Report – Behind The Bikeshed’s Spring Classic


A dominant Pedal Heaven team took a clean sweep of podium places at the racing today held on the Thruxton Motor racing circuit

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Report – Behind The Bikeshed’s Spring Classic

Sunday 12th April | Graham Robins

A dominant Pedal Heaven took a clean sweep of podium places at the racing today held on the Thruxton Motor racing circuit. David Creeggan led Lewis Atkins and Rory Townsend over the line having been away in the break together.

At a very windy but sunny track the E/1/2 race was 16laps over the 2.3 mile circuit and it didn’t take too long before the windy conditions start to take its toll.


As the race completed its first lap Liam Walsh (VC St Raphael) led the large field across the line all strung out, but by the second lap the Pedal Heaven riders began to show their force and intentions early. A small break began to form at the front started by Lewis Atkins (Pedal Heaven), Grant Bayton (Ride 24/7), Al Murison (Easton Ritte) and Rory Townsend (Pedal Heaven).

With Pedal Heaven trying to animate the race it was not until lap five before a gap started to stretch and the four riders slipped away off the front and a gap soon started to build. A couple of laps later the lead group of four had built their lead to over 20secs over the bunch who seemed content to let it go.

On lap eleven we had four leaders but now we had two chasing riders who had slipped from the front of the bunch, the two being David Creeggan and Ben Simmons (Team Wiggle) and these two were 20secs down with bunch now 56secs further back. It took a big effort over the next couple of laps but the two chasers finally joined the four leaders making a good working group and these riders now had almost a minute.

At the bell Creeggan attacks along with Atkins which stretched out the leading group and Townsend was quicker to re-act distancing Murison and Simmons with Bayton to bring up the rear. At the line Creeggan had the legs to hold off Atkins and a few seconds later Townsend came into view to complete a Pedal Heaven Podium.

The women’s race was a hard race with the wind blowing around the circuit splitting up the groups in the nine lap race. Slowly as the laps ticked away it wasn’t until lap seven before the bunch finally split leaving seven to contest the sprint. Adel Martin (PMR Toachim House) won the sprint from Jayne Paine (Willesden CC) and Bethany Taylor (Bonito Squadra Corse).

The third cat race held at the same time as the women’s race was12 laps but on lap six Tim Wiggins (Team Wiggle) just rode away off the front, built a 20secs lead and was never challenged for the rest of the race with the bunch content to wait for the sprint finish.



1 David Creeggan Pedal Heaven RT
2 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT
3 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT
4 Ben Simmons Team Wiggle
5 Alexander Murison Easton Ritte
6 Robert Ward Danny Shane – Storck Racing
7 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
8 Joshua Jones Bikeshed – Exeter Uni
9 Justin Hoy NFTO
10 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
11 Jason White
12 Jay Eastwood Primera-Sports.Com
13 Chris Snook Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
14 Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
15 Ian Rees
16 Matthew Clarke London Dynamo
17 Robert McCarthy Pedal Heaven RT
18 Harrison Fielding Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
19 Joe Barry Performance Cycles
20 Andrew Critchlow WyndyMilla
21 Albert Ellison TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
22 James Champken VC St Raphael
23 Paul Elcock G.S. Henley
24 Matthew Woods Banjo Cycles
25 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael
26 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
27 Thomas Bowering Ride 24/7
28 Matthew Cryer Army Cycling Union
29 Colin Parry Ride 24/7
30 Michael Cripps Army Cycling Union
31 Oscar Hutchings Bikeshed – Exeter Uni
32 Jason Streather VC St Raphael
33 David Billings VC St Raphael
34 Dominic Spear VC Meudon
35 Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
36 Matthew Franklin
37 Trevor Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
38 Richard Unwin VC Meudon
39 Rowan Horner VC St Raphael
40 James Ebdon Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
41 Stuart Thompson VC St Raphael
42 Graham Rogerson Cotswold Veldrijden
43 Jaco van Gass Para-T
44 Jon Shillingford Thames Velo

Women E/1/2/3/4
1 Adele Martin PMR@Toachim House
2 Jayne Paine Willesden Cycling Club
3 Bethany Taylor Bonito Squadra Corse
4 Ruby Chappell Behind The Bikeshed
5 Anna Marie Hughes Bonito Squadra Corse
6 Ellie Gilham Primera-Sports.Com
7 Elizabeth Stedman University of Sheffield CC
8 Corinne Clark Ride 24/7
9 Donna Short Army Cycling Union
10 Natasha Reddy RP Racing Team
11 Clare Parkin University of Exeter Cycling C…
12 Charlotte Sampson Zappi’s Racing Team
13 Lydia Brookes G.S. Henley
14 Julia Hesselberg Elitevelo Kalas Sportswear CRT
15 Stephanie Foster Mickey Cranks CC
16 Tracy Corbett Les Filles Racing Team
17 Aimee Fenwick Oxonian CC
18 Laura Seary Newbury RC
19 Gemma Stuart Mickey Cranks CC
20 Kirsty Murphy Mickey Cranks CC
21 Emma Clarke RP Racing Team
22 Elizabeth Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
23 Sophie Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
24 Virginia Phillips
25 Janet Taplin

3rd Cat only
1 Tim Wiggins Team Wiggle
2 Scott Chappell Behind The Bikeshed
3 Gareth Dickinson Farnborough & Camberley CC
4 Patrick Christopher Zappi’s Racing Team
5 Robert King G.S. Henley
6 George Smith Gillingham and District Wheele…
7 Andrew Self North Hampshire RC
8 Charles Taylor North Hampshire RC
9 Matthew Griffin Cycology Bikes
10 Daniel Bone I-Team Cyclists’ Club
11 John Wilkinson Dream Cycling Team
12 Thomas Yeatman Cotswold Cycles RT
13 Nicholas O’Hara New Forest CC
14 James Franklin Velo Club Venta
15 Stuart Mackenzie Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
16 Matthew Lelliott Severn RC
17 Tim Clark G.S. Henley
18 Scott Michaels Southampton University RC
19 Scott Arthur Army Cycling Union
20 Jon Harris Cycle Club Basingstoke
21 Jonathan Griffin Cycology Bikes
22 William Blunt Army Cycling Union
23 Edward Griffin Cycology Bikes
24 Dean Hitchings Cotswold Cycles RT
25 Thom Hayward VC St Raphael
26 Unknown Rider
27 James Vanieris Blazing Saddles Cycles
28 Cameron Smalley Cotswold Cycles RT
29 Frank Kilsby VC St Raphael
30 Andy Hibberd
31 Unknown Rider
32 Unknown Rider
33 Steve Moss Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
34 Unknown Rider
35 Michael Porter Radeon Cycle Coaching
36 Sean Townsend Radeon Cycle Coaching
37 Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta
38 Richard Porter CC Weymouth
39 Gary Smith Ride 24/7
40 John Carter Radeon Cycle Coaching
41 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching
42 Shaun Green Army Cycling Union
43 Charles Page Edgware RC
44 Deane Smith Offcamber
45 Andrew Mackay Sotonia CC
46 Christian Hatton VC St Raphael
46 Peter Kitching Team Wiggle
47 Thamana Nel I-Team Cyclists’ Club
48 Theo Webb Velo Club Venta
50 Ian Jeffery Tri UK
51 James Meakin Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
52 Steven Williams Army Cycling Union
53 James D’Arcy Southdowns Bikes – Casco
54 Andrew McCombe North Hampshire RC
55 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
56 Robert McGrath Army Cycling Union
57 Charlie Cooper VC St Raphael
58 John Wade
59 Darren Milligan Outdoor Traders Cycling Club
60 Stuart Harvey Team ASL360
61 David Gilham Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
62 James Brickell Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
63 Gary Hill DHC Racing
64 Douglas Tandy Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
65 Dominic Judd Velo Club Venta
66 Peter Humphreys Gillingham and District Wheele…
67 Norman Mellors Rock N Road Cycles
68 Mike Anderson VC St Raphael
69 Matthew Downie DHC Racing
70 Jack Freeman Alton CC/Owens Cycles
71 Mark Sharratt Outdoor Traders Cycling Club
72 Albert Baker Behind The Bikeshed
73 Jason Pitt Behind The Bikeshed
74 Daniel Stephens Rock N Road Cycles

4th Cat only
1 Ashley Sinfield
2 Joseph Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club
3 Jason Gault Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
4 Steven Whitcher DHC Racing
5 Stuart Waite Wightlink,LCM Systems Cycle RT
6 Samuel Wadsley Poole Whls CC
7 Pete Carter
8 Matthew Bond Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
9 Tom Brookes Bristol RC
10 Tom Budden Sotonia CC
11 Jonathan Carr Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
12 Nathan Starnes Tri UK
13 Brett Kamino Cowley Road Condors
14 Leon Stoneman Army Cycling Union
15 Mark Hill Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
16 Chris Moody Sotonia CC
17 Alex Fanshawe Zappi’s Racing Team
18 Jason Burnap Marlow Riders
19 Paul Ransom Sotonia CC
20 Matthew Haskell Velo Club Venta
21 Daniel Bradley Cowley Road Condors
22 Simon Walters Velo Club Venta
23 Nick Maiolo Gloucester City CC
24 James Donovan Portsmouth North End CC
25 Chris Stagg
26 Tom Wheeler Cycle Club Basingstoke
27 Lawrence Hayes
28 Anthony Gritton DHC Racing
29 Jake Yarranton ASL Projects Racing Team
30 Oscar Twinning Gloucester City CC
31 Jamie Noel Outdoor Traders Cycling Club
32 Unknown Red
33 Coley Brennan
34 Sam Walding Leicester Forest CC
35 Stephen Tearne Cowley Road Condors
36 Aaron Budd
37 James Fuller Portsmouth North End CC
38 Matthew Buckley Andover Whls
39 Paul Watson Radeon Cycle Coaching
40 Tom Radburn
41 Lee Benson Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
42 Jon Brumfield CC Weymouth
43 Neal Garside Cotswold Cycles RT
44 Kevin Easterbrook Royal Air Force CC
45 Oliver Berney
46 Andre Couzens
47 Rob Taylor Army Cycling Union
48 Matthew Child Poole Whls CC
49 Michael Taylor Behind The Bikeshed
50 Dennis Keene Army Cycling Union
51 Andrew Morris
52 Scott Warren Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
53 Mark Glendinning Cowley Road Condors
54 Steven Bungay Behind The Bikeshed
55 Peter Smith Cowley Road Condors
56 Edward Rowe DHC Racing
57 Tim Cooke Sotonia CC
58 Mark Edwards Sotonia CC
59 Philip Hopley Radeon Cycle Coaching
60 Benjamin Sewell Army Cycling Union
61 Louis Otway DHC Racing
62 William Clark
63 Will Wilkinson
64 Robert Seymour Army Cycling Union
65 Matthew Merritt Mud, Sweat n Gears CC
66 Berwyn Jones Cowley Road Condors
67 Fred Taylor-Young DHC Racing

U16 Boys
1 Charles Page Edgware RC
2 Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
3 Edward Hatfield UK-Biking/Copyrite
4 Harvey McNaughton I-Team Cyclists’ Club
5 Gabriel Chinn Ride 24/7
6 Elliot Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden
7 Joshua Reilly Offcamber
8 William Crofts Performance Cycles
9 Alex Collins Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
10 Erin Baker Team Milton Keynes
11 Tom Temple Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
12 Thamana Nel I-Team Cyclists’ Club
13 Samuel Adey Performance Cycles
14 George Beck Salt & Sham Cycle Club
15 Nicolas Kimish I-Team Cyclists’ Club
16 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC
17 Alexander Cross Oakley Pedalers
18 Morgan Curle Velo Club Walcot
19 Ben Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
20 Kyle Henderson I-Team Cyclists’ Club
21 Will Cooper I-Team Cyclists’ Club
22 Harry Johnson Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
23 James Geddes Gillingham and District Wheele…
24 Damon King Palmer Park Velo RT
25 Connor Geddes Gillingham and District Wheele…
26 Nicolas Kimish I-Team Cyclists’ Club
27 James Ellis Performance Cycles
28 Ben Wright Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
29 Lewis Turner Ride 24/7

U16 Girls
1 Sophie Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
2 Amber Joseph Palmer Park Velo RT
3 Lucy Edmunds Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
4 Emma Pitt Palmer Park Velo RT

U14 Boys
1 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
2 Liam Hanks Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Samuel Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club
4 Freddy Ball Andover Whls
5 Gabriel Banner Prestige Velo Club
6 Owen Giles Portsmouth North End CC
7 Charlie Walters Velo Club Venta
8 Ryan Pike Newport Youth Velo Cycling Clu…
9 Thomas Clarke Palmer Park Velo RT
10 Ritchie Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
11 Billy Martin Barking & Dagenham CC
12 Euan Taylor Salt & Sham Cycle Club
13 Freddie Horner Behind The Bikeshed
14 Arthur Boulton Palmer Park Velo RT
15 Ben Willson Bournemouth Arrow/Hotel Collin…
16 Thomas Hastie

U14 Girls
1 Freya Thatcher Newport Youth Velo Cycling Clu…
2 Alderney Baker Team Milton Keynes
3 Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Alice Fanshawe
5 Freya Richardson Portsmouth North End CC

U12 Boys
1 Nathaniel Brookes Gillingham and District Wheele…
2 Jamie Gostick Palmer Park Velo RT
3 Charlie Martin Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Tom Stringer Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Jack Webb Maindy Flyers Youth CC
6 Adam Potter I-Team Cyclists’ Club
7 Alexander Uphill Hillingdon Slipstreamers
8 Jude Beaton Portsmouth North End CC
9 Jamie Whitcher Solent Pirates
10 Harry Clarke Palmer Park Velo RT
11 Owen Abery Newbury RC
12 Oliver Lewis
13 William Dunn Newbury RC

U12 Girls
1 Isabella Escalera VC Londres
2 Alexa Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
3 Izzy Brickell Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Melissa Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
5 Laura Curle Velo Club Walcot

U10 Boys
1 Joseph O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Calum Moir Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Benjamin Bisson Hillingdon Slipstreamers
4 Max Capamagian Barking & Dagenham CC
5 Finn Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
6 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
7 Ashton King Palmer Park Velo RT
8 Harry Corkill Sarum Velo
9 Bobby Buenfeld Gosport BMX Club

U10 Girls
1 Bobbie O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Ella Beaton Portsmouth North End CC
3 Ellen Phillips
4 Amber Richardson Portsmouth North End CC
5 GRichardson Portsmouth North End CC

U8 Boys
1 Finn O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Jacob Phillips Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Henry Lewis
4 Oscar Lewis

U8 Girls
1 Elise Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT

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