Results – Eastern Cyclo-Cross League Round 13


Sean Dunlea & Joanne Newstead winners at round 13 of the Eastern Cyclo-Cross league at Ipswich on Sunday, November 23rd

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Results – Eastern Cyclo-Cross League Round 13

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Senior & Junior Men
1 Sean Dunlea Neon-Velo Cycling Team
2 Stephen James Renvale RT
3 Andrew Waterman ViCiOUS VELO
4 Benjamin Lewis Hackney GT
5 Graham Collins Manningtree Bicycle Club
6 Matthew Carter Velo Schils – Interbike RT
7 Tom Fitzpatrick Terra Safety Shoes
8 William Hughes Ipswich Bicycle Club
9 Federico Bernasconi Hackney GT
10 Andrew Whelan XRT – Elmy Cycles
11 Thomas Doe VC Norwich
12 James Jackson Colchester Rovers CC
13 James Madgwick Lee Valley Velo
14 Antonio Capasso Ipswich Bicycle Club
15 Robert Milton Hackney GT
16 Bradley Nelson Bottlesport Decca
17 Paul Bird Ipswich Bicycle Club
18 Graham Steven Cambridge Triathlon Club
19 Anthony Marsh Maldon & District CC
20 William Warre Lee Valley Velo
21 Roy Rowland Diss & District CC
22 Michael Pemberton
23 Leo Boswell VC Norwich
24 Lewis Hardcastle
25 Daniel Jones Ipswich Bicycle Club
26 Oliver Jones Ipswich Bicycle Club
27 Lucas Van Muiswinkel Cambridge Triathlon Club
28 Andrew Hopper Colchester Rovers CC

1 Joanne Newstead XRT – Elmy Cycles
2 Katie Scotter Iceni Velo
3 Jackie Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
4 Jayne Williams Autostrasse Porsche RT
5 Jane De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
6 Laura Mansel-Thomas Colchester Rovers CC
7 Sarah Pateman
8 Elanor Cadzow Bonito Squadra Corse
9 Rebecca Hammond Maldon & District CC

Veteran Men 50+
1 Dave Copland Ipswich Bicycle Club
2 Richard Muchmore
3 Geoff Bores Ford Cycling Club
4 Ian Robson Ipswich Bicycle Club
5 Peter Golding West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
6 Patrick Hayes Victoria/Ciclos
7 Paul Watson West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
8 Paul Speller Colchester Rovers CC
9 Patrick Stokes
10 Peter Barton Chelmer CC
11 Bruce Mackie Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
12 Garry Houghton
13 John Terrell Ipswich Bicycle Club
14 Tony Wilkins Wolsey RC
15 Peter Hall Colchester Rovers CC
16 Hugh Vivian Finsbury Park CC
17 Neil Irons Cycling Club Hackney
18 Anthony Madgwick Lee Valley Velo
19 Simon Carson Amisvelo Racing Team
20 Kevin Godber Ipswich Bicycle Club
21 Harry Moore Cycling Club Hackney
22 Duncan Chenery
23 Peter Partner Colchester Rovers CC
24 Laurence Bellamy Shaftesbury CC
25 Robert Smith Stowmarket & District CC
26 Peter Douglas Finsbury Park CC
27 Barry Denny West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
28 Jason Warre Lee Valley Velo
29 Martin Gill Chelmer CC
30 Graham Brookman Ipswich Bicycle Club
31 David Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
32 Andy Bardill Cycling Club Hackney

Veteran Men 40-49
1 Paul Groombridge Iceni Velo
2 Kevin Knox ViCiOUS VELO
3 Ian Newby Diss & District CC
4 Steven Drew London Phoenix CC
5 Damian Robertson London Phoenix CC
6 John Polak Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
7 Nicholas Cook Ipswich Bicycle Club
8 Antony Birt Ipswich Bicycle Club
9 Mike Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
10 Ben Paton Amisvelo Racing Team
11 Philip Peacock St Ives CC
12 Andy Hurst Colchester Rovers CC
13 Nick White East London Vélo
14 John Swindells Iceni Velo
15 Kevin Darragh Maldon & District CC
16 Colin Newstead Ipswich Bicycle Club
17 Kevin Carter Hackney GT
18 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC
19 Chris Clague London Phoenix CC
20 Stephen De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
21 Keith Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers CC
22 David West Amisvelo Racing Team
23 Bryan Holland North Road CC
24 Clive Quantrill Ipswich Bicycle Club
25 David Staff
26 Terry Smith Colchester Rovers CC
27 Christopher Ridley Maldon & District CC
28 Matt Shingleton West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
29 Ian Fraser VC Revolution
30 Gregory Andrews Colchester Rovers CC
31 Paul Moss Stowmarket & District CC
32 Jim Clayton Colchester Rovers CC
33 John Letch Colchester Rovers CC
34 Simon Richardson St Neots CC
35 Richard Hall Dartford Whls
36 Justin Sanderson
37 Mark Wyer Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
38 Michael Hoy St Ives CC
39 Jason Bye Iceni Velo
40 Trevor Ormes Velo Schils – Interbike RT
41 Ian Braybrook
42 Daniel Doncaster Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
43 Robert Wood Colchester Rovers CC
44 Andy Crowther VC Revolution
45 David Triggs Colchester Rovers CC
46 Richard Stiff West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
47 Matthew Denny West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
48 Richard Alexander Amisvelo Racing Team
49 Ant Bell
50 Christopher Seaward Colchester Rovers CC
51 Andy Laflin
52 Andrew Yorke Ipswich Bicycle Club
53 Ian Mansel-Thomas Colchester Rovers CC
54 Lee Rowling Chelmer CC
55 Jason Taylor Colchester Rovers CC
56 Richard Lawrence Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
57 Kevin Ollett Colchester Rovers CC
58 Malcolm Marchant Ipswich Bicycle Club
59 Gary Boyd Cycling Club Hackney

1 William Hughes Ipswich Bicycle Club
2 James Jackson Colchester Rovers CC
3 Antonio Capasso Ipswich Bicycle Club
4 William Warre Lee Valley Velo
5 Lewis Hardcastle
6 Oliver Jones Ipswich Bicycle Club

Under 10s
1 Mark Lightfoot Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
2 Jeremy Hughes Ipswich Bicycle Club
3 Max Rethman Colchester Rovers CC
4 Reuben Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
5 Bobby Douglas Finsbury Park CC
6 Bradley Taylor Colchester Rovers CC
7 Alfie Simpson
8 Nathaniel Marsh Maldon & District CC
9 Albie Smith
10 Isla Swainston Colchester Rovers CC
11 Chloe Ollett Colchester Rovers CC
12 Daisy Emerson Colchester Rovers CC
13 Sophie Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…

Under 12s
1 Daniel Hall Colchester Rovers CC
2 Alex Dale Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Jack Letch Colchester Rovers CC
4 Jake Carter Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
5 Jack Emerson Colchester Rovers CC
6 Oliver Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
7 Mack Mooney Cycling Club Hackney
8 Aeddan Seaward Colchester Rovers CC
9 James Marsland Dulwich Paragon CC
10 Charlie Johnson Ipswich CSC
11 Thomas Carson Colchester Rovers CC
12 Ben Laylin
13 Charlie Knowler West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
14 George Gill Chelmer CC
15 Thomas Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
16 Stanley Boyd Cycling Club Hackney
17 Amelia Hopper Colchester Rovers CC
18 Eddie Osbourn
19 Zoe Swainston Colchester Rovers CC
20 Kristian Mitchell Ipswich CSC
21 Jodie Taylor Colchester Rovers CC

U14 Boys
1 Samuel Asker Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Fred Gill Chelmer CC
3 Tom Martin Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Adam Lightfoot Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
5 Jack Parrish Ipswich Bicycle Club
6 Robert Mercer Colchester Rovers CC
7 Dexter Mansel-Thomas Colchester Rovers CC
8 Samuel Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
9 Owen Williams Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
10 Felix Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
11 Chester Tribley Chelmer CC
12 Thomas Macro West Suffolk Wheelers & Tr…
13 Daniel De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
14 Oliver Partner Colchester Rovers CC
15 Felix Mackie Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
16 Hugo Clague Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
17 Charlie Simpson
18 Jordan Bradford
19 Eden Hamilton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

U14 Girls
1 Molly Lloyd Cycling Club Hackney
2 Nicole Bradford

U16 Boys
1 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo
2 Cameron Hurst Colchester Rovers CC
3 Kieran Jarvis Gt Yarmouth CC
4 Frank Moore Cycling Club Hackney
5 Travis Pell Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
6 Jake Darragh Maldon & District CC
7 Noah Field Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
8 Adam Colbert Ipswich Bicycle Club
9 Logan de Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney
10 Cameron Hall
11 Gareth Lewis Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)

U16 Girls
1 Holly Hoy St Ives CC
2 Elspeth Grace Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Sarah Brunton Cambridge Triathlon Club
4 Connie Hayes Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

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