News – 49th Spring Classic Handicap


Strong field for Clayton Velo’s 49th edition of the Spring Classic in Lancashire on February 22nd as last years winner Simon Wilson returns and a surprise from France enters

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News – 49th Spring Classic Handicap

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The next British ‘classic’ is up north and following on from the 50th Perfs Pedal won by Yanto Barker, is the 49th edition of Clayton Velo’s Spring Classic on February 22nd.

Last years winner Simon Wilson returns with his new team Team Polypipe and his DS, Dean Downing, is another former winner.


2014 winner Si Wilson.


2013 Winner Richard Handleywith James Gullen and Ryan Mullen

Race organiser Peter Bpast has also highlighted French rider Arthur Didelot who will have his first taste of British racing whilst attending University in Leeds. His results include

— 3rd national championship (road) U19
– 5th national championship (time trial) U19
– 5th “Chrono des Nations” UCI time trial race (U19)
– 5 victories (road) and 1 victory on an elite road race

Those racing with him on scratch be warned! Headquarters for the race is at the Eddisford Junior School, Eddisford Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 2LN

Signing on opens at 8.15 and closes at 9.20 sharp, after which nominated reserves will be allocated a place in the race in reserve number order. Course is 15 laps of the normal rolling course:

Start on the unclassified road one mile East of Hodder Bridge, proceed towards Hodder Bridge and left at first cross roads (M) Proceed to junction with B6243 (M) Left on to B6243 direction Clitheroe, turn sharp left 150M from Eddisford Bridge (M) continue towards Bashall to turn left at junction (M) on to the start and finishing straight to complete lap of 3.9 mile, repeat for a further 14 Laps (15 in total) = 58.5 miles.


1 Reserved for 2013 winner (see below)

2 Tim Jones CS Pendle
3 Harry French CS Pendle
4 Baily Payne CS Pendle
5 Fabian Brennan North city velo
6 Adam Hall North city velo
7 Ryan Ashcroft VCUK PH Mass
8 Adam Hartley VCUK PH Mass
9 Robert Scott VCUK PH Mass
10 Max Spedding VCUK PH Mass
11 Ralf Hodgson VCUK PH Mass
12 James Ireson Wolverhampton Whs
13 Grant Martin Spokes RT
14 Conor Jardine Salt Ayre cog set
15 Sam Monkhouse Salt Ayre cog set
16 Toby Carway Salt Ayre cog set
17 Ryan Coulton Salt Ayre cog set
18 Ben McIntosh Deplasco VDBG
19 Andy Brown Glasgow Race Team
20 Lewis Mulholland Glasgow Race Team
21 Ewan Mathison Glasgow Race Team
22 Angas Claxton Glasgow Race Team
23 Andrew Vettraino Glasgow Race Team
24 Alex Hutchinson Pedalsport
25 Jake Dobson Newcastle Phoenix
26 Ellis Kirkbride North City Velo
27 Aron Denver Chorley cc

Group 2 Cat 2/3/4 At 3 mins
28 Craig Batersby Team Chronomaster
29 Simon Deplitch Team Chronomaster
30 Stephen Feeney Team Chronomaster
31 Carl Owen Team Chronomaster
32 Billy Sewart Team Chronomaster
33 Kristian Zentek Team Chronomaster
34 Ben Howe Reserve 1 CS Pendle
35 Sam Dobson Fiftyfour Eleven RT
36 James Claydon The Nab RT
37 Karl Freeman Team Wheelguru
38 Mark Hammesley Team Wheelguru
39 Philip Grey Res 2 Kuota Spinergy
40 Oliver Payton Kuota Spinergy
41 Jacob Both Dave Hinde RT
42 SteveFidler Dave Hinde RT
43 Hammish Graham Green Jersey RT
44 Edward McParland All Terain
45 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century
46 Sam Pickering THR Racing
47 Shaun Pearson THR Racing
48 Ryan Ellis Albarosa cc
49 Richard Flynn Fiftyfour Eleven
50 Billy Harding Paul Milnes
51 Thomas Wood Paul Milnes
52 Luke Mullen Lancaster Uni cc
53 Karl Smith Bott RT
54 Jack Stanton Res 3 Clay Cross RT
55 Andrew Turner Res 4 Team Moda-Anon
56 Andrew Webster Team Moda-Anon
57 Simon Winstone Manchester Whs
58 Bex Rimmington (L) Ikon-Mazda
59 Ryan Whatmough Team Terminator
60 Alisdair Fairhurst Res 5 Lune RCC
61 Jay McCarthy Res 6 CS Pendle

Scratch Group At 6 Min 30 Sec
1 Simon Wilson * Team Polypipe
62 Sam Boast Wheelbase Altura
63 Andy Coupe Wheelbase Altura
64 Alex Orell-Turner Wheelbase Altura
65 Stuart Ried Wheelbase Altura
66 Tom Murray * All Terain
67 Josh Hunt One Pro Cycling
68 Peter Williams # One Pro Cycling
69 Sam Williams One Pro Cycling
70 George Atkins One Pro Cycling
71 Steve Abbott THR Racing
72 Dylan Byrne Champion Systems
73 Michael Ashurst Champion Systems
74 Seb Baylis Champion Systems
75 Alex Jones Champion Systems
76 Matt Cronshaw Maddison Genesis
77 Toby Horton Maddison Genesis
78 Andy Leigh Team Handi-ness
79 Michael Rawson Kuota Spinergy
80 Alistair Rutherford Team Nab
81 David McGowan # Pedal Heaven
82 Seam McGovern Team Wallis
83 Arthur Didelot Albarosa cc
84 Josh Lawless Team Moda-Anon
85 Henry Hunter Team Moda-Anon
86 Martin Woffindin CS Pendle

Sign on the line reserves:
87 Pete Hollis Res 7 THR Racing
88 Ben Marshall Res 8 Wolverhampton whs
89 John Myburgh Res 9 Team Chronomaster
90 Matt James Res 10 Rossendale RC
91 Warren Gel Res 11 Cover your car
92 Matt Lythgoe Res 12 The Nab racing


Former Winners
2014: 1. Simon Wilson, 2. David McGowan 3. Richard Handley
2013: 1. Richard Handley 2. Ryan Mullen, 3. James Gullen
2012: 1. Richard Hepworth 2. David McGowan 3. Robert Hassan
2011: 1. Dean Downing, 1. Tom Murray (dead heat) 3. Tom Barras
2010: 1. Dan Craven 2. Peter Williams 3. Chris Newton
2009: 1. Rob Hayles 2. Rob Partridge 3. Mark McNally
2008: 1. Chris Newton 2. Dean Downing 3. Graham Briggs
2007: 1. Ian Stannard 2. Alex Dowsett 3. Mark McNally
2006: 1. Chris Newton 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Graham Briggs
2005: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. David McGowan, 3. Ian Wilkinson
2004: 1. Kevin Dawson 2. Jack Hill 3. Philip West
2003: 1. Gary Adamson 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Ian Wilkinson
2002: 1. Bill Nickson 2. Chris Burrows 3. Hamish Haynes
2001: Cancelled
2000: 1. Robin Sharman 2. Ian Cuthbertson 3. Hamish Haynes
1999: 1. Mark Lovatt 2. Alistair Kay 3. Neil Swithenbank

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