Classic TT – North Road CC Hardriders 25


Ashley Cox of CC Luton top seed in the classic early season time trial, the North Road Hardriders 25 on Sunday (Feb 22nd)

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Classic TT – North Road CC Hardriders 25

Incorporating Round One of the London North Millennium Trophy
Course F7/25 Revised | Sunday 22nd February 2015

Event Headquarters: Queenswood School, Shepherds Way, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. AL9 6NS.

Directions to HQ; From Potters Bar take A1000 north towards Hatfield. At Brookmans Park turn right at traffic lights into Shepherds Way, B147 (signposted Queenswood). Queenswood School is at the top of the hill. Follow signs to car park.

The HQ will open at 7am with signing on from approx 7:15am

Please park only in the designated car park. Please do not proceed past the cones on the access road to the pavilion, this is to be kept clear.

START on the B157 approximately half a mile to the east of the junction with the A1000 – 50 yards east of Ramsey Close at a field gate on the north side of the road. A white line marks the spot. Proceed east to junction with Cuffley Ridgeway, B157, where turn LEFT (M). continuing on B157 to junction with Carbone Hill, a cross roads where turn LEFT (M) Proceed to Newgate where at mini RAB turn RIGHT, east, in the direction of Hammond Street (M).

At 2nd RAB TURN (M) and retrace to Newgate Street mini RAB (M) to proceed STRAIGHT and immediately bear RIGHT. In approx one mile Turn LEFT into Tylers Causeway (M). Take first RIGHT sign posted Essendon (M) Then at Cucumber Hall turn Sharp RIGHT (M) to Little Berkhampstead where turn RIGHT (M). Proceed to Epping Green where at White Stubbs Lane turn LEFT (M).

Follow White Stubbs Lane keeping RIGHT at Ashendene (M) to Pembridge Lane where turn LEFT (M). In 200 yards turn LEFT (M) to Brickendon Green. At “T” Junction turn sharp LEFT (M). Proceed via Bayford Station to Bayford where TURN at junction complex keeping LEFT to circulate the junction in a clockwise direction (M) to retrace to Brickendon Green (M).

Keep STRAIGHT on Brickendon Lane to Hertford where at junction with B158 turn LEFT (M). Follow B158 through Essendon and Wild Hill to:- FINISH on B158 at a point opposite gateway on right hand side of road approx 600 yards north of junction with A1000. A white line on the gatepost marks the spot.

1 Glyn Dodds North Road CC V 08:01
2 Andrew Brown Welwyn Whs V 08:02
3 Jamie Crust London Phoenix CC V 08:03
4 Marcus Whitworth Regents Park Rouleurs S 08:04
5 David Hewett Cambridge University CC S 08:05
6 Kobi Omenaka Regents Park Rouleurs S 08:06
7 Glenn Dossett Welwyn Whs J 08:07
8 Ian Wilkinson Hoddesdon Tri Club V 08:08
9 Gareth Davies London Phoenix CC V 08:09
10 Jason Lee Team Milton Keynes V 08:10
11 Graham Stogden Finchley Racing Team V 08:11
12 Daniel Northover Finsbury Park CC S 08:12
13 John Field Bossard Whs V 08:13
14 Paul Riley Hitchin Nomads CC V 08:14
15 Thomas Fraser UCLU Cycling Club S 08:15
16 Jeremy Greenwood Finsbury Park CC V 08:16
17 David Shannon Islington CC V 08:17
18 Howard Sladen Hoddesdon Tri Club S 08:18
19 Steven Faber North Road CC V 08:19
20 Owen Wilkins London Phoenix CC V 08:20
21 Michael Atkinson North Road CC S 08:21
22 Jamie Dredge Regents Park Rouleurs S 08:22
23 Stephen Harvey Paceline RT V 08:23
24 Ian Brinkley Hoddesdon Tri Club V 08:24
25 Roger Fogg North Road CC V 08:25
26 Aidan Farrow Islington CC S 08:26
27 Simon Oxley London Phoenix CC S 08:27
28 Michael Mangion Islington CC V 08:28
29 Christopher Zappala Look Mum No Hands! S 08:29
30 William Wallace CC London S 08:30
31 Jeremy Crook High Wycombe CC S 08:31
32 Kamran Ezel Southgate CC S 08:32
33 Matthew Crees North Road CC S 08:33
34 Stephen Taylor Islington CC V 08:34
35 Grant Venter CC London V 08:35
36 Dominic Bray Finsbury Park CC V 08:36
37 Reece Barclay Hoddesdon Tri Club S 08:37
38 Simon GoodwinLondon Phoenix CC V 08:38
39 Geir Robinson Regents Park Rouleurs V 08:39
40 Robert Barrett VC10 V 08:40
41 Nick Vellacott CC London S 08:41
42 Richard Lofthouse Eagle Road Club V 08:42
43 Gavin Bell East London Velo V 08:43
44 Anthony Collier Hoddesdon Tri Club S 08:44
45 Michael Briars Finsbury Park CC V 08:45
46 Richard Wood Arbis-Colbert Cycles RT S 08:46
47 Tom Whalley CC London S 08:47
48 Ralph Dadswell Antelope Racing Team VT 08:48
49 Gunther Zechmann London Phoenix CC S 08:49
50 Richard Moule Bossard Whs V 08:50
51 Desmond Gayler Kenton RC V 08:51
52 Andrew Turnock Finsbury Park CC V 08:52
53 Graham Ricketts Verulam CC V 08:53
54 Chris Herring East London Velo S 08:54
55 Alistair Gurney Rapha Cycling Club S 08:55
56 Sean O’sullivan Eagle Road Club S 08:56
57 Amy Forshaw Trainsharp Racing Team W 08:57
58 Natasha Pack Hoddesdon Tri Club W 08:58
59 Lucy Wright UCLU Cycling Club W 08:59
60 Emily Robertson CC Luton W 09:00
61 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC WV 09:01
62 Jody Conibear Hemel Hempstead CC W 09:02
63 Jane Dennyson London Phoenix CC WV 09:03
64 Lucinda Kerr Islington CC W 09:04
65 Lucy Gossage Cambridge CC W 09:05
66 Tina Reid Trainsharp Racing Team WV 09:06
67 Tracy Van Der Merwe Finchley Racing Team WV 09:07
68 Sarah Croucher London Phoenix CC W 09:08
69 Charlotte Mallin-Martin Cambridge University CC W 09:09
70 Hayley Simmonds Team Velosport W 09:10
71 Simon Norman Arbis-Colbert Cycles RT V 09:11
72 Sam Brockie Cambridge University CC S 09:12
73 Adrian Taverna St Neots CC V 09:13
74 Frank Rawlins North Road CC S 09:14
75 Trevor Burke Finchley Racing Team V 09:15
76 Chris Nicholls London Barouders CC S 09:16
77 Jason Green Bedfordshire Road CC S 09:17
78 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC V 09:18
79 Daniel Sharp Charlotteville Cycling Club V 09:19
80 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC V 09:20
81 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC V 09:21
82 Ian Turner North Road CC V 09:22
83 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC V 09:23
84 Sam Humpheson Sam Humpheson V 09:24
85 Jack Steven East London Velo S 09:25
86 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC V 09:26
87 Danny Watkins Team V 09:27
88 Adam Laycock Team Trisports V 09:28
89 Matthew Bond Kenton RC S 09:29
90 Rhys Howells Richardsons – Trek RT S 09:30
91 Tim Davies Icknield RC V 09:31
92 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton V 09:32
93 Michael Broadwith Arctic Tacx RT S 09:33
94 Pete Eggleston Rapha Cycling Club V 09:34
95 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT S 09:35
96 Henry Farrell Welwyn Whs S 09:36
97 Jon Friend Bedfordshire Road CC V 09:37
98 Ben Nichol High Wycombe CC S 09:38
99 Lee Edmonds Mercedes AMG Petronas CC V 09:39
100 Edmund Bradbury NFTO Pro Cycling S 09:40
101 Andrew Hastings Richardsons – Trek RT S 09:41
102 Gary Record West Kent RC S 09:42
103 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC S 09:43
104 Markus Noe-Nordberg London Dynamo V 09:44
105 Felix Barker Cambridge University CC S 09:45
106 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team V 09:46
107 Cameron Woolsey CC Ashwell S 09:47
108 John Mulvey Cambridge University CC S 09:48
109 Ian Watson CC London V 09:49
110 Wouter Sybrandy Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT S 09:50
111 Wayne Crombie East London Velo V 09:51
112 Robert Moore Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT S 09:52
113 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes S 09:53
114 Rory McCarron Regents Park Rouleurs S 09:54
115 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC S 09:55
116 Chris Birch Hoops Velo S 09:56
117 Richard Golding Equipe Velo V 09:57
118 Justin Mckie Regents Park Rouleurs S 09:58
119 Jobe Usher North Road CC S 09:59
120 Ashley Cox CC Luton S 10:00

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