Result & Report – Bath CC Hilly Time Trial


Result and report – Rob Pears fastest in the Bath CC Hilly Time Trial in Wiltshire on Sunday (March 15)

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Result & Report – Bath CC Hilly Time Trial

Temporary traffic lights were on the course, many options were looked into, such a changing the course. None of these were practical so it was decided that we would ride the original course, but with an additional time keeper at the traffic lights. This time keeper recorded how long each rider was stopped – and this has been suntracted from their time. The time subtracted, typically a few seconds only, is also shown.

The morning of the 15/3/15 was a cold morning, about 5 degrees C. The race had many favouites, Rob Pears, Tavis Walker, and Chris Birch have all won in recenet years. Dean Robsons recent form has also been phenominal. No one knew how to call it between these four.

In the end, Rob Pears won out (as he has done most often) winning both the overall and the on target competition. Dean Robson came second, with Tavis in 3rd. Derek Smetham, after taking last year off racing, returned this year to come 4th.

1st Woman was Joanna Knight, from Bristol South. A new name in the district – its good to see new names appearing.  In the target competition, after Rob came Steven Cottington, followed by Derek Smetham, with Rick Johnston in 4th. The best team was VC Walcot with James & Charles Coleman and David Janes.

With the cold conditions, and a headwind across the exposed high moorland on the circuit, no course records were set. Collecting times from the time keeper, riders were making all kind of stage noises on the short roll back to the HQ. The cold is clearly not the best of weathers to race in.


1 Rob Pears Procycling Magazine RT V5 0:57:30
2 Dean Robson Cheltenham & County CC S 0:58:14
3 Tavis Walker Velo Club Walcot S 0:59:08
4 Derek Smetham Dursley RC V4 0:59:20
5 James Coleman Velo Club Walcot S 1:00:50
6 Tony Chapman Frome & Dist Whs V4 1:00:59
7 Tom Bertenshaw Severn RC S 1:02:18
8 Steven Cottington Cadence RT V5 1:02:28
9 Chris Birch Hoops Velo S 1:03:10
10 Charles Coleman Velo Club Walcot S 1:03:25
11 Graeme Davis Dursley RC V4 1:03:26
12 Peter Garnett Swindon RC V4 1:05:00
13 David Sleigh Clevedon & District RC V5 1:06:38
14 David Janes Velo Club Walcot S 1:06:43
15 Iain Hounsell Mendip Cycling Club V4 1:06:51
16 Glyndwr Griffiths Arctic Tacx RT S 1:07:28
17 Daniel Kempe Bristol South CC V4 1:07:37
18 Vincent Hounsome Gillingham & Dist Whs V5 1:07:50
19 Rick Johnston Northovers Vet Team V6 1:08:59
20 Darren Edwards Bath CC V4 1:09:48
21 John Gregory Somer Valley CC V6 1:10:06
22 James Currie Chippenham & Dist. Whs S 1:10:10
23 James Chant Gillingham & Dist Whs V4 1:10:36
24 Richard Turpin Velo Club Walcot V6 1:10:43
25 Michael Young Velo Club Walcot S 1:10:51
26 Nigel Vuagniaux Bath CC V5 1:11:30
27 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham & Dist. Whs V5 1:13:34
28 Gordon Scott Chippenham & Dist. Whs V5 1:14:30
29 Thomas Saminaden Univ of Bath CC S 1:15:01
30 Christopher Mullett Gillingham & Dist Whs S 1:15:07
31 Stephen John Clarke Bristol South CC V5 1:15:45
32 Jonathan York Somer Valley CC V4 1:16:32
33 Josh Griffiths Bristol South CC J 1:18:15
34 Steve Barber Chippenham & Dist. Whs V4 1:18:22
35 Robert Latchem Somer Valley CC V7 1:19:05
36 Joanna Knight Bristol South CC W 1:19:26
37 Iain Messider Gillingham & Dist Whs V5 1:21:54
38 Sarah Wheeler Gillingham & Dist Whs W 1:24:20
39 Mary-Jane Hutchinson Bristol South CC W 1:25:14
40 Alison Vuagniaux Bath CC W 1:28:07
41 Sarah Roberts Gillingham & Dist Whs W 1:37:14
DNF Jerry Rayner Westbury Whs S
DNF Ben Anstie 73 Degrees Bicycles S

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