Report & Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Races


Glorious weather for Round 1 of the Mid Shropshire Wheelers monthly Thursday night race series at Shrewsbury Sports Village

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Report & Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Races

Amazing numbers of sign on the line Youth numbers kept the organisers busy, frantically typing in names against timing chip codes popping up on the lap top each time the rider crossed the line. This meant the result wasn’t in doubt but with heads buried in sign on sheets and keyboard we have no idea how the Youth races were won but the finishes looked great!


A full field in the 3 / 4 category race meant entries closed well before the official date but this meant the organisers could watch the race and search for a wheel when Ystwyth CC, Sean Grosvenor punctured. Mid Shropshire Wheelers, Jack Young’s Youth C wheel was offered up and even though it was a 9 speed with Youth gearing it still proved up to the job for Grosvenor to take the sprint win ahead of a bunch of 20+ riders.

It was not only frantic for the computer crew as Stuart Williams who was working the gear check came to the rescue of Fred’s rider Jonathan Williams, who forgot his shoes. Stuart not only raced back home for shoes but brought his bike back too as his shoes were SPD and not Look. Jonathan is pictured racing Stuart’s bike.



3 / 4 Category
Pos Name Category
1 Sean Grosvenor 3rd
2 Mark McCann 3rd
3 Ethan Davies 3rd
4 Danny Smith 3rd
5 Matthew Radford 3rd
6 Alan Bradley 3rd
7 Craig Guy 3rd
8 Sam Weatherstone 3rd
9 Chris Horsfield 3rd
10 Matthew Morris 3rd
11 Ewan Grivell-Mellor 3rd
12 Martin Hillman 4th
13 Will Mason 4th
14 Ed Hopper 3rd
15 Stuart Smith 3rd
16 Richard Lloyd 4th
17 Jonathan Williams 4th
18 Robert Kitley 3rd
19 Christopher Cleaver 3rd
20 Timothy Jones 3rd
21 Brett Lowndes 3rd
22 Oliver Atkin 3rd
23 Steve Griffiths 4th
24 Thomas Ford 3rd
25 Stephen Talbot 3rd
26 James Barzda 4th
27 Stephen Minton 3rd
28 Andrew Evans 4th
29 Mark Roberts 4th
30 Thomas Connor 4th
31 Kyle Brady 4th
32 Sean Evans 4th
33 Ade Glover 4th
34 David Edgar 4th
35 George Evans 3rd
36 Stephen Hall 3rd
37 Bryn Davies 4th
38 Christopher Staples 4th
39 James Handley 4th
40 William Hodgkiss 4th
41 Michael Doyle 4th
42 Stuart Manford 4th
43 Roger Duncalf 3rd
44 Ben Holland 4th
45 Marcus Hargreaves 4th
46 David Pugh 4th
47 Alec Bond 4th

Youth A Boys
Pos Name Category
1 Ben Hardwick A
2 Devon Round A
3 Joe Feiven A
4 Will Manfield A
5 Joseph Guy A
6 James Duncalf A
7 Morgan Petty A
8 Aiden Morley A
9 Tom Shelton A
10 Charlie Fisher A

Youth A Girls
Pos Name Category
1 Ellie Russell AG
2 Gaby Homer AG
3 Esme Niblett AG
4 Melissa Baker AG
5 Becky Simmons AG
DNF Connie Hudson AG
DNF Alice Law AG

Youth B Boys
Pos Name Category
1 Lewis Askey B
2 Farley Barber B
3 George Mills-Keeling B
4 Ethan Roberts B
DNF Jamie Crump B

Youth B Girls
Pos Name Category
1 Sophie White BG

Youth C Boys
Pos Name Category
1 Ben Askey C
2 Ben Pierce C
3 Samuel Hall C
4 Henri Bedford C
5 Samuel Holwill C
6 Brandon Donovan C
7 Will Perry C
8 Nick English C
9 Oliver Baker C
10 Jack Young C
11 Luka Stolic C

Youth C Girls
1 Grace Lister CG
2 Rhiannon Tansley CG
3 Amelia Southall CG
4 Daphne Jones CG

Youth D Boys
1 Alex Thomson D
2 William Farmer D
3 Joshua Jackson D
4 Kyle Jones D
5 Thomas White D
6 Max Bufton D

Youth D Girls
1 Bethany Bennett DG
2 Rebecca Woodvine DG

Youth E Boys
1 Tom Jackson E

Youth E Girls
2 Sophie Jackson EG

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