Report & Results – Imperial Winter Series


Will Ranoe,  Lloyd Patman & Emma Flattery winners at round 2 of the Imperial Winter Series at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit on Dec 13

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Report & Results – Imperial Winter Series

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Round 2 | 13th December 2015

Report by Imperial Racing Team

Women 3rd/4th’s
A field of 21 riders is testament to the continued growth in interest in the women’s race and more than justifies its inclusion in the series, especially as a few were first time racers. The pace was more than respectable too, only being passed once by the 4th cats. Catriona Ross (West Drayton MBC) stretched the group out properly on one occasion but Emma Flattery (Kingston Wheelers) stayed on the ball and won the sprint – just – from Alice Lethbridge (GB Cycles), followed by Heather Rankin (Dulwich Paragon) in third.

4th Cat Men
Alex Elferink (Serpentine) made a hasty start but was quickly reined in by Twickenham CC riders Andy Hancock and Grant Woodthorpe, who seemed to have a plan! However, Lloyd Patman of London Dynamo won the sprint for the second week running and now plans to retire rather than taking on the e123’s! Dane Bone (I-team) was second with Patman’s team mate James Riall third, last week’s second placed man Craig Adams fourth, Woodthorpe eventually fifth and Joe Skelton’s brother Ben sixth! Keith Gale (Twickenham CC) wins the Imperial Cycles random prize (25th place) and can look forward to his bike having spa-like treatment for Christmas!

E/1/2/3 Men
The funny thing about racing is that it’s often not so much amusing as plain barmy! Saturday’s race felt similar to the previous week – similar bright sunny but cold conditions – and no obvious stand out, straight from the crate winner.

This seems to be the only logical reason for the ending – yes, there were a few breaks Steve Golla (High Wycombe RT), previous winner Graham Crow (Twickenham CC) – but these were soon snuffed out. Jerzy Kuzminski (London Bicycle Workshop) snuck away with Jonnie Blackman (Panagua CC) and it was as they were caught that one of last week’s breakaway riders Will Ranoe (VCGH) powered off and created a gap; this was clearly a popular move as he was cheered from the sidelines.

Tom Sefton (RP Racing Team) got tantalisingly close to Ranoe in the last kilometre but couldn’t quite get there; the palpable excitement of this super win was then proceeded by total chaos for the last 50 metres – we rarely mention crashes in these reports: mainly to protect the innocent, but in this case the ensuing deluge of photo’s, video footage and social media comment make it unavoidable. Riders were everywhere, on the ground, off the ground, going through the photo finish backwards and several preferring the less obvious targets of the Scott easi-up, first aider Barry Hollis and coach Nigel Job! When the dust settled everyone pretty much walked away – kit and bikes were damaged – but that’s racing.


The pic by Dave Hayward that went viral after the crashfest at Hillingdon.

4th Cat winner Lloyd Patman (London Dynamo) and winner of the 3rd cat race Will Ranoe (VCGH) get their choice of a Ritchey handlebar/stem combo or a set of Vittoria Rubino winter training tyres courtesy of Aprire Bicycles.


E/1/2 cats
1st Will Ranoe VCGH
2nd Martin Ford Unattached
3rd Vincent Halpern Handsling racing
4th Jerzy Kuzminski London Bicycle Workshop
5th Tom Hargreaves London Dynamo
6th Laurence Kirby welwyn wheelers
7th Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands!
8th Tyler Lemmon Team Bottecchia UK
9th Daniel Tamplin High Wycombe CC
10th Graham Crow Handsling RT
11th Ben Allen Dulwich Paragon CC
12th Greig Petrie London Dynamo
13th Ralph De Kanter Norwood Paragon CC
14th Rob Taylor HWCCRT
15th Steve Morgan Twickenham CC
16th Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
17th Adam Thompson Reading CC
18th Andrew Davis Kingston Wheelers
19th Oliver Nixon Sussex Revolution VC
20th James McCarthy Twickenham CC
21st James Bradley Twickenham CC
22nd Ian Loades ASL Project Racing Team
23rd Andy Colsell High Wycombe CC
24th Darryl Green Watford Velo Sports
25th Robin Basford Wyndymilla
26th Russell Jones Matador
27th Timothy Allen RP Racing Team
28th Neil Heffernan Unattached
29th Damien Lodge Imperial RT
30th Simon Potter WyndyMilla
31st Peter Hitt VC Meudon
32nd Kevin Chandler Watford Velo Sport
33rd Jaco Van Gass Team Battle Back
34th Neil Kerr Twickenham CC
35th Ewan Evans Dorking CC
36th Daniel Marett GS Henley
37th Andy Davies High Wycombe CC
38th Jonnie Blackman Panagua CC
39th Steve Golla High Wycombe RT
40th Samuel Evans Dulwich paragon
41st Riyadh Khamis Personal bike fit
42nd Phillip Aubert Velosport Racing Team
43rd Joe James Velosport
44th Stephen Morrell High Wycombe CC
45th Rupert Baker London Dynamo
46th Tom Sefton RP Racing Team
47th Matthew Leary In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
48th Paul Bennett unattached
49th Kieran Blair Arctic Tacx RT
50th Justin Lord G.S. Henley
51st Daren Austin Twickenham CC
52nd Mike Knight VC Meudon
53rd Ian Baynes TMG Horizon Cycling Team
54th Andrew Gough Velo Club Venta
55th Jez Cox Unattached
56th Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
57th Alvaro Alves Da Cunha Unattached
58th Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles
59th Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team

4th cats
1st Lloyd Patman London Dynamo
2nd Dan Bone
3rd James Riall London Dynamo
4th Craig Adams Kingston Wheelers
5th Grant Woodthorpe Twickenham CC
6th Ben Skelton London Dynamo
7th Tom Simpson Brixton Cycles
8th David Driver Odiham CC
9th Seán Warner Twickenham CC
10th Jim Leaviss London dynamo
11th Danny Baker ASL Projects RT
12th Lawrence Hayes Unattached
13th Rostin Walker Kingston Wheelers
14th Kenny Henning London dynamo
15th Neil Lawrie Thames Velo
16th Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club
17th Paul Hollingsworth Unattached
18th Andy Hancock TCC
19th Andrew Wren Pearson CC
20th Mark Tonge Kingston Wheelers CC
21st Massimo Saetta Kingston Wheelers
22nd Alex Elferink Serpentine
23rd Jon Train Westerley CC
24th Jacob Bridges Kingston Wheelers CC
25th Keith Gale TCC
26th Robert Waldram Twickenham CC
27th Geoff Trimm London Dynamo
28th Conrad Addo London Dynamo
29th Ben Burns London Dynamo
30th Stephen Purvis London Dynamo
31st Jan Marzec London Dynamo
32nd Andy Brown Sussex Revolution VC
33rd Chris Gore Beckenham Rugby Cyclists
34th Andrew Deans London Dynamo
35th Michael Weekes London Dynamo
36th Shane Townsend Westerley CC
37th Tim Childs Westerley CC
38th Stuart Elvins VCT
39th Pete Ganderton Unattached
40th Alistair Thorburn Leighton Buzzard RCC
41st Stefano Dall’aglio SaddleDrunk
42nd James Marvin Unattached
43rd Steve Wood Pearson CC

Womens 3rd/4th cats
1 Emma Flattery Kingston Wheelers
2 Alice Lethbridge GB Cycles
3 Heather Rankin Dulwich Paragon
4 Gabriella Leveridge Unattached
5 Claire Richardson Zappi’s Racing Team
6 Catherine Coley Ludlow CC
7 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Wheelers
8 Alexandra Hamilton London Dynamo
9 Kathryn Morris Dulwich Paragon
10 Georgina Pymer
11 Katie Righton Dulwich Paragon CC
12 Monica Da Polenza Handsling Team
13 Zoe Hawes Dulwich Paragon CC
14 Rebeca Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
15 Catriona Ross PSUKCycleRaceTeam/WDMBC/Specialized
16 Ottilie Quince CC Luton
17 Hannah Kitchen Amersham RCC
18 katherine kimber Essex Roads CC
19 Samantha Allbrooke Thames Velo for all race information for all your bike needs for all the chat for fun

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