2015 Tour of Reservoir Day 1


Erick Rowsell (NFTO) and Dani King were the stage winners on day 1 of the Tour of Reservoir on a very cold and windy day in Northumberland

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2015 Tour of Reservoir Day 1
Report and results from stage 2 here

Women’s Tour of Reservoir


Stage 1
Olympic champion Dani King (Wiggle Honda) outsprinted Katie Archibald (Pearl Izumi) to win stage 1 of the Women’s Tour of Reservoir after the two of them had dominated the short race around Derwent Reservoir. King will go into stage 2 leading the race from Archibald.

The first stage was the first event in the 2015 Women’s National Road Series and saw well over 100 entries and 95 riders starters racing 10 laps of a short but challenging closed road circuit. The warm weather from the previous day was gone and was replaced by gale force winds and freezing sleet.


Juniper is given a push after having her front wheel changed.

The race split from the word go and the two leaders, King and Archibald, were lapping riders after only a few laps of the short circuit. Behind, the wind was causing major problems and for the defending champion Nicola Juniper, a puncture saw her chances of a repeat victory go out the window. She explained she lost a lot of time even before neutal service got to her and then spent the race going from group to group trying to claw some of that time back.

It was worse for other riders as two including Hannah Walker, crashed into a NEG escort bike. They came away unscathed thankfully. The chase for the two leaders however saw the ‘peloton’ get ever smaller but no-one was able to break clear and the race for third and the final place on the podium came down to a sprint won by Charline Joiner.


Lap 1 and most of the field are still together but the race soon exploded and was in bits by the end.

For winner Dani King, it was her first race back after breaking some ribs and puncturing a lung in a training crash. She explained that she wanted the race to be an aggressive one and knew from having raced with Archibald that went the Scottish girl attacked, it was the move to go with. The race for the stage though in the tailwind finish saw the ex GB sprint squad rider outclass the Pursuiter in the dash for the line.


Organiser Mike Hodgson with the top 3 in the race, Katie Archibald, Dani King and Charline Joiner.


1 Danielle King Wiggle Honda 1h 01′ 24″
2 Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l ”
3 Charline Joiner Team WNT 01′ 20″
4 Lorna Hall IKON – Mazda ”
5 Amy Hill Team Rytgear ”
6 Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science ”
7 Anna Christian Wiggle Honda ”
8 Maryka Sennema Paceline RT ”
9 Tamina Oliver Wv Zeeuws-Vlaanderen – J F L F ”
10 Laura Greenhalgh Les Filles Racing Team ”
11 Elinor Barker Matrix Fitness ”
12 Ciara Horne Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l ”
13 Bethany Hayward Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 01′ 29″
14 Henrietta Colborne Bonito Squadra Corse ”
15 Charlotte Broughton Corley Cycles – Drops RT 04′ 08″
16 Nicola Juniper Team Giordana- Triton ”
17 Lucy Shaw Matrix Fitness ”
18 Jennifer George Les Filles Racing Team ”
19 Lauren Creamer Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l ”
20 Gabriella Shaw Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l ”
21 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science ”
22 Gabriella Leveridge Velosure Starley Primal ”
23 Jessie Walker Matrix Fitness ”
24 Ruth Summerford PMR@Toachim House ”
25 Lou Collins Carnac-Planet X ”
26 Penny Rowson Matrix Fitness ”
27 Gillian Taylor Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science ”
28 Alexis Barnes PMR@Toachim House ”
29 Kayleigh Brogan Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire ”
30 Ellie Campbell Fusion Development Racing Team ”
31 Ella Hopkins IKON – Mazda ”
32 Annabel Fisher Bonito Squadra Corse ”
33 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team ”
34 Annasley Park Team Giordana- Triton ”
35 Lydia Boylan Team WNT ”
36 Julie Erskine IKON – Mazda ”
37 Bex Rimmington IKON – Mazda ”
38 Susan Freeburn PMR@Toachim House ”
39 Amy Gornall Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire ”
40 Amy Brice Team Velosport 04′ 14″
41 Emma Grant IKON – Mazda ”
42 Lucy Harper Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire 04′ 24″
43 Lauren O’Brien Team Giordana- Triton 04′ 27″
44 Sarah Burke Private Member 04′ 32″
45 Rebecca Carter Team WNT 05′ 09″
46 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Army Cycling Union 05′ 14″
47 Clemence Copie Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 05′ 20″
48 Sandra Mackay Carnac-Planet X 07′ 06″
49 Sarah Cramoysan Carnac-Planet X ”
50 Ellen McDermott Team WattCycle ”
51 Laura Massey IKON – Mazda 07′ 54″
52 Eve Dixon Team 22 ”
53 Sian Botteley Velosure Starley Primal ”
54 Pia De Quint Velosure Starley Primal ”
55 Jennifer Crouch Team Velosport ”
56 Rebecca Nixon Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science ”
57 Ashleigh Fraser Deeside Thistle CC ”
58 Hannah Payton Corley Cycles – Drops RT ”
59 Josephine Gilbert Velosure Starley Primal ”
60 Abigail Van Twisk WyndyMilla – Reynolds ”
61 Vanessa Whitfield Team 22 ”
62 Emma Rata Bonito Squadra Corse ”
63 Sarah Rose Team 22 ”
64 Mathilde Matthijsse Bonito Squadra Corse ”
65 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team 08′ 00″
66 Sarah Bradford Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club 08′ 08″
67 Joanna Rowsell Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 08′ 28″
68 Maisie Duckworth Wolverhampton Whls 08′ 36″
69 Jane Barr Velocity 44 Stirling 08′ 57″
70 Rosa Martin PH-MAS VCUK Women’s Cycling Team 09′ 01″
71 Clover Murray Corley Cycles – Drops RT ”
72 Sophia Chastell M and D Cycles / Fusion RT / WORX ”
73 Rose Osborne Team WNT ”
74 Victoria Strila PMR@Toachim House 09′ 16″
75 Louise Burnie GB Cycles.co.uk 09′ 39″
76 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team ”
77 Lydia Gurley Bonito Squadra Corse ”
78 Melissa Brand IKON – Mazda 09′ 57″
79 Nikola Butler Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int’l 10′ 04″
80 Iona Sewell Carnac-Planet X 10′ 14″
81 Nicola Soden Carnac-Planet X 10′ 37″
82 Ellie Coster Team USN 11′ 24″
83 Jennifer Batey Team WattCycle 11′ 32″
84 Karla Boddy IKON – Mazda ”
85 Sam Burman Team WNT 12′ 38″
86 Chloe Weller PMR@Toachim House 12′ 53″
87 Joanne Blakeley Team 22 ”
88 Jennifer Edwards Team 22 13′ 28″
89 Hannah Walker Team WNT 14′ 54″
90 Gabrielle Duckworth Lune RCC 17′ 03″
DNF Keira McVitty Team Giordana- Triton DNF
DNF Elanor Cadzow PMR@Toachim House DNF
DNF Rebecca Womersley Corley Cycles – Drops RT DNF
DNF Charlotte Sampson Zappi’s Racing Team DNF
DNS Sarah Byrne Team Giordana- Triton DNS
DNS Alice Cobb Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire DNS
DNS Mathilde Pauls Fusion RT Gearclub Bike Science DNS
DNS Jo Tindley Team WNT DNS
DNS Lauryn Therin Team WNT DNS
DNS Helen McKay Les Filles Racing Team DNS
DNS Adele Martin PMR@Toachim House DNS
DNS Claire Martin Team 22 DNS
DNS Tanya Griffiths Velosure Starley Primal DNS
DNS Gabriella Nordin GB Cycles.co.uk DNS
DNS Emma Coldwell Team Vertex DNS
DNS Edita Janeliunaite DNS



Read the preview here:

Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis) returned to the Premier Calendar after two years racing in Europe with a victory, underlining what a talent he is. The 140 rider field faced a tough eight laps of the circuit used for this race for many years and the gale force winds and the attacking racing blew the race to bits by the end.


Lots of smiles as the riders climb out of Blanchland.

Madison Genesis were among the teams prepared to put the race in the gutter and that forced a split early on but when the race came back together, ‘James ‘Hank’ Lowsley Williams of NFTO attacked and drew a small group clear. They were George Harper, James Lowsley-Williams (NFTO), Steve Lampier (Raleigh GAC), David McGowan (Pedal Heaven), Russell Hampton (Polypipe), Andy Tennant and Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis).

They worked well together but just as they looked to have a good lead, the peloton closed right in on them only to let them go and the lead ballooned to over three minutes. As the peloton started to regroup as back groups re-joined the main bunch, Mark McNally (Madison Genesis) attacked and took with him Eddie Dunbar (NFTO) and Yanto Barker.


The original break that went early and was never caught except by three other riders. Steve Lampier of Raleigh leads eventual winner Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis)

Many more clipped off to chase them and try and bridge to the leaders but it was only the trio of Barker, Dunbar and McNally who managed it. Behind, the peloton was cruising, if that, as tactics came out to play. A few laps from the end however, the hammer went down and the chase for the leaders was soon flat stick. That caused the race to split into small groups again with around a dozen riders chasing the front of the race.

It was close at the end but the leaders knew they were coming and were soon attacking out of the break to make sure they weren’t caught. Barker, McNally and then Rowsell all had a go but it was Erick who succeeded, pulling out a gap of 31 seconds at the end to take a handy lead in stage 2.

The brother of GB rider and multi World Champion Joanna, is a renowned climber and Eric won’t be phased by the climbing on stage 2.


Erick Rowsell (1st) Madison Genesis – “It was one tough race that but we had a fantastic team out there. It was nice to come here, first Premier Calendar for two years, and take the win. Perfect day really.”

“I knew our group had to stay away and Macca tried a few attacks first and that worked perfectly for me as that softened them all up and I just went over the top and it all came together for me. If he hadn’t of made those attacks before, mine would not have worked. It was a team effort for sure.”

“I had quite a bad illness during Normandy and had to stop riding that race which was disappointing for me as it was a race I was targeting. It took me about ten days to get over it and I only started training Monday this week. But its worked alright though, fresh is best!


Steve Lampier (above) 2nd (Raleigh) “From the very start I was outnumbered. Coming towards the end on the hill to the main road, Yanto attacked and and two Madison, myself, Tennant and Eddie Dunbar got cross. Coming into the finish, there were lots of attacks and then Erick attacked and McNally was sat on and what could I do. That was one tough race this”.

James Lowsely Williams (KoM winner we understand) Talking about how the day’s break came about, James said “They hit it up the climb in the cross wind early on and we had four riders in it so we were happy and started to ride as had the most riders in the move. But it came back so I attacked and three boys came with me and we started riding and then the rest came across and we had a seven man group.”


The seven become ten after three chasers caught them were never caught

“Everyone worked nicely and I tried to do as little as possible to wait until Eddie or one of our top finishers came across. And then Eddie came across with Yanto and McNally and it was then up to me to look after Eddie. I knew Steele and Bibby were in the group second and so not do too much and then Yanto hit it up the climb”.

“Then Eddie had a mechanical over the climb so I had help to help him back on and once I did that, the legs started to hurt bad! So I went back to the second group and rode for Ian so it’s been a hard day out.”

“The KoM, I didn’t really go for it and just rolled over as no-one was really going for it. The wind was relentless. It was a hard old race and an even tougher one tomorrow.”


Steve Lampier (Raleigh), Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis) and Mark McNally (Madison Genesis)

Mark McNally of Madison Genesis) (3rd): I think we rode that pretty perfect to be honest. We knew it was going to be windy on top of the climb so we said before the race we’ll take the initiative over the top and it split to bits. Then Erick slipped away and every time over the climb we made sure we stayed on the front foot like.”

“It all came back together at one point and we’d had a nice cruisey ride and Mike (Northey) came up to me and said ‘do not go back there, everyone is in bits’ so I thought I’ll just test my legs and went over the top and I got away with Eddie Dunbar and Yanto Barker and we rode across to the break”.

“Then it was a case of saving as much as we could for the end and last time I did a few attacks and Erick did a few and it went perfect. Bike racing is bike racing and if you turn the pedals fast, you go fast so whether I’m racing in Europe or here, it makes no difference”.

“As long we are getting the race programme and working with Roger is a privilege I think. His experience and knowledge and looking at the calibre of riders we have, it’s a very nice place to be for me.”

Eddie Dunbar of NFTO (crossed to the break mid race): The first few laps it kept splitting, and then it would come back together the same every lap. So when it came back after the third lap, one of the Madison guys went (McNally) and Yanto went with him. So I followed across, worked together and got across to the break and we worked well together after that”.


Eddie Dunbar (NFTO) leads mark McNally (Madison Genesis) and Yanto Barker in pursuit of the leaders.

“There was some cat and mouse coming into the finish and I had a mechanical on top of the hill and I had to use my race effort to get back onto the group so that was me kind of done for and I just had to sit in the wheels and lose as little time as I could”.


A Raleigh train lead the peloton across the reservoir chasing the break.


The peloton at this point were so relaxed I thought they had gone to sleep!


One of the many groups battling the crosswinds with riders in the gutter doing their best to stay in contact.


Steele Von Hoff of NFTO leads a chase group late in the race in pursuit of the leaders but they fell short of catching their quarry.

RESULT (thanks Anna)

Position Name Team/Club Time
1 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis 4h 34′ 48″
2 Steve Lampier Raleigh GAC 00′ 31″
3 Mark McNally Madison Genesis ”
4 George Harper One Pro Cycling 00′ 33″
5 Andrew Tennant Team Wiggins ”
6 Eddie Dunbar NFTO 00′ 35″
7 Yanto Barker One Pro Cycling 00′ 40″
8 Karol Domagalski Raleigh GAC 00’57”
9 Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling ”
10 Ian Bibby NFTO 01′ 02″
11 Thomas Stewart Madison Genesis ”
12 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling ”
13 Harry Tanfield JLT Condor 01′ 05″
14 Mike Northey Madison Genesis 01′ 06″
15 Mark Christian Team Wiggins ”
16 Robert Partridge NFTO 01′ 10″
17 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT ”
18 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling 01′ 14″
19 Richard Handley JLT Condor ”
20 Kristian House JLT Condor 01′ 17″
21 David McGowan Pedal Heaven RT 01′ 18″
22 Dillon Byrne Champion System VCUK Racing Team 01′ 20″
23 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis ”
24 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling ”
25 Morgan Kneisky Raleigh GAC 01′ 27″
26 Ian Wilkinson Raleigh GAC 01′ 36″
27 Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling ”
28 Thomas Scully Madison Genesis 02′ 16″
29 Will Fox Pedal Heaven RT 02′ 23″
30 Hugo Robinson Neon-Velo Cycling Team 02′ 25″
31 Michael Thompson Team Wiggins 02′ 29″
32 Connor Swift Polypipe Cycling Team 02′ 30″
33 Rhys Lloyd NFTO 02′ 52″
34 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO 02′ 54″
35 Jonathan McEvoy NFTO 03′ 01″
36 George Pym Raleigh GAC 03′ 24″
37 Michael Cuming JLT Condor ”
38 Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven RT ”
39 Brad Morgan Raleigh GAC 03′ 27″
40 William Bjergfelt SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team ”
41 Alex Luhrs Achieve Northside Skinnergate ”
42 Garry Hand SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team ”
43 Sam Lowe Raleigh GAC ”
44 Adria Moreno Velosure Starley Primal ”
45 Cameron Jeffers Bill Nickson Cycles RT ”
46 Ruari Yeoman Spokes Racing Team ”
47 David Clarke Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT ”
48 Ryan Perry Army Cycling Union 03′ 33″
49 Edward Clemens Spirit Bikes Racing Team ”
50 Richard Hepworth SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team ”
51 Sebastian Baylis Champion System VCUK Racing Team ”
52 Steven Lawley Neon-Velo Cycling Team
53 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC
54 Dan Fleeman SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
55 Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven RT
56 Peter Murdoch Neon-Velo Cycling Team
57 Luke Grivell-Mellor JLT Condor
58 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis
59 David Shackleton Achieve Northside Skinnergate
60 Ashley Dennis Catford CC Equipe/Banks 03′ 40″
61 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis 03′ 47″
62 Thomas Bustard Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT 03′ 54″
63 Steele Von Hoff NFTO 04′ 04″
64 Benjack Rowe Achieve Northside Skinnergate 04′ 19″
65 Declan Byrne Polypipe Cycling Team 04′ 28″
66 Dante Carpenter JLT Condor 07′ 36″
67 James Lowden Neon-Velo Cycling Team 07′ 39″
68 James Gullen Velosure Starley Primal ”
69 Jacob Tipper Neon-Velo Cycling Team ”
70 Simon Wilson Polypipe Cycling Team 07′ 46″
71 Jack Barrett The Racers 07′ 50″
72 Jack Pullar Velosure Starley Primal 08′ 09″
73 Tom Mazzone Polypipe Cycling Team 08′ 17″
74 Daniel Patten Team Wiggins ”
75 Russell Hampton Polypipe Cycling Team ”
76 Joshua Lawless Team Moda-Anon 08′ 53″
77 Robert Orr SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 09′ 26″
78 Ben Stockdale SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team ”
79 Adam Martin SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 09′ 29″
80 Robert Moore Pedal Heaven RT 15′ 05″
81 Lee Baldwin Champion System VCUK Racing Team 22′ 03″
82 Alex Jones Champion System VCUK Racing Team 22′ 07″
83 Jack Kirk Velosure Starley Primal ”
84 Collin Humphrey Achieve Northside Skinnergate 25′ 45″
85 Alexander Royle Army Cycling Union 26′ 07″
86 Mike Miller Phoenix CC 28′ 14″
87 Philip Gray Kuota – Spinergy – GSG ”
88 Sean Noon Spokes Racing Team 30′ 00″
89 Zack Williamson Team Moda-Anon 30′ 36″
90 James Local Neon-Velo Cycling Team ”
91 Jamie Caldwell Richardsons-Trek RT 30′ 53″
92 Fraser Martin Spokes Racing Team 30′ 57″
DNF Chris Opie One Pro Cycling DNF
DNF Richard Lang JLT Condor DNF
DNF Felix English JLT Condor DNF
DNF Steven Burke Team Wiggins DNF
DNF Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Jez McGowen Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Harry Godding Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Joshua Green Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Henry Latimer Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Tom Neale Catford CC Equipe/Banks DNF
DNF Josh Burns Velosure Starley Primal DNF
DNF Davie Lines Velosure Starley Primal DNF
DNF Nathan Edmondson Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT DNF
DNF Chris McNamara Pedal Heaven RT DNF
DNF Mitchell Webber Pedal Heaven RT DNF
DNF Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT DNF
DNF Lloyd Chapman Richardsons-Trek RT DNF
DNF Owen Lake Richardsons-Trek RT DNF
DNF Ben Hetherington Achieve Northside Skinnergate DNF
DNF Deacon Cutterham CGC Army Cycling Union DNF
DNF Michael Ashurst Champion System VCUK Racing Team DNF
DNF Loannis Spanopoulos Easton Ritte DNF
DNF George Fowler Easton Ritte DNF
DNF Jack Donaldson Neon-Velo Cycling Team DNF
DNF Alex Minting Neon-Velo Cycling Team DNF
DNF Andy Turner Team Moda-Anon DNF
DNF Andrew Webster Team Moda-Anon DNF
DNF Peter Cocker Pedal Pushers DNF
DNF Scott McCrossan Paisley Velo Race Team DNF
DNF Grant Ferguson Betch.NL-Superior-Brentjens  DNF
DNF Adam Kenway SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team DNF
DNF Brad Stokes DNF
DNS Iain Paton Team Wiggins DNS
DNS George Richardson NFTO DNS
DNS Andrew Hastings Richardsons-Trek RT DNS
DNS Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek RT DNS
DNS Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT DNS
DNS Anthony Moye Easton Ritte DNS
DNS Charlie Tanfield Easton Ritte DNS
DNS Dominic Smith Polypipe Cycling Team DNS
DNS Mark Baines Spirit Bikes Racing Team DNS
DNS Jack Beezer Spirit Bikes Racing Team DNS
DNS Christopher Dredge Spirit Bikes Racing Team DNS
DNS Lewis Grieve Spokes Racing Team DNS
DNS Sean McGovern Teamwallis Racing Team DNS
DNS Harry Browning Pedal Pushers DNS
DNS Luke Mullen Lancaster University Cycling Club DNS
DNS Aidan Quinn Project 51 DNS


Coming …

Former winners (Mens)
2014: 1. Alex Peters, 2. Peter Hawkins 3. Yanto Barker
2013: 1. Evan Oliphant, 2. Chris Opie, 3. Peter Hawkins
2012: 1. Scott Thwaites, 2. Peter Hawkins, 3. Russell Downing
2011: 1. Ian Bibby, 2. Marcin Bialoblocki, 3. Dean Downing
2010: 1. Simon Richardson 2. Ian Wilkinson 3. Niklas Gustavsson
2009: 1. Andrew Tennant 2. Russell Downing 3. Robert Partridge
2008: 1. Russell Downing 2. Kristian House 3. Simon Richardson
2007: 1. Dean Downing 2. Gordon McCauley 3. Robin Sharman
2006: 1. Ben Greenwood 2. Kristian House 3. Matthew Stephens
2005: 1. Dean Downing 2. Kevin Dawson 3. Russell Downing
2004: 1. Shaun Snodden 2. Neil Swithenbank 3. Richard Sutcliffe
2003: 1. Chris Newton 2. Mark Lovatt 3. Malcolm Elliott
2002: 1. Mark Lovatt 2. John Tanner 3. Kevin Dawson
2001: Not held
2000: 1. Mark Lovatt, 2. Jeffrey Wright 3. Chris Young
1999: 1. Mark Lovatt 2. Neil Swithenbank 3. Christopher Anelay
1998: 1. Jeffrey Wright, 2. Chris Young 3. Christopher Anelay


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