Report/Results – March Hare Circuit Races


Rory Townsend and Sian Botteley winners at the March Hare Circuit Races at the Kent Cyclopark on Sunday

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Report/Results – March Hare Circuit Races


40 years after it’s first appearance, the March Hare made it’s debut at Kent’s Cyclopark yesterday.  Despite the lack of cooperation from the early spring weather, almost 300 riders braved the bitter-cold to race on the challenging 2.9km custom-built closed circuit.

The 5 hour programme of racing included a 98% full Youth A/B/C/D/E field with the younger riders (U8-U12) first out of the pits. These were closely followed by the U14/U16 field which featured a number of very strong contenders – including several 2016 olympic hopefuls who later also rode in the Senior womens and E123 races.

Once the Youth races were complete, the event jumped to the opposite end of the age-scale with a 40-rider Masters race (affectionately referred to by some of the competitors as the ‘parents’ race) which was eventually won by Adalta Cycling Club’s Wayne Beba after an hour of gruelling laps into some pretty unpleasant cross winds. The conditions proved a little too much for some, with quite a few riders choosing to ‘gracefully’ retire early and let the others get on with it!

The penultimate race of the day was shared between 3rd/4th category men and E1234 women, won by Sam Redding of Eastern Ritte and Sian Botteley from Velosure Starley Primal respectively.

The headline race was for the E123s, 70 of whom battled it out against the elements – and each other – for almost two hours, drawn by the lure of the £1,000 first prize, donated by Gem Hygiene. The pace was brutal from the outset and racing was dominated by the team from Pedal Heaven almost immediately. Once the well-drilled team of Will Fox, Alex Paton, Lewis Atkins, Jamie Pine and Rory Townsend took control it was game-over for a big chunk of the less experienced and un-supported riders.

A few decided to stay in the fight to the bitter end, but close to two-thirds of the field accepted defeat early and a steady stream of battle-scarred riders trickled back into the warmth and safety of the pavilion throughout the second half of the race. If “another one bites the dust” had been playing over the café sound-system it would’ve been ENTIRELY appropriate.

Pedal Heaven emerged victorious, taking 5 of the top 6 positions overall and bagging themselves an impressive haul of prize money in the process. With such an impressive number of riders taking part throughout the day – in spite of the weather – it’s an encouraging sign that the March Hare belongs back on the spring calendar. Organiser and Full Gas Cycling owner Tony Gibb was delighted with the turn-out “It’s great to see so many people here today. The decision to bring the March Hare to Cyclopark wasn’t popular with some of the die-hard Eastway supporters but this is exactly the type of event the circuit was designed for. It’s a race that’s close to my heart so I’m really pleased we’ve been able to bring it back.”

1. Rory Townsend, Pedal Heaven RT
2. Will Fox, Pedal Heaven RT
3. Lewis Atkins, Pedal Heaven RT
4. Jamie Pine, Pedal Heaven RT
5. Owen Lake, Richardson-Trek RT
6. Alex Paton, Pedal Heaven RT
7. Martin Ford, BowlPhish Bontrager Racing
8. Lloyd Chapman, Richardsons-Trek RT
9. Andy Hastings, Richardsons-Trek RT
10. Greg Mansell,  Casp Racing

1. Sam Redding, Easton Ritte
2. Harry Paine, Corley Cycles-Drops RT
3. Oliver Bridgewood, Bespoke Cycling
4. Ben Soames, Wigmore CC
5. Dominic Munson, Dulwich Paragon CC
6. Daniel Fricker, Wigmore CC

Masters C
1. Wayne Beba, Adalta CC
2. Alan Strang, Dulwich Paragon CC
3. Ralph Carter, London Dynmo
4. Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC
5. Martin Glynn, Thanet RC
6. Mark Foulds, BowlPhish Bontrager Racing

1. Sian Botteley, Velosure Starley Primal
2. Caroline Guest, Ford CC
3. Sophie Household, VC St Raphael
4. Laura Cameron, London Phoenix
5. Louise Mason, Medway Velo
6. Charlotte Haywood, unattached

Boys Youth A
1 Tom Easley, Crawley Wheelers
2 Scott Callard, Team Darenth
3 Jacob Vaughan, VC Londres

Boys Youth B
1 Ben Tulett, Beeline Bicycles RC
2 Liam Hanks, Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Oliver Stockwell, Welwyn Wheelers

Youth C
1 Caelan Miler, Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Noah Hobbs, Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Luke Prenelle, Lee Valley Youth CC

Youth D
1 Archie Peet, Team Milton Keynes
2. Callum Moir, Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Alfie Cullender, Barking & Dagenham CC

Youth E
1 Henry Hobbs, Barking & Dagenham CC
2 James Warrilow, Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Bobbie Douglas, Finsbury Park CC

Girls Youth C
1 Melissa Warrilow, Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Charlotte McGreevy, Team Darenth
3 Ella Parker, Team Darenth

Youth D
1 Carys Lloyd, Lee Valley Youth CC
2 Leah Warrilow, Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Demi Lewis, Barking & Dagenham CC

Youth E
1 Tulsi Bakrania, Team Darenth

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