Feature – CiCLE Classic Form Guide


VeloUK’s look at past results in the CiCLE Classic and who of the riders in 2015, has the best record at the event …

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Feature – CiCLE Classic Form Guide

Only one rider ever, and he’s riding on Sunday, has won the race twice and that is Ian Wilkinson of Raleigh-GAC. Way back in 2006, ‘superman’ rode the race and was 13th but was then second in 2007 to the legend that is Malcolm Elliott.


Another top ten (9th) in 2008 before the big one, the victory in 2009. Twelth in 2010 before returning to the top step in 2013, Ian was a lowly and uncharacteristic 63rd in 2014. Expect him to bounce back in 2015!

Another rider who must know the course blindfolded is Wilkinson’s teammate Evan Oliphant. He rode the event in 2006 and has a best placing of 12th. Steve Lampier who has twice finished second in the two Prems held so far in 2015 has also done well at CiCLE on what he classes home roads.

Steve was 9th in 2010 and had three other finishes just outside the top 20 and as has been said many times, the CiCLE Classic is far from flat and Steve can climb a bit ;-)

Last year’s winner Tom Moses, hasn’t been in the senior ranks long and was the youngest winner at 21 in 2014. He is also only one of two solo winners, the other being Alex Blain. Tom hasn’t had the best of starts to the season, having been ill since the Tour of Normandy, but should have fresh legs for the race.


Moses and Wilkinson are the only two winners of the race in this year’s Edition but plenty of others have lots of experience.

Dale Appleby, who is playing a team role for his team NFTO, was in the first race back in 2005 where he was 15th. That underlines the experience that Dale has in the race. He was 6th the following year in 2006 and has gone on to ride at least three other editions of the race.

Another of NFTO’s options is the team leader, Ian Bibby, who also rode that first edition in 2005, finishing 25th. Ian was 31st in 2007 and 18th in 2011 before coming so close to the win in 2013 finishing second. Ian was 50th in 2014 and like so many in his NFTO team, such as Tom Barras, he has that valuable experience in this race that even I after a lot of years can’t follow on a map. Jonny McEvoy, another from the Red and Black army, was 4th in 2011 so is another option for NFTO along with their Aussie sprinter Steele Von Hoff.

Speaking of experience, Dave Clarke has plenty as his name popping up in the results below shows as does Kristian House. Another rider in that 2006 result is Pete Williams who was in such great attacking form in the Tour of the Reservoir this year. Sixth in 2012 and 8th in 2013 shows he has what it takes to do the distance as has Yanto Barker with a number of top 10s in the race and Marcin Bialoblocki as well.


Madison Genesis rider Tobyn Horton had a 10th in 2009 and finished it in 2011 and 2014 as well and is one of many from his team capable of winning the race. Tom Scully was second in 2014 and seventh in 2013 whilst Mark McNally was third in 2014 and was 22nd way back in 2009 so knows the race well.

Mike Northey, also of Madison Genesis also has a good record in the race with a best of 6th in 2013 and with other riders like Reservoir winner Erick Rowsell and Tom Stewart, its a scary good line up.

Other mentions too for local team SportGrub-Kuota who’s Dan Fleeman was 7th in 2010 and 11th in 2011 and WIll Bjergfelt 5th in 2013. They all know the roads well and of the non UCI teams, have a great chance of making that podium.

It’s all conjecture though as anything can happen on race day where luck is an important part of the package and who knows who’ll have those special ‘legs’ that every rider dreams of having for a major race.



Dan Fleeman who can climb and knows the roads well. He’s also good off road too!

In the meantime, check out the palmeres of the race and the riders still racing the CiCLE Classic. Who are your favourites!

1. Scott Gamble (East Mids Div.BC)
2. Benoit Lagorce (CycleuropeBianchi)
3. Matt Stephens (Sigmasport)
4. James Cambridge (Stilton RTTerry Wright)
5. Matthew Talbot ( Glendene CC)
6. Ian Wilkinson (Giant Racing)
7. Jules Birks (CycleuropeBianchi)
8. Ross Adams (Red Kite)
9. Martin Ford (Team Rochelle)
10. Dean Downing (Recycling)

15. Dale Appleby (Team Fuji)
25. Ian Bibby (Trek UK)

1. Robin Sharman Recycling.co.uk 152 kms in 3.50.13
2. Chris Newton Recycling.co.uk st
3. Jonathan Dayus Arctic-Shorter Rochford RT st
4. Phil Dixon ScienceinSport.com @4 secs
5. Kristian House Recycling.co.uk @11 secs
6. Dale Appleby Recycling.co.uk @12 secs
7. Daniel Booth Magura @1.05
8. Peter McDonald Team FRF (Australia) @1.08
9. Joshua Marden Team FRF @1.09
10. Mark McKay Glendene CC\Bike Trax @1.13

12. David Clarke Nippo KFS vehicles st
13. Ian Wilkinson ScienceinSport.com st
16. Evan Oliphant Recycling.co.uk @1.38
68. Peter Williams Kinesis UK st

1 Malcolm Elliott Giordana
2 Ian Wilkinson Science In Sport – Trek
3 Michael Skelde
4 Kasper Schjonnemann
5 Maros Ovac
6 Alex Dowsett 100% ME
7 Robin Sharman
8 Jan Ipeky
9 Preben Kristenson
10 David Clarke

11 Liam Holohan Pearl Izumi
25 Tom Barras Pearl Izumi
27 Mark Cavendish MBE HTC-High Road
31 Ian Bibby Science In Sport – Trek
43 Chris McNamara Wild Side 707 Road Team
50 Stephen Adams Pearl Izumi
61 Gary Hand K.F.S
65 Simon Wilson Arctic Tacx RT

1. Ciaran Power (Ireland)
2. Jan Bos
3. Malcolm Elliott Giordana
4. Michael Berling
5. Russell Downing Giordana
6. David O’Loughlin
7. Robert Hayles Team Halfords Bikehut
8. Tobyn Horton Team Deschuytter – KWSC Westke…
9. Ian Wilkinson Science In Sport – Trek
10. Roman Bronis

20. William Bjergfelt Felt Racing
21. Tom Barras Madison.co.uk Cycling Team
22. Evan Oliphant Madison.co.uk Cycling Team
30. Marcin Bialoblocki Hillingdon Slipstreamers
37. Daniel Patten Ciclos Uno

1. Ian Wilkinson (GBr) Team Halfords-BikeHut 3.57.22 (39.23 km/h)
2. Michael Berling (Den) Glud & Marstrand Horsens
3. Yanto Barker (GBr) Geoff Thomas-Colnago-Assos 0.54
4. Darren Lapthorne (Aus) Rapha Condor
5. Martyn Irvine (Irl) Ireland National Team
6. Maros Kovac (Svk) Dukla Trencin Merida 1.03
7. Matthew Stephens (GBr) Specialised-SigmaSpt.
8. Russell Downing (GBr) Candi TV – Pinarello RT 1.26
9. James Cambridge (GBr) BC East Mids Devel. A
10. Tobyn Horton (Bel) Deschuytter-Abutriek

22. Mark McNally (GBr) Team Halfords
23. Kristian House (GBr) Rapha Condor 1.28
29. Evan Oliphant (GBr) Plowman Craven – Madison 1.37

1. Michael BERLING DEN GLU 4:14:19
4. Kasper Linde JORGENSEN DEN
9. Steven LAMPIER GBR +30
10. Alexandre BLAIN FRA +2:28

14. David CLARKE GBR +3:22
26. Tom BARRAS GBR RAL +4:58
28. Wouter SYBRANDY GBR +5:03
35. William BJERGFELT GBR +5:54
37. Graham BRIGGS GBR RCS +9:04
44 Simon WILSON GBR +9:09
46 Dale APPLEBY GBR RAL +9:09
70 Andrew HAWDON GBR +15:05
78 Steven BURKE GBR MPT +17:37

1. Zak Dempster, Rapha Condor Sharp
2. Erwin De Kerf, Belgium Hand in Hand
3. Marcin Bialoblocki, Motorpoint
4. Jonny McEvoy, Motorpoint
5. Jose Ramirez, KTM
6. Tomas Okrouhlicky, AC Sparta
7. LLwelyn Kinch, GWR
8. KasperJorgensen, Glud & Marstrand
9. Lasse Bochman, Glud & Marstrand
10. David Clarke, Endura Racing

11. Dan Fleeman, Raleigh
13. David McGowan
16. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor SHarp
18. Ian Bibby, Motorpoint
20. Liam Holohan, Raleigh @17 seconds
24. Steve Lampier, Sigma Sport Speialized @48 seconds
26. Tobyn Horton, Motorpoint @1 minute
34. Wouter Sybrandy, Sigma Sport Specialized st
35. Andrew Hawdon, Herbalife Wheelbase @2.22
45. Richard Handley, Raleigh @6.34
47. Martyn Irvine, Ireland 6.47
48. Tom Barras, Cycle Premier Metaltek st
54. Chris Opie, Pendragon Le Col Colnago 7.36
55. Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing
58. Stephen Adams, Sigma Sport Specialized st
67. Mike Cuming, Twenty3C-Orbea
69. Simon Wilson, Cycle Premier Metaltek 14.55
86. Dale Appleby, Cycle Premier Metaltek

1 BLAIN Alexander Endura Racing 04:36:33
2 SPARLING Jamie Raleigh – GAC @1:59
3 McCALLUM James Rapha Condor Sharp @2:02
4 ERLER Tobias Arbo-Gebruder-Weiss @2:39
5 BARKER Yanto Team UK Youth @2:57
6 WILLIAMS Pete Node 4 – Giordana Racing @4:40
7 SYBRANDY Wouter IG – Sigma Sport @5:30
8 CAMANO Iker Endura Racing st
9 ADAMS Stephen CyclePremier @7:19
10 SMAIL Robert Team Wallis CHH st

15 BJERGFELT William CyclePremier @16:29
16 BIALOBLOCKI Marcin Node 4 – Giordana Racing st
17 BRIGGS Graham Raleigh – GAC @18:57
18 HAWDON Andrew Herbalife-Leisure Lakes Bikes st
19 HOLT Simon Raleigh – GAC st
20 HOLOHAN Liam Raleigh – GAC @19:15
22 NORTHEY Mike Node 4 – Giordana Racing st

1 WILKINSON Ian Team UK Youth 04:46:48
2 BIBBY Ian Madison- Genesis st
3 BERTHOU Eric Team Raleigh st
4 BARKER Yanto Team UK Youth st
5 BJERGFELT William MG-Maxifuel st
6 NORTHEY Michael Node 4-Giordana Racing @0:42
7 SCULLY Thomas Team Raleigh @2:26
8 WILLIAMS Peter Team IG-Sigma Sport st
9 GILHAM Kit Metaltech-Knights of Old st
10 CALIXTO Manuel Bello Start-Trigon Cycling Team @3:28

13 CRONSHAW Matt Team IG-Sigma Sport @6:11
14 APPLEBY Dale Metaltech-Knights of Old @6:12
16 DIBBEN Jonathan Great Britain Under 23 Academy st
17 TENNANT Andrew Madison- Genesis st
20 HOLOHAN Liam Madison- Genesis st
21 BIALOBLOCKI Marcin Team UK Youth @7:07
22 LAMPIER Steven Node 4-Giordana Racing st
23 DE JONGE Maarten Team Vorarlberg st
26 HAWDON Andrew Herbalife-LeisureLakes Bikes st
27 BYRNE Declan MG-Maxifuel st
30 CLANCY Edward Rapha-Condor-JLT st
31 CLARKE David Synergy-Baku Cycling Project st
32 ATKINS George Great Britain Under 23 Academy @8:23
35 LINES David MG-Maxifuel @10:21
36 LOWE Samuel Great Britain Under 23 Academy st
38 BARRAS Tom Wheelbase-Altura-MGD st
41 LAVERACK Edward Rapha-Condor-JLT st
44 TANFIELD Harry Herbalife-LeisureLakes Bikes st
45 HAND Gary Herbalife-LeisureLakes Bikes st
48 SYBRANDY Wouter Team IG-Sigma Sport st
51 GULLEN James Team Hope Factory Racing st

1 Thomas MOSES Rapha-Condor-JLT 04:25:29
2 Thomas SCULLY Madison-Genesis @10
3 Mark McNALLY An Post-Chain Reaction st
4 James McCALLUM NFTO Pro Cycling @24
5 Russ DOWNING NFTO Pro Cycling @25
6 Adam BLYTHE NFTO Pro Cycling st
7 Peter HAWKINS Madison-Genesis st
8 Fabian SCHNAIDT Team Vorarlberg st
9 Shane ARCHBOLD An Post-Chain Reaction st
10 Marcin BIALOBLOCKI Velosure-Giordana Racing st

12 Evan OLIPHANT Team Raleigh st
17 Kristian HOUSE Rapha-Condor-JLT @28
19 Yanto BARKER Team Raleigh @34
21 Graham BRIGGS Rapha-Condor-JLT @42
22 John DIBBEN Great Britain st
24 Steven LAMPIER Velosure-Giordana Racing st
25 George HARPER Velosure-Giordana Racing st
26 Harry TANFIELD KTM Road & Trail.com st
27 Ben STOCKDALE Metaltek-Kuota st
28 Aaron GATE An Post-Chain Reaction st
29 Jack PULLAR Starley Primal Pro Cycling st
30 Ryan MULLEN An Post-Chain Reaction st
31 David CLARKE KTM Road & Trail.com st
34 Will BJERGFELT Metaltek-Kuota st
36 Thomas STEWART Madison-Genesis st
43 Mike NORTHEY Madison-Genesis st
49 Dan FLEEMAN Metaltek-Kuota st
50 Ian BIBBY Madison-Genesis @50
51 Tom BARRAS Wheelbase-Altura-MGD @53
54 Luke GRIVELL-MELLOR Rapha-Condor-JLT @6:04
60 Hugo ROBINSON Neon Velo Cycling Team st
63 Ian WILKINSON Team Raleigh st
64 Dillon BYRNE Champion System-Club Roost st
66 Liam STONES Team Raleigh st
67 Edward CLANCY Rapha-Condor-JLT st
71 Tobyn HORTON Madison-Genesis @11:05
75 Andrew HAWDON KTM Road & Trail.com st
76 Lawrence CARPENTER Catford CC-Equipe Banks st

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