Results – Dolan Bikes Youth Series


Theo Hartley and Jayati Hine of RST Racing winners at the final round of the Dolan Bikes Youth Series at Southport

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Results – Dolan Bikes Youth Series
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Youth A – Race 1
1 Theo Hartley Speedflex Race Team
2 George Wharton Salt Ayre Cog Set
3 Jake Wright Sportcity Velo
4 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
5 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle
6 Christopher Heaton Sportcity Velo
7 Michael Hall Furness Future Flyers
8 Halley Woods Inspire VCUK Racing Team
9 Luke Cheetham Inspire VCUK Racing Team
10 Daniel Scarffe Team RL360 Isle Of Man
11 Conor Davies Team RL360 Isle Of Man
12 Thomas Bostock Team RL360 Isle Of Man
13 Lewis Hartley Inspire VCUK Racing Team
14 Jack Barton Furness Future Flyers
15 Adam Kelly Team RL360 Isle Of Man
16 George Greenhalgh Sportcity Velo
17 Joseph Armstrong Achieve Northside Skinnergate
18 Tom Roper Beacon Wheelers
19 Daniel Gibson Inspire VCUK Racing Team
20 Benjamin Barlow Salt Ayre Cog Set
21 Sam Iddon Mid Lancs BMX
22 Ben Christian Team RL360 Isle Of Man
23 Theo Kane Stockton Wheelers CC
24 Danny Harrison Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes
25 Daniel McKenzie Liverpool Century RC

Youth A Girls
1 Jayati Hine RST Racing Team
2 Charlotte Gibson Sportcity Velo
3 Savannah Morgan Liverpool Century RC
4 Rhiannon Gornall Cycle Sport Pendle
5 Annie Doron Beacon Wheelers
6 Rebecca Gregson Sportcity Velo
7 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion

Youth B

1 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers
2 Tosh Teare Team RL360 Isle Of Man
3 Thomas Ashcroft Sportcity Velo
4 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
5 Andrew Lemm Eastlands Velo
6 Tristan Pilling Middleton CC
7 Adam Scarffe Team RL360 Isle Of Man
8 Robert Donaldson Mossley CRT
9 Robert (‘Bobby’) Horton Salt Ayre Cog Set
10 George Elliott Liverpool Century RC
11 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT
12 Ben Ryder Eastlands Velo
13 Robert Waite Eastlands Velo
14 Jake Owens
15 Aaron Lund Team RL360 Isle Of Man
16 James Storey Eastlands Velo
17 Nathan Rowbotham Mossley CRT
18 David Unsworth Southport CC
19 Cameron Bates Mossley CRT
20 Conor McKinnon Southport CC
21 Ben Wills Liverpool Century RC
22 Adam Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion
23 Joshua Wajzner-Reid Southport CC

Youth B Girls

1 Eve Martin Ribble Valley Juniors
2 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Anna Armstrong Border City Wheelers CC
4 Maisy Vasic Eastlands Velo
5 Lucy Naylor Cycle Sport Pendle
6 Amy Monkhouse Salt Ayre Cog Set
7 Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set
8 Melissa Boylin Bolton Hot Wheels CC

Youth C

1 Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
2 Alfie Savage Furness Future Flyers
3 Kyle Brown Mossley CRT
4 Barnaby Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers
5 Adam Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
6 Adam Bent Border City Wheelers CC
7 Lestyn Kier Mossley CRT
8 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
9 Tyler Lloyd Liverpool Century RC
10 Ethan Cuerden Eastlands Velo
11 Daniel Vincent Cycle Sport Pendle
12 William Dykes Salt Ayre Cog Set
13 Patrick Kilcullen Stockton Wheelers CC
14 Adam Mclorey North Cheshire Clarion
15 Thomas Davidson Mossley CRT
16 Samuel Kendall Liverpool Century RC
17 Christopher Eaves North Cheshire Clarion

Youth C Girls

1 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC
2 Tilly Percy Salt Ayre Cog Set
3 Harriet King Liverpool Century RC
4 Erin Corrigan Mossley CRT
5 Isabelle McKinnon Southport CC

Youth D

1 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
2 Eddie McHugh Team Terminator
3 Deetry Jarrett Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
4 Michael Henderson Southport CC
5 Alex Poulston Birkenhead North End CC
6 Ethan Grimshaw Bolton Hot Wheels CC
7 Harry Ives
8 Tom Elliot Liverpool Century RC
9 Emilia Wood Salt Ayre Cog Set
10 Simeon Killroy North Cheshire Clarion
11 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels CC
12 Archie Honeysett Salt Ayre Cog Set
13 Oliver Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion
14 Saul Ashton Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
15 Owen Woolland North Cheshire Clarion
16 Riley Saint-Simmons Bolton Hot Wheels CC
17 John Bardsley Salt Ayre Cog Set
18 Gareth Maclorey North Cheshire Clarion
19 Leah Wilcox Mossley CRT
20 Maddox Howe Cycle Sport Pendle
21 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century RC

Youth E

1 Charlie Scarffe Team RL360 Isle Of Man
2 Matthew Bell Beacon Wheelers
3 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT
4 Felix Cuerden Bolton Hot Wheels CC
5 Trayden Jarrett Blackpool Youth Cycle Association
6 Emma Poulston Birkenhead North End CC
7 Tom Murphy Liverpool Mercury
8 Megan Lloyd
9 Joel Woods

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