Full result – Nova CC 2-up 25


Jon Surtees and Ben McIntosh winners in the Nova CC 2-up 25 mile time trial in Cheshire

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Top 10 – Nova CC 2-up 25

1 Jon Surtees Team Swift
Ben McIntosh Crewe Clarion Whs 55.47

2 Jerry Cross Manchester Whs
Scott Burns Manchester Whs 56.27

3 Paul Robinson Lyme Racing Club
Steve Turner Lyme Racing Club 57.02

4 Mark Hassall Dave Hinde RT
Steve Fidler Dave Hinde RT 58.02

5 Andy Tubb Wills Wheels CC
Lee Brotzman Wills Wheels CC 58.52

6 Phillip Warburton Liverpool Phoenix CC
Arthur Winstanley Liverpool Phoenix CC 59.18

7 Paul Horton Stourbridge Velo
James Ratcliffe Fred Williams Racing 59.38

8 Andy Gorton East Lancs RC
Daniel Brejwo East Lancs RC 1.00.56

9 Andy Robinson Out of the Saddle
John Spearman Seamons CC 1.01.24

10 Ben Palmer Dave Hinde RT
Jacob Booth Dave Hinde RT 1.02.19

11 Ben Trotter Macclesfield Whs
Anthony Allan Macclesfield Whs 1.02.47

12 Matthew Foster Liverpool Braveheart BC
Edward Jones Liverpool Braveheart BC 1.03.58

13 Robert Rhodes Pro Vision Clothing RC
Alessandro Williams Tunstall Whs 1.04.47

14 Thomas Madden Liverpool Phoenix CC
Samuel Bennett Liverpool Phoenix CC 1.05.31

15 Dave Preece Vie Velo
Christopher Clarke Vie Velo 1.05.38

16 Adam Critchley Chorley AC & Tri
Joe Duckworth Chorley AC & Tri 1.05.59

17 Barrie Whittaker Lyme Racing Club
Neil Oliver Lyme Racing Club 1.06.17

18 William Campbell Weaver Valley CC
Hugh Barton Westmead Team 88 1.06.20

19 Robert Fisher London Dynamo CC
Alistair Fisher Manchester Tri Club 1.06.47

20 Jamie Humphries Westmead Team 88
Laurence Jackson Westmead Team 88 1.06.51

21 Alex Nurse Liverpool Century RC
Joseph Earley Liverpool Century RC 1.07.07

22 Ross Prescott Wigan Whs
Nigel Clementson Wigan Whs 1.07.45

23 Simon Locke Liverpool Braveheart BC
Andrew Sale Liverpool Braveheart BC 1.08.37

24 Neil Rothwell Seamons CC
Charles Carraz Seamons CC 1.09.50

25= Ben Trippier East Lancs RC
Sam Walley East Lancs RC 1.10.42

25= Jason Codling East Lancs RC
John Byrne East Lancs RC 1.10.42

27 Duff Fawcett Liverpool Braveheart BC
Hannah Fawcett Liverpool Braveheart BC 1.11.20

28 Thomas Towers Seamons CC
Nigel Kelly Seamons CC 1.11.25

29 Paul Howarth Westmead Team 88
Sean Caldwell Glossop Kinder Velo 1.11.38

30 Stephen Baillie Manchester Whs
Jonathan Motteram Manchester Whs 1.13.11

31 Andy Gray Wills Wheels CC
Andrew Jenkins Wills Wheels CC 1.13.22

32 Ian Bracegirdle Stretford Whs
Joanne Harcourt Stretford Whs 1.13.56

33 Graeme McCulloch Stretford Whs
Paul Smith Stretford Whs 1.13.58

34 Andrew Spencer Stretford Whs
Richard Shorthand Stretford Whs 1.14.03

35 Paul Barber Seamons CC
Jeanette Barber Seamons CC 1.14.10

36 Farley Barber Lyme Racing Club
Alex Coates Lyme Racing Club 1.14.30

38 Rachael Gorman Liverpool Phoenix CC
Louise Hogg Liverpool Phoenix CC 1.15.16

39 David Bott Vie Velo
Robin Johnson Vie Velo 1.15.48

40 Phil Barnes Team Swift
Sharon Clifford WCS Racing Team 1.16.00

41 Timothy Criddle Stretford Whs
Dave Houghton Stretford Whs 1.16.56

42 Christian Knott Westmead Team 88
Victoria Howarth Westmead Team 88 1.17.17

43 George Preston East Lancs RC
Jonathan Preston East Lancs RC 1.18.19

44 Dan Robinson Manchester Whs
Holly Carter Manchester Whs 1.19.34

45 David Steele Lyme Racing Club
David Cartlidge Lyme Racing Club 1.21.30

46 Alex Trippier East Lancs RC
Alexander Wiseman East Lancs RC 1.22.57

47 Denise Hurst Congleton CC
Sue Blake Congleton CC 1.23.45

48 Jason Heath Pro Vision Clothing RC
Ricky Wilson Pro Vision Clothing RC 1.24.11

49 Alex Pegington Liverpool Braveheart BC
Will Birchall Liverpool Braveheart BC 1.25.25

50 James Hall-Patterson Stretford Whs
Thomas Clarke Stretford Whs 1.28.01

51 Aston Rockley Chapman Lyme Racing Club
Samual Hall Lyme Racing Club 1.31.49

52 Cecilia Ellis Vie Velo
Vicci Owen-Smith Vie Velo 1.37.04

53 Gerald Zuk Stretford Whs
Damian Zuk Stretford Whs 1.39.37

Neil Mercer GMC Fire Service 1:07:56 V Finished solo 59.46
Mark Howard Liverpool Braveheart BC Solo 1.03.18
Robbie Harcourt Stretford Whs 1:07:56 V Solo 1.04.24

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