Result – Farnborough & Camberley 25


James Boyman of Farnham RC fastest in the Farnborough & Camberley 25 mile time trial

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Result – Farnborough & Camberley 25

1. J Boyman Farnham RC 0h52’15”
2. S Henning Catford CC 0h55’40”
3. R Hampton Team Polypipe 0h55’49”
4. S Williamson A3crg 0h55’53”
5. J Wright Charlotteville CC 0h57’15”
6. M Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC 0h57’51”
6. P Ember Paceline RT 0h57’51”
8. D Shepherd GS Stella 0h57’57”
9. R Taylor Trisportnews Racing 0h58’05”
10. R Froud Alton CC 0h58’08”
11. J Hobby North Hampshire RC 0h58’11”
12. E Renwick Oxford City RC 0h58’15”
13. A Lack Paceline RT 0h58’31”
14. R Gilmour Hounslow & District Wheelers 0h59’42”
14. T Childs Westerley RC 0h59’42”
16. L Chaplin RT316 0h59’58”
17. R Weatherstone GS Stella 1h00’13”
18. M Dickinson Deal Tri 1h00’53”
19. A Leatherbarrow Kingston Wheelers CC 1h00’56”
20. J Thomas Epsom CC 1h01’05”
21. A Thomas Dulwich Paragon CC 1h01’07”
22. R Peel Clapham Chasers 1h01’28”
23. D Churchill Bigfoot CC 1h01’59”
24. D Sharp Charlotteville CC 1h02’09”
25. M O’Sullivan Kingston Wheelers CC 1h02’14”
26. K Miller Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h02’30”
27. T Day Bigfoot CC 1h02’45”
28. P Alderson South Western RC 1h02’54”
29. R Parrotte Shaftesbury CC 1h03’21”
30. C Barclay Windrush Tri 1h03’25”
31. M Gray London Dynamo 1h03’34”
32. D Pink Bigfoot CC 1h03’58”
33. R Blake Antelope Racing Team 1h04’32”
34. M Scholes South Western RC 1h04’53”
35. N Ford Hargroves Cycles CC 1h05’18”
36. C Campbell-Smith Born to Bike 1h05’35”
36. J Beer Kingston Phoenix RC 1h05’35”
38. P Phipps A3crg 1h05’55”
39. C Barton Worthing Excelsior CC 1h06’21”
40. R Moule Bossard Wheelers CC 1h06’52”
41. P Rowe Southborough & District Wheelers 1h06’53”
42. A Mathew Clapham Chasers 1h07’34”
43. D England Crabwood CC 1h08’08”
44. M Boyce A3crg 1h08’13”
45. N Fletcher Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h08’24”
46. S Williamson Hemel Hempstead CC 1h08’52”
47. J Froud Festival RC 1h09’17”
48. J Beaven 1st Chard Wheelers 1h09’21”
49. WR Duguid Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 1h09’22”
50. P Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 1h09’38”
51. EJ Boorman East Grinstead CC 1h09’54”
52. R Sheppard Tri20 1h10’46”
53. C Stagg Windrush Tri 1h11’58”
54. J Garcia Windrush Tri 1h12’35”
55. M McDowell Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h13’03”
56. P Horsfield Redmon CC 1h13’31”
57. J Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 1h14’02”
58. J Spragg Bossard Wheelers CC 1h14’09”
59. P Cockbain South Bucks Road Club 1h14’26”
60. V Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h16’03”
61. J Greig Windrush Tri 1h20’24”
62. J Moore Simonstrong Campaigners 1h33’08”

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