! Friday I’ll make sure the boots are on the feet to tackle the mud.

The grass was damp and squidgy, areas muddy where it had been cut up by vehicles and the finish straight was still being laid ready for the gantry to be put up. That would all happen after I’d left but I had two hours of walking the course and finding some key parts of it.

When I arrived, the TV guys were laying down cables and what a lot of cable there was. The venue was also now ringed by fencing to close it off and portable buildings were all over the course but none labelled so I couldn’t work out which ones were the beer tents. I expect that will be quickly visible on Saturday!


It is a big course with a length of 2.6k (approx) and it’s a course that surrounds the Pinnacle which will be a popular viewing point. Walking it I could not help feel it’s going to be tough for the riders with the mud making it sticky and a lot of up and down. Off camber too plus a series of steps which maybe rideable and some hurdles at the base of a climb.

The ‘action’ starts tomorrow (Friday) with some official practice at 2pm and then the racing on Saturday with a Junior Trophy event as a support event to warm up the circuit (ie, cut it up a bit more after all the practice!) Then Saturday afternoon sees the two World Cup races followed on Sunday by a lot of National Trophy racing. Here are a selection of photos with many more on the VeloUK Facebook page …


So different to the last time I was in Campbell Park – there’s a big bike racing coming!


Not sure if this is a descent or climb but the course is all over the hill in the middle of Campbell Park!


The Hurdles at the bottom of a climb — will we see them being bunny hopped?


The course wrapping itself around the hill in the Park.


A little relief from the grass…


The pits washing baths for the bikes …


The steps and that first step looks quite high … could be some fun and games watching riders test whether it can be jumped!


The view from the top of the steps of one side of the course…


Had fingers crossed this was in the course but alas no, its just the steps to the podium!


Course was soaked!


The tarmac being laid and all finished by the time I left.


Some off camber to test the riders ability to stay upright!


That dip at the bottom looks interesting!


1-2pm course inspectation
2pm – 4pm official training

SATURDAY  29th November, 2014

9am – Official Training

10am – Junior Support Race (40 mins)

12.30 – Women’s World Cup

2pm – Elite Men’s World Cup

Training 09:15 – 10:00

Vet Men 40-49 10:15

Youth U14 Boys 11.15

Youth U16 Boys 12:05

Training 12:45 – 13:25

Sen & Jr Women 13:30

Sen & U23 Men 14:45

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