Results – Eelmoor Round 1


Pedal Heaven racing team dominate round 1 of the Eelmoor Midweek circuit races with the win to Will Harper ( 29th April)

RST Cycle  Clothing & Trigon Bikes

Results – Eelmoor Round 1

1 Will Harper Pedal Heaven
2 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven
3 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven
4 Simon Holt Pedal Heaven
5 George Gori Nuun Sigma
6 Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven
7 Lee Smith Nuun Sigma
8 Albert Ellison Botteccia UK
9 Joe Harris CT TOMACC
10 Adam Moore ASL Projects RT

Position Name Team/club
1 Charles Page Edgeware RC
2 Dave Farmer
3 Richard Smith ACU
4 Richard Bryg VC Meudon
5 Kevin Bell ACU
6 Alex Pierce Willesden CC
7 Luke Taylor Paceline RT
8 Brian Macpherson VC Meudon
9 Ryan Smith ASL Projects RT
10 Luke Gilder Unattached

1 Rebecca Waters Performance Cycles

Category A Boys
1 Edmund Bishop VC Meudon
2 Alex Cress Oakley Pedallers
3 Ieuan Woods Charlotteville CC
4 Ollie Williams Alton CC
5 Josh Jones NFTO
6 Damon ? PPV
7 Will Cooper I-Team-CC
8 James Doye Clarence Wheelers
9 Ben Bishop Charlotteville CC
10 George Bounds Farnborough and Camberley
11 Liam Harris PPV
12 Troy Loxley NHRC
13 Hugh Johnson Charlotteville CC
14 Max Mansell-Rowe Charlotteville CC
15 Sam Dawson PPV
16 Giacomo Lawrence Charlotteville CC
17 Harry Porteous Charlotteville CC

Category A Girls
1 Alice Matravers Charlotteville CC
2 Bethany Audas Wyndy Milla

Category B Boys
1 Tom Portsmouth Hillingdon SS
2 Sam Clark I-Team-CC
3 Tom Clark PPV
4 Jamie Series PPV
5 Ollie Suatt Alton CC
6 Josh Knowles PPV
7 Malin Cory Charlotteville CC
8 Andrew McNaughton DONK Racing
9 Piers James Farnborough and Camberley
10 Ewan Bleakley Charlotteville CC
11 Ben Fox Charlotteville CC

Category B Girls
1 Zoe Brookes Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Ellie Cooper Charlotteville CC
3 Emma Keiller Charlotteville CC
4 Eleanor Shorey Charlotteville CC

Category C Boys
1 Oliver Emment Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Alex Uphill Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Kye Lewis Willesden Wheelers
4 Jude Beaton PNE CC
5 Ben Flatau Charlotteville CC
6 Joe Fuller Charlotteville CC
7 Dylan Bruyns Wyndymilla
8 Joshua Bruyns Wyndymilla
9 Evan de Suys-Shrubb Charlotteville CC
10 Edward Frake-Whysall Charlotteville CC
11 Seb Egan Charlotteville CC

Category C Girls
1 Mia Loxley NHRC
2 Josie Goble
3 Anneke Verkerk Unattached
4 Emily Morris Charlotteville CC

Category D Boys
1 James Brown PPV
2 Ben Coppola Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
4 Olly Webb Unattached
5 Daniel Cox Charlotteville CC
6 Peter Drabble VC Meudon
7 Joseph Peters Charlotteville CC
8 Joshua Johnson Charlotteville CC
9 Austin Scott Unattached
10 Fin Morrish Charlotteville CC

Category D Girls
1 Ella Beaton PNE
2 Katie Keiller Charlotteville CC
3 Electra Morris Charlotteville CC
4 Sundetti Cory Charlotteville CC
5 Leila Vekerk Unattached

Category E Boys
1 William Flatau Charloteville CC
2 Lucas Jesse Pedal Heaven
3 Alfie Johnson Charloteville CC
4 JJ Morrish Charloteville CC
5 Archie Jesse Pedal Heaven

Category E Girls
1 Maddie Emment Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Sophie Hand Wyndymilla
3 Ruby Postgate Wyndymilla
4 Sophie Laws VC Meudon
5 Isabella Laws VC Meudon

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