News – Top Teams to Meet at Jock Wadley


The 33rd Jock Wadley in Essex will see many of the top British teams clash a month out from the first Prem of 2015

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News – Top Teams to Meet at Jock Wadley

So far this season, the top British teams have concentrated on training and preparing for the busiest season ever in Britain and only one squad has hit the races with any strength in depth.

The 33rd Jock Wadley Memorial Road Race at Colchester (Essex), promoted by Colchester Rovers, will see that change as three of the British UCI teams take on several other Elite teams in this long running British classic.


Aussie Steele Von Hoff is set to make his British debut at the Jock Wadley.

A month out from the first Premier event at Chorley on April 4; NFTO, One Pro Cycling and JLT Condor are entered for this tough early season race around the Abberton Reservoir. Heading the line up is a winner of a stage in the WorldTour Tour Down Under this year, Steele Von Hoff (NFTO) in his first race in Britain outside of the Tour of Britain.

Steeleis expected to be backed up by teammates Edmund Bradbury, 2014 winner Rob Partridge, Jonny McEvoy, Eddie Dunbar and James Lowsley-Williams although as with all team line-ups, they may change depending on rider health etc between now and then.

After their return from a long training camp in Australia, many of the riders in the JLT Condor team also return to racing. Graham Briggs, Michael Cuming, Richard Handley, Kristian House and Tom Moses are entered as is Felix English who may well be doubtful having just broken his wrist! One Pro Cycling are also down to race with the likes of Marcin Bialoblocki, winner last week in Devon, Joshua Hunt, John Mould, Chris Opie and Thomas Baylis.

With all three of these teams having riders who can win bunch kicks, the race may see the first 2015 test for the sprinters Briggs, Von Hoff and Opie although the race, on a ‘draggy course’, in the recent past has been won from small groups and the teams are small in number which may hinder their ability to control the race.


May we have weather like this at the Wadley please!

Other teams with ‘numbers’ there, although not to the extent we will see in the Prems, are Sport Grub Kuota RT, Pedal Heaven, Corley Cycles–Drops RT, TBW Bottechia UK and Richardson Trek RT.

So whilst the UCI teams are busy duelling it out to get the bragging rights before the next clash, the other teams with mostly riders who work full time, will have a chance to test themselves against the full timers ahead of the major races and spring a surprise which is not out of the question.


Race HQ – Stanway Federation Learning Centre Paxman Avenue, Colchester, Essex CO2 9DQ

RIDER LIST (Provisional and may change)
1. Mark Perry All Terrain Cycles
2. Mike Wragg Arbis Colbert
3. Tom Stringer Army CU
4. Andrew Sanders Braintree Velo
5. Peter Kirwan Cambridge CC
6. Anthony Morris CC Aswell
7. Ashley Cox CC Luton
8. Kieran Brady City Cycle Centre
9. William Goulbourne Corley Cycles–Drops RT
10. Michael Smith Corley Cycles-Drops RT
11. Edward Watkiss Corley Cycles-Drops RT
12. Edward Palfreeman Corley Cycles-Drops RT
13. Tim Allen Corley Cycles-Drops RT
14. Matthew Exley Corley Cycles-Drops RT
15. Felix Barker CT Friuli
16. Anthony Gibb Full Gas RT
17. Robert Shane Danny Shane Storck Racing
18. Matthew Bone Danny Shane Storck Racing
19. George Fowler Easton Ritte
20. Adam Capes Finchley RT
21. Graham Briggs JLT Condor
22. Michael Cumin g JLT Condor
23. Felix English JLT Condor
24. Richard Handley JLT Condor
25. Kristian House JLT Condor
26. Thomas Moses JLT Condor
27. Oliver Maxwell Metaltek Kuota
28. James Local Neon Velo
29. James Holland-Leader Nunn Sigma
30. Edmund Bradbury NFTO
31. Eddie Dunbar NFTO
32. James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
33. Johnny McEvoy NFTO
34. Rob Partridge NFTO
35. Steele Von Hoff NFTO
36. George Richardson NFTO Race Club
37. Yanto Barker One Pro Cycling
38. Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling
39. Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling
40. John Mold One Pro Cycling
41. Chris Opie One Pro Cycling
42. Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling
43. Simon Holt Pedal Heaven
44. Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven
45. Mitchell Weber Pedal Heaven
46. Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven
47. Robert Moore Pedal Heaven
48. David Creegan Pedal Heaven
49. Peter Cocker Pedal Pushers
50. Russell Hampton Polypipe CT
51. Rhys Clegg PMR Toachim-House
52. George Wood Richardson Trek RT
53. Andy Lyons Richardson Trek RT
54. Lloyd Chapman Richardson Trek RT
55. Owen Lake Richardson Trek RT
56. Simon Alexender Richardson Trek RT
57. Andrew Hastings Richardson Trek RT
58. William Bergfelt Sport Grub Kuota RT
59. Ben Stockdale Sport Grub Kuota RT
60. Adam Duggleby Sport Grub Kuota RT
61. Robert Orr Sport Grub Kuota RT
62. Dexter Gardias Sport Grub Kuota RT
63. Mark Baines Spirit Bikes
64. Edward Clemens Spirit Bikes
65. Christopher Dredge Spirit Bikes
66. Jack Hales Spirit Bikes
67. Lewis Stevens Strada Sport
68. Jason Nicholson TBW Bottechia UK
69. Billy Jo Whenman TBW Bottechia UK
70. David Williams TBW Bottechia UK
71. Tyler Lemmon TBW Bottechia UK
72. Albert Ellison TBW Bottechia UK
73. Joshua Lawless Team Moda-Anon
74. Jack Barrett The Racers
75. Ryan Fenwick The Racers
76. Phil Trodden The Racers
77. Liam Walsh VC St Raphael
78. Matthew Carter Veloschils-Interbike
79. Stephen Bradbury Velosure Starley Primal
80. James Davey Velosure Starley Primal

1982 Mike Ford
1983 Steve Lawrence
1984 Alaric Gayfer
1985 Tim Stevens
1986 Neil Miller
1987 Tim Stevens
1988 Ben Luckwell
1989 Peter Longbottom
1990 Alan Gornall
1991 Matthew Illingworth
1992 Matthew Illingworth
1993 Glen Holmes
1994 Gary Baker
1995 Andy Lyons
1996 Julian Ramsbottom
1997 Brian Fleming
1998 Joy Bayfield
1999 Andy Lyons
2000 Andy Proffitt
2002 Gordon Mccauley
2003 Colin Roshier
2004 Hugh Pritchard
2005 Tony Gibb
2006 Malcolm Elliott
2007 Richard Prebble
2008 Luke Rowe
2009 James Millard
2010 Jon Tiernan-Locke
2011 Marcel Bialoblocki
2012 George Atkins
2013 Hugh Wilson
2014 Rob Partridge

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