Full Results – Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretcher RR


Marcin Bialoblocki and Peter Kibble winners at the Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretcher Road Races in Wales on Sunday

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Results – Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretcher RR
thanks to Ian Homer for report and photos (Ianhomerphotography.co.uk/galleries/BettyP15.php)

Marcin Bialoblocki of One Pro Cycling claimed first place from local lad Sam Harrison of NFTO


In calm and brightening conditions on a more scenic coastal route in the Vale of Glamorgan this year. Attacks came right from the drop of the flag with George Atkins of One Pro and Sam Harrison of NFTO getting away to take a 1 minute lead which lasted all of lap 1.

On the second time around the 37km undulating South Wales circuit the two leaders were joined by respective teammates Eddie Dunbar and Marcin Bialoblocki through Ogmore. They maintained the minute gap and stayed out of the ensuing trouble behind where a crash precipitated some splitting in the peloton such that there ended up being a chasing group of three in turn followed by a group of 5 and then the main field at the end of the second lap.

On lap 3 the group orders settled with the remains of the main bunch being some 2 minutes 40 seconds in arrears. Marcin Bialoblocki made his bid for glory at St Brides Major on the back side of the circuit with Sam Harrison trying to chase down in vain giving the One Pro Cycling man a convincing victory on the Cowbridge bypass with a swelling crowd on the overbridge welcoming him home.


Steele Von Hoff (NFTO) shows his speed in the sprint for 8th


Ireland’s Eddie Dunbar of NFTO as ever never shy of putting in the hard yards at the front



3/4 race

An impressive ride from junior Velocity Globalbike rider Peter Kibble saw him take the win from another junior Jack Broadley of Sunset Cycles in an uphill sprint finish.

On lap one the bunch stayed together. At the start of the second lap saw Jif rider Stuart Meek attacked up the slip road to the A48 but he failed to make it stick. After the bunch closed down the attack it was the turn of Peter Kibble and Forza rider Ashton St Hill to attack. They managed to stretch out 45 second lead by the time they reached the hill prime. Peter piping Ashton to the prize.

The bunched chased hard and by the run in to the finish they were all back together. Making the earlier Peter still managed to hold on to take the sprint finish dominated by junior riders with 4 of top 5 places.



1. Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling
2. Samuel Harrison NFTO
3. George Atkins One Pro Cycling
4. Eddie Dunbar NFTO
5. Robert Partridge NFTO
6. Samuel Williams One Pro Cycling
7. James Lewis NFTO
8. Steele Von Hoff NFTO
9. Jonathan Mould One Pro Cycling
10. Alexander Murison Easton Ritte
11. Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven RT
12. Liam Walsh VC St Raphael
13. Malcolm Dixon Dream Cycling
14. Conor Hennebry Cycling Munster
15. Joshua Lawless Team Moda-Anon
16. George Fowler Easton Ritte
17. Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
18. Joseph Petrowski Velosure Starley Primal
19. Rhys Lloyd NFTO
20. Joe Holt County Cycles Racing Team
21. Kris Jasper Private Member
22. Simon Coles Bath Cycling
23. James Eldridge NFTO Race Club
24. Andrew Feather Bikeshed – Exeter Uni
25. Tristan Robbins Madison Genesis
26. Hefin Evans NFTO Race Club
27. Mitchell Webber Pedal Heaven RT
28. Alastair Barnard University of Bath Cycling Club
29. Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven RT
30. Daniel Colman Forza Cycles Racing Team
31. Lee Davis Ride 24/7
32. Rhys Williams Swansea University RT-LeisureTime
33. Adrian Lawson Ride 24/7
34. Colin Parry Ride 24/7
35. William Harper Pedal Heaven RT
36. Ben Davis Clay Cross Road Team
37. Gareth Turner University of Bath Cycling Club
38. Andrew Webster Team Moda-Anon
39. Thomas Bowering Ride 24/7
40. Robert O’Leary Cycling Munster
41. Darragh O’Mahony Cycling Munster
42. Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
43. Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven RT
44. Zach Minto Cardiff JIF
45. Gethin Llewelyn Swansea University RT-LeisureTime
46. Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling
47. Yanto Barker One Pro Cycling
48. Joshua Burns Velosure Starley Primal
49. John Holt County Cycles Racing Team
50. Craig Wallduck Dream Cycling
51. Matthew Osborn Guernsey Velo Club
52. Alexandre Touche Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
53. James Phillips Dream Cycling
54. Justin Harcourt Urban Cyclery
55. Oscar Hutchings Bikeshed – Exeter Uni
56. Jake Hollins University of Bath Cycling Club
57. Henry Hunter Team Moda-Anon
58. Bevan Humphreys Easton Ritte
59. Joe Barry Performance Cycles
60. Stephen Bradbury Velosure Starley Primal
61. James Stewart Performance Cycles
62. Graeme Boswell Cardiff Ajax CC

1. Peter Kibble Velocity Globalbike
2. Jack Broadley Sunset Cycles
3. Ashton St. Hill Forza Cycles Racing Team
4. William Roberts County Cycles Racing Team
5. Kinsey McIlquham Cardiff JIF
6. Joe Lockett Cardiff University Marmots
7. Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
8. Dan Taylor Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC
9. Christopher Gibbard Bynea CC
10. Joseph Beech Onit Cycle
11. Alexander Wilson Guernsey Velo Club
12. Matthew Carlick Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
13. Stuart Meek Cardiff JIF
14. Jacob Phelps Muddybumbikes Cycle Club
15. Nathan Taylor Private Member
16. Marc-Antoine di Guisto Cardiff University Marmots
17. Gary Sturch Pontypool RCC
18. Max Girdler Onit Cycle
19. George Jones Clevedon & District RC
20. Steven Bennett Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC
21. Euan Davies Cardiff JIF
22. Lewys Hobbs Forza Cycles Racing Team
23. Ben Babcock Cardiff University Marmots
24. Stephen Harvey Paceline RT
25. Samuel Utting Cardiff Ajax CC
26. Darren Gardner Cadence RT
27. Alex Thomas Onit Cycle
28. Jack English Guernsey Velo Club
29. Luke Cornish Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
30. Dafydd Rhys Thomas Cardiff Ajax CC
31. James Dyke Cardiff Ajax CC
32. Ayrton Peel Swansea University RT-LeisureTime
33. Jeremy Rees Swansea Wheelers CC
34. Kian Wagg Cardiff Ajax CC
35. Simon Smith Swansea Wheelers CC
36. Thomas Vale Swansea University RT-LeisureTime
37. David Jarrom Cardiff Ajax CC
38. Julian Attfield Cardiff Ajax CC
39. Michael Serafin Guernsey Velo Club
40. Rhys Phillips NFTO Race Club
41. Neil Moulsdale Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC
42. Adrian Small Bynea CC
43. Iain Cade Cadence RT
44. Lewis Bevan Private Member
45. Rhys Carrington Cardiff JIF
46. Sebastian Tremlett Guernsey Velo Club
47. Daniel Gough Swansea University RT-LeisureTime
48. Neal Craig Forza Cycles Racing Team
49. Lewis Henry Cardiff University Marmots
50. Delbert Delaronde Cardiff JIF
51. Evan Powell Pontypool RCC
52. Matthew Williams Cardiff Ajax CC
53. Robert Young Cardiff Ajax CC
54. Hamish Belding Cardiff Ajax CC
55. Katie Curtis Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l
56. Mark Lewis Cardiff JIF
57. Michael Hall Onit Cycle
58. Rhys Williams Swansea Wheelers CC
59. Mark James Pontypool RCC

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