Report & Results – Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross


Jack Clarkson & Amira Mellor dominate their races at the New Year Days Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross  in North Yorkshire on Thursday

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Report & Results – Ripley Castle Cyclo-Cross

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The historic village of Ripley in Yorkshire (near Harrogate) woke up again to cyclists taking over their patch as Ripley Castle hosted the new years day cyclo-cross. Normally reserved for weddings, the castle in the heart of the village, was the venue for the second running of this event.


Jack Clarkson took a trip to Ripley Castle for a ‘cross race and has a Bioracer jersey to prove it!

With mild temperatures and spots of rain through the rain reminding us it was winter, the racing began at 10.30 with a Youth A and novice race on the full course followed by several races for the Under 12’s on a shortened course. This allowed the senior, women and vets riders to warm up on the course before the Vets and Women’s race at 12.30.

First off were the Vets 40 and over 100 of them snaked their way around the course led by National Trophy leader Ian Taylor. With no Darren Atkins snapping at his heels, Taylor rode clear of the rest to win his race unchallenged. In the over 50’s Chris Young, also the leader in the National Trophy for this category, had a very convincing win finished off with his usual showmanship style celebration.

The Women’s race also boasted a National Trophy star in Amira Mellor who got a good start in her race and was soon weaving her way through the Vets ahead of her to win ahead of the next round of the National Trophy on Sunday.


Dare devil Amira Mellor showed great skill as well as power and speed to win the Women’s race

The final race of the afternoon saw Jack Clarkson crowned king of the castle and presented with the Bioracer winner’s jersey. The Halifax rider finished over 40 seconds clear of Adam Martin (SportGrub KUOTA) with Clarkson’s teammate Michael Thompson in third. First junior in 5th place was Alfie Moses just ahead of 7th placed Fraser Clacherrt. Joe Williams was third in the Junior category.

Clarkson afterwards said “two weeks before the Nationals, its good for the confidence. The Ripley Castle event is always a ‘goodun’ to do, a bit slippery and tricky with a few testing bits like the off camber”.

“It has bits of everything from fast twitchy bits in the woods and bridges and stuff which you don’t normally have in the UK and some fast open draggy open sections with hurdles too. It’s a great course.”

With the British Championships just ahead on his race programmme, Jack admits that he is still deep into training hard for that event. “The training has gone up a bit this last week. It’s less than two weeks away and anything can happen in that time. I’m trying to get to that form I had at the World Cup in Milton Keynes.”


Along with the Castle at Ripley, the riders also had the castle’s lakes as a glorious background.

Jack added he’ll be trying to also keep the Under 23 Green Jersey in the National Trophy this weekend in Derby after a good season so far. “I am very happy with it, I can’t not be. It is a shame that a few of my teammates have been injured like Paul Oldham.”

The highlight of his season was the World Cup in Milton Keynes and he has hopes of riding the World Championships too. “I have never experienced a crowd like the one in Milton Keynes, it was phenomenal and even if I get selected for the Czech Republic (Worlds) I don’t think you’ll beat that crowd at Milton Keynes; not for me as a Brit riding in front of Brits anyway. Sven Nys and so on get that every week but for us, that was incredible.”


The Junior race was a win for Alfie Moses from  Fraser Clacherrt. Joe Williams was third.


The nicest sign on you will see complete with Xmas tree in the castle’s stables


Chris Young celebrating his victory with some fancy footwork


Convincing win for Ian Taylor in the Over 40s.


Senior men podium Adam Martin, Jack Clarkson and Michael Thompson.


Riders on the muddy off camber section take the run under the bridge


Victory for Under 23 rider Jack Clarkson


Michael Thompson gives his sponsors products a good testing riding up the stairs which only a few riders on cross’ bikes dared to try.


The Novice race winds its way around the castle square


Road pro Graham Briggs was wearing his team’s new colours at Ripley where he was sixth.

1 Jack Clarkson Hope Factory Racing
2 Adam Martin Metaltek KUOTA RT
3 Michael Thompson Hope Factory Racing
4 Matthew Kipling Velo29 Events
5 Alfie Moses Paul Milnes
6 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
7 Fraser Clacherrt Nutcracker Racing
8 Jonathan Harper Mansfield RC
9 Scot Easter Felt-ColbornesHargroves RT
10 Keith Murray Pioneer Scott Syncros
11 Dean Penfold MTS Cycle Sport
12 James Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC
13 James Thompson Langsett Cycles RT
14 Nicholas Barnes RT
15 Edwyn Oliver-Evans
16 Thomas Ramsay Crosstrax
17 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing
18 Joe Atkins Ride Coventry
19 Jordan Peacock Rhino Racing
20 Christopher Burns Cestria CC
21 Nathan Hesslewood Ellis Briggs RT
22 Daniel Drake VC Deal
23 Ryan Manders York Cycleworks
24 Andrew Johnson York Cycleworks RT
25 Alex Whiting Bolsover & District CC
26 Craig Gath York Cycleworks RT
27 Joe Williams PH-MAS Cycling
28 Trevor Schofield Moonglu RT
29 Jonty Bright Stiff Cycles
30 George Thompson Sleaford Whls CC
31 Richard Baldwin Cottingham Coureurs RT
32 Tony Mccullagh Unattached
33 Matthew Eastwood York Cycleworks
34 Ross Hosking Unattached
35 Richard Cowling Blackhawk Bikes
36 George Fox Paul Milnes
37 James Atkinson All Terrain Cycles
38 David Poole Unattached
39 Ben Howe Cycle Sport Pendle
40 Marcus Nainby Team WNT
41 Alisdair Burns Crosstrax
42 Clive Upton Hambleton RC
43 Benjamin Dransfield Unattached
44 Mike Wragg Arbis Colbert Cycles RT
45 Dan Snuggs Unattached
46 Christopher Barnes RT
47 Richard Whitefield Unattached
48 Matthew James Unattached
49 Adam Pridmore Wilsden
50 Neil Harris PH-MAS Cycling
51 Paul Rafferty Unattached
52 Andrew Stewart Unattached
53 Graham Jackson Manchester Whlrs
54 Stephen Blackwell Unattached
55 Dan OHalloran Sportcity Velo
56 Max Vesty Chevin Trek
57 Steven Humphreys Rugby Velo
58 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes
59 Andy Hilton Manchester Whlrs
101 Alex Foley Leeds Mercury Cycling Club
102 Sam Wilson Mike Vaughan Cycles
103 Richard Sharp York Cycleworks RT
104 Richard Cleathero North Racing
105 Matthew Downes Paul Milnes
106 Peter Hook Clifton CC
107 Gavin Slack Beacon Wheelers
108 Ian Furlon Alberossa
109 Michael Hargreaves Huddersfield Star Whlrs

1 Ian Taylor Jedi Cycle Sport V40
2 Daniel Alexander RT V40
3 Mike Simpson G.S. Henley V40
4 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles Ridley RT V40
5 Pete Middleton RT V40
6 Chris Taylor Pedalsport Cycling Club V40
7 Andrew Peace Jedi Cycle Sport V40
8 Dan Cook Peak Road Club V40
9 Stefan Macina Unattached V40
10 Mike Young Pedalsport Cycling Club V40
11 Craig Thursby Ellmore Factory Racing V40
12 John Murfin Jedi Cycle Sport V40
13 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC V40
14 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club V40
15 Matt Denby RT V40
16 Darren Binks Blackhawk Bikes V40
17 Michael Burdon PH-MAS Cycling V40
18 Jonathan Marshall RT V40
19 Malcolm Lewis MTS Cycle Sport V40
20 Chris Young Pedalsport Cycling Club V50
21 Nick Shaughnessy Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue V40
22 Tony Mills York Cycleworks V40
23 John Shaw Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue V40
24 Andrew Turner Manchester Whlrs Club V40
25 Colin James Beacon Wheelers V40
26 David Johnson V40
27 Richard Gate Albarosa Cycling Club V40
28 Paul Crosswell Harrogate Nova CC V40
29 John Wood Ilkley Cycling Club V40
30 Guy Kesteven Unattached V40
31 Stephen Barnes RT V50
32 Mark Calvert Team Trisports V40
33 Dermot Mckee Unattached V40
34 Richard Allen Here Come The Belgians V40
35 David Brown Pedalsport Cycling Club V40
36 Timothy Bull Ilkley Cycling Club V40
37 Paul Nutton Here Come The Belgians V40
38 Doug Hart Ilkley Cycling Club V40
39 Ivan Boyes Team Cystic Fibrosis V40
40 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks Race Team V50
41 Jonathan Watson Charge Bikes V40
42 Simon Beldon Team Swift V40
43 David Watt Albarosa Cycling Club V40
46 Mark Farrar Ride Coventry V40
47 Mark Horrocks Hope Factory Racing V50
48 Mark Albone Unattached V40
49 Mark Tobin Albarosa Cycling Club V40
50 Brent Carr Here Come The Belgians V40
51 David Shaw PH-MAS Cycling V40
52 Christopher Rowe RT V50
53 Arthur Wilson Ilkley Cycling Club V40
54 Richard Patton Norton Wheelers V40
55 Charles Warren Unattached V50
56 Andrew Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC V40
57 Ben woolveridge Unattached V40
58 David Thorp Mossley CRT V40
59 mark livesey Unattached V40
60 Martin Vesty Chevin Trek V40
61 Dave Headon Horwich CC V50
62 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport V50
63 Rob Watson Wills Wheels Cycling Club V50
64 Peter Dukes Huddersfield Star Whlrs V40
65 Rob Allen Handsley RT V40
66 Thomas Bardgett Beacon Wheelers V50
67 David Bettridge Derby Mercury RC V40
68 Richard Hamilton Harrogate Nova CC V40
69 Mike Postle Unattached V40
70 Amira Mellor Paul Milnes Cycles FJ
71 Todd Stewart Here Come The Belgians V40
72 Mark Bell Unattached V40
73 Jason Hurt Stockton Wheelers CC V40
74 Joff Lazenby Unattached V40
75 Jonathan Robinson Skipton Cycling Club V40
76 Martin Worner Unattached V50
77 Matthew Cutler Bronte Wheelers V40
78 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC V50
79 Andrew Moss Adept Precision RT V50
80 Richard Pennock Harrogate Nova CC V40
81 Gary Jackson Huddersfield Star Whlrs V40
82 Philip Ingham Pedalsport Cycling Club V40
83 Mark Mckie York Cycleworks V40
84 Sean Bell South Shields Velo CC V40
85 Darrell Bradbury Norton Wheelers V50
86 Mark Humphreys Rugby Velo V40
87 Mike Cleary MCR Whlrs V40
88 Steve Shepherd Unattached V50
89 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse FJ
90 Neil McLaughlin Harrogate Nova CC V50
91 Steve Gelder Team Swift V40
92 Andrew Holgate Unattached V50
93 Jonathan Robinson Army Cycling Union V40
94 Steven Hilbert VC Lincoln V50
95 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles FV
96 John Gilling Unattached V50
97 Kevin Holmes Unattached V50
98 Joanna Rycroft FS
99 Andy Woodward Huddersfield Star Whlrs V50
100 Paul Stockwell Unattached V40
101 John Sedgwick Unattached V40
102 Ian Caswell Harrogate Nova CC V40
103 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS Cycling FV
104 Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers FJ
105 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles FS
106 Colin Hawxby Clifton CC V40
107 John Ellwell Unattached V50
108 Graham Whiting Bolsover & District CC V50
109 Stuart Newton Cappuccino Cycling Club V40
110 Kenneth Wilby Crosstrax V50
111 Sam Burman Team WNT FS
112 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC V50
113 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FV
114 Peter Young Unattached V40
115 Jonathan Allan Unattached V50
116 Jonathan Rowland Unattached V40
117 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles FS
118 Paul Gray Unattached V40
119 Jennifer Batey Unattached FS
120 Jon Cooper York Cycleworks V40
121 Graham Taylor Unattached V40
122 Eleanor Haresign Unattached FS
123 Andrew Moxon Otley CC V50
124 John Graveling Unattached V50
125 Chris Tomes Paul Milnes Cycles V50
126 Sinead Burke PH-MAS Cycling FS
127 Amy OHalloran PH-MAS Cycling FS
128 Dave Burns Unattached V40
129 James Cullen Otley CC V50
130 Andrew Fraser York Cycleworks V40
131 Andrew Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club V40
132 Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers FV
133 Kevin Dowson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club V50
134 Athena Mellor Holmfirth Cycling Club FS
135 Natalie Batey Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC FS
136 Rachael Mellor Holmfirth Cycling Club FV
137 Andrew Akers Holmfirth Cycling Club V50
138 Nicola Hartle PH-MAS Cycling FV
139 Andrea Rodgers Norton Wheelers FV
140 Paul OHalloran Horwich CC V40
141 Peter Middlemiss Otley CC V40
142 Lauren Humphreys Bonito Squadra Corse FS
143 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club FS
144 Virginia Roberts Holmfirth Cycling Club FV
145 Natalie Hodson PH-MAS Cycling FS
146 David Finch Unattached V50
147 Louise Wainwright Matlock CC FV
148 Dave Elliss Unattached V40
149 Julie Dinsdale Unattached FV
150 Jane Roberts VC Lincoln FV
151 Jessica Bacon Harrogate Nova CC FS
152 Fred Rothwell Bradford Olympic V50
153 Gary Marsh Paul Milnes Cycles V50
154 Christopher Beetham West Yorkshire Police CC V50
155 Laura Stafford Manchester Whlrs Club FS
156 John Bull Unattached V50

1 Amira Mellor Paul Milnes Cycles FJ F
2 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse FJ F
3 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Cycles FV F
4 Joanna Rycroft FS F
5 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS Cycling FV F
6 Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers FJ F
7 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles FS F
9 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FV F
10 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles FS F
11 Jennifer Batey Unattached FS F
12 Eleanor Haresign Unattached FS F
13 Sinead Burke PH-MAS Cycling FS F
14 Amy OHalloran PH-MAS Cycling FS F
15 Lynn Bland Norton Wheelers FV F
16 Athena Mellor Holmfirth Cycling Club FS F
17 Natalie Batey Tyne&Wear Fire&Rescue CC FS F
18 Rachael Mellor Holmfirth Cycling Club FV F
19 Nicola Hartle PH-MAS Cycling FV F
20 Andrea Rodgers Norton Wheelers FV F
21 Lauren Humphreys Bonito Squadra Corse FS F
22 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club FS F
23 Virginia Roberts Holmfirth Cycling Club FV F
24 Natalie Hodson PH-MAS Cycling FS F
25 Louise Wainwright Matlock CC FV F
26 Julie Dinsdale Unattached FV F
27 Jane Roberts VC Lincoln FV F
28 Jessica Bacon Harrogate Nova CC FS F
29 Laura Stafford Manchester Whlrs Club FS F

1 Ben Turner Paul Milnes U16 M
2 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC U16 M
3 Steven Thompson CM CC Mnov M
4 Nick Hamilton Teesdale CRC U16 M
5 Edward Raddon Unattached Mnov M
6 Tim Howcroft Otley CC Mnov M
7 Matthew Taylor Pedalsport Cycling Club U16 M
8 Jenson Young Pedalsport Cycling Club U14 M
9 Ian Cullen Otley CC Mnov M
10 David Kent Unattached Mnov M
11 Jonathan Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers Mnov M
12 Will King EBCC U16 M
13 Scott Davison Unattached Mnov M
14 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers U14 M
15 Jason Bishop ICC Mnov M
16 Gary Fretwell Unattached Mnov M
17 Paul Howard VC Etoile Mnov M
18 David Stuart Unattached Mnov M
19 Andrew Simpson Bolsover & District CC Mnov M
20 Sam Gallaway Unattached Mnov M
21 Graham Atkinson Unattached Mnov M
22 Paul Sinclair Unattached Mnov M
23 Simeon Young Pedalsport Cycling Club U16 M
24 Antony Mawson Albarosa Cycling Club Mnov M
25 Alistair Wallace Yorkshire Tri Academy Mnov M
26 Deryck Jones Unattached Mnov M
27 Rupert Reynolds Paul Milnes Mnov M
28 Joe Nolan Unattached Mnov M
29 Rob Wilkins Tri Hard Mnov M
30 Fiona Turnby Tyne Vags FU16 F
31 Tom Cullen Otley CC U16 M
32 Joe Howcroft Otley CC U16 M
33 Greg Davidson Unattached Mnov M
34 Rolland Strauss Cappaciono Races Mnov M
35 Stuart Hull EBCC Mnov M
36 Rob Hill Rob Hill Cycling Mnov M
37 David Anderson Glasgow Nightingale CC Mnov M
38 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14 M
39 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 M
40 Robert Greenhalf Unattached Mnov M
41 Andrew Dobby Unattached Mnov M
42 Sam Murray Pioneer Scott Syncros U14 M
43 Tim Wilson Unattached Mnov M
44 Matt Lehan Unattached Mnov M
45 Lucien Cumming EBCC U14 M
46 Vicky Begg Johnstone Wheelers CC Fnov F
47 Lucy Naylor Cycle Sport Pendle FU14 F
48 Steve Foster Unattached Mnov M
49 Damion Hanslip Unattached Mnov M
50 Yazz Lapen All Terrian Mnov M
51 Mike Peunock Ripon Runners Mnov M
52 Gareth Liptrott Knasborough CC Mnov M
53 Timmy Pinder Albarosa Cycling Club Mnov M
54 Rich Walker Unattached Mnov M
55 Andrew Clough Unattached Mnov M
56 Adam Robottom Unattached Mnov M
57 Matt King Cappaciono Races Mnov M
58 Sally Hicks Unattached Fnov F
59 Brian Rycroft Unattached Mnov M
60 Andy Hunter Unattached Mnov M
61 Nathan Page East Bradford CC U14 M
62 Anna Docherty Clifton CC FU16 F
63 Matthew Hodges Unattached Mnov M
64 Nick Newby Ravonsthorpe CC Mnov M
65 Paul Hutton Unattached Mnov M
66 Glen Waterworth Unattached Mnov M
67 Maisy Vasic Eastlands Velo FU14 F
68 Robert Stephens Unattached Mnov M
69 Andrea Foster Unattached Fnov F
70 Andrew Wallace Yorkshire Tri Academy Mnov M
71 Paul Hardcastle Unattached Mnov M
72 Oliver Walton Pedalsport Cycling Club U14 M
73 Judy Ellison Coventry Cycling Club Fnov F
74 Ethan Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club U14 M
75 Andrew Pringle Unattached Mnov M
76 Harry Streeton Unattached U16 M
77 Robbie Pollard Otley CC U16 M
78 Dave Hewwit CC Club Mnov M
79 Bob Baker Unattached Mnov M
80 Graeme Allan Unattached Mnov M
81 Matthew Toman Unattached U14 M
82 Stephen Smith Huddersfield Star Whlrs Mnov M
83 Bruce Wiloughby Unattached Mnov M
84 Keat Brigham Selby CC Mnov M
85 Oliie Liptroft Clifton CC U16 M
86 Ruby Boyes Huddersfield Star Whlrs FU14 F
87 Zoe Robindon Unattached Fnov F
88 Adrian Baxter Unattached Mnov M
89 Katie Gray Unattached Fnov F
90 Rita Humphreys Coventry Cycling Club Fnov F
91 Geabalt Fahy Unattached Mnov M
92 Lynette Purkis Unattached Fnov F
93 Gary Perkins Unattached Mnov M
94 Luke Middlemiss Otley CC U14 M
95 Linden Davidson Unattached FU14 F
96 Sam Howcroft Otley CC U14 M
97 Brian Evans Unattached Mnov M
98 Carl Akeroyd Unattached Mnov M
99 Robyn Mclean Unattached Fnov F
100 Debbie Handslip Unattached Fnov F
101 Rachel Kendrick Unattached Fnov F
102 Jenny Ollier Coventry Cycling Club Fnov F
103 Ann Whyte Ilkley Cycling Club Fnov F
104 John Beers Ripon Runners Mnov M
105 Allan Martin Unattached Mnov M
106 Leah Horner Unattached Fnov F
107 Catherine Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club Fnov F
108 Ava Oxley KCA FU14 F
109 Dave Burns Unattached Mnov M
110 Julia Sanders Unattached Fnov F
111 Helen Leham Harrogate Nova Fnov F
112 Sophie Lansdown Alberossa FU14 F
113 Sallie Bracewell Cycle Club Ashwell Fnov F
114 Kate Clough Unattached Fnov F
115 Euan Ellison Unattached U14 M
116 Tim Bird All Terrian Mnov M

1 Byorn Koerdt Unattached M
2 Aiden Laurence Eastlands Velo M
3 Barnaby Walkingshaw Beacon Whlrs M
4 Chris Hilbert VC Lincoln M
5 Zak Harop Mosley M
6 Riley Blackmore Pedalsport M
7 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport M
8 Joe Thorpe Mosley M
9 Daniel Reynolds Paul Milnes M
10 Sebestian Cummin EBCC M
11 Kaleigh Wells Clifton CC F
12 Owen Thompson Bronte Whlrs M
13 Amber Hull EBCC F
14 Daniel Cuther Bronte Whlrs M
15 Elinor Foley Leeds Mervury F
16 Tom Haywood Wakefield Tri M
17 Joel Sariemento Harrogate Nova M
18 Baden Green Unattached M
19 Benjy Howard Unattached M
20 Blake Mawson Unattached M
21 Adele Taylor Clifton CC F
22 Lilly Young Pedalsport F
23 Erin Collingan Mosley F
24 Charlie Lehan Harrogate Nova M
25 Joshua Clough Unattached M
26 Marcus Kent Unattached M
27 Theo Dormer Unattached M
28 Spike Ellwell EBCC M
29 Erica Davidson Unattached F

Under 10
1 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers M
2 Oliver Akers Holmfirth M
3 Harry Ellson Pedalsport M
4 Dylan Slack Beacon Whlrs M
5 Bryn Lawerance Eastlands Velo M
6 Freya Brealy EBCC F
7 Edward Denholm Unattached M
8 Alistair Brown Ilkley CC M
9 Beau Walkingshaw Beacon Whlrs F
10 Fraya Whitseide Ilkley CC F
11 Archie Beecewell Welyn M
12 Joel Hurt Achieve M
13 Bryan Thomas EBCC M
14 Amelia Clitheroe Hetton Hawks F
15 Rohan Baxster HSW M
16 Katie Shaw HSW F
17 Thomas Whitfideed Harrogate Nova M
18 Sammy Mills York Cycleworks M
19 Milo Hull EBCC M
20 Joseph Turnbull Unattached M
21 Thomas Howard Unattached M
22 Freddie Howard Unattached M
23 Alex Tayler Unattached M
24 Hatty Bishop Ilkley CC F
25 Jenna Dawson Unattached F
26 Lorna Farrer Coventry Road Club F
27 Karly Malyers Great Life F
28 Olivia Fox Paul Milnes F
29 Tegan Maltas Great Life F
30 Wiiliam Feather Unattached M
31 Hannah Dormer Unattached F
32 Maddox Howe Cycle Sport M

1 Noah Ellison Pedalsport M
2 Archie Gill Bronte Whlrs M
3 David Riley Holmfirth M
4 Jacob Simpson Harrogate Nova M
5 Kieran Brigham Clifton CC M
6 Luca Bednarek Unattached M
7 Esme Walkingshaw Beacon Whlrs F
8 Harry Fox Paul Milnes M
9 Mark Ketringham Harrogate Nova M
10 Sian Thompson Bronte Whlrs F
11 Evie Smith Huddersfield Whlrs F
12 Tommy Simpson Harrogate Nova M
13 Magnus Denwood Harrogate Nova M
14 Hannah Shaw Unattached F
15 Hugo Edwards Unattached M
16 Finley Ripley In Gear M
17 Jody Mills Unattached M
18 Charlie Elbone Bronte Whlrs M
19 James Beagley Unattached M
20 Lucas Elwell EBCC M
21 Sophie Eng Clifton CC F
22 Sofia Bednarek Unattached F
23 Comac Denwood Harrogate Nova M
24 George Feather Unattached M
25 Max Hilton Unattached M
26 Franky Flaherty Ilkley CC M

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