Results – Bury Clarion Circuit Races


Madeleine Scott, Martin Hillman & Matthew Webster winners at the Bury Clarion Circuit Races on Saturday (May 2)

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Results – Bury Clarion Circuit Races

Womens E/1/2/3/4
1 Madeleine Scott PH-MAS VCUK Women’s Cycling Team
2 Claire Rutherford Team Wheelguru
3 Gemma Sargent The Racing Chance Foundation
4 Gabrielle Duckworth Lune RCC
5 Lindsey Styler The Racing Chance Foundation
6 Mary Hodgson Salt Ayre Cog Set
7 Savannah Morgan Liverpool Century RC
8 Rosie Walsh High On Bikes
9 Linsey Lyon Harry Middleton Cycling Club


4th Cat only
1 Martin Hillman Velo – M
2 Dave Ives GHP European Factory Race Team
3 Ben Grindrod Cyclesport International RT
4 Leon Barnes Lune RCC
5 Daniel Hulmes Sportcity Velo
6 Jack Steel Lancaster University Cycling C
7 Aaron Hemsley Lancaster University Cycling C
8 Marc Osmand Horwich CC
9 Sean Woods
10 Richard Lloyd Velo – M

1 Matthew Webster Loughborough Students CC
2 David Kent St Helens CRC
3 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion
4 Andrew Martin Champion System VCUK Racing Te
5 Oliver Payton Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
6 Adam Darbyshire St Helens CRC
7 Jay McCarthy Clitheroe Bike Club
8 Luke Perkin Groundwater Engineering Race T
9 Neil Withington VC St Raphael
10 Joseph Cadwallader Bury Clarion Cycling Club

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