Results – Toachim Vets LVRC Series 1


Warren Jesse and Vince Divine two of the winners at the Toachim Vets LVRC Series Round 1

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Results – Toachim Vets LVRC Series 1

A/B Race winner Warren Jesse


Photo: Paul Burgoine

1. Warren Jesse, Pedal Heaven, 15pts
2. Phil Starr, Python RT, 13pts
3. Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael, 11pts
4. Richard Unwin, VC Meudon, 9pts
5. Matt Pumo, Verulam CC, 8pts
6. Mark Greenwood, VC Meudon, 7pts
7. Jimmy Jones, Optima, 6pts
8. Neil Wass, TMG Horizon, 5pts
9. Marco Coppola, Windymilla, 4pts
10. Paul O’Driscoll, Swindon RC, 3pts
11. Anthony Langdell, CC London
12. Kevin O’Neil, GS Vecchi

1. Vince Divine, Finchley RT, 15pts
2. Keith Lea, Paceline RT, 13pts
3. Gianluca Capello, GS Vecchi, 11pts
4. Simon Brooks, VC St Raphael, 9pts
5. John Jones, Verulam CC, 8pts
6. Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC, 7pts
7. Scott Heyhoe, Virtual CC, 6pts
8. Nick Roux, GS Henley, 5pts
9. Ian Leeding, Norwood Paragon, 4pts
10. Darrell Russell, Veloton Team, 3pts
11. Jonathan Donald, Pearson CC

C/D Race winner Ralph Carter


Photo: Paul Burgoine

1. Ralph Carter, London Dynamo, 15pts
2. Craig Wilson, GS Vecchi, 13pts
3. Paul Caton, TMG Horizon, 11pts
4. Phil Boarer, BS, 9pts
5. Gavin Francis, London Dynamo, 8pts
6. Andy Self, North Hants RC, 7pts
7. Gavin Bench, Verulam CC, 6pts
8. Mike Edwards, LVRC, 5pts
9. Colin Roshier, Team Quest, 4pts
10. Billy McNamara, Clarencourt CC, 3pts
11. Darryl Rice, GS Vecchi
12. Justin Lord, GS Henley
13. Keith Jarrett, GS Vecchi
14. Jeremy Phillips, De Laune CC
15. Mark Hughes, GS Henley
16. Robert Marcus, Finchley RT
17. Graham Douce, In Gear
18. Steve Moss, Bournemouth Arrow
19. Russell Childs, Rt316


1. David Pollard, In Gear, 15pts
2. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT, 13pts
3. Malcolm Whitehead, Kingsnorth Int, 11pts
4. Robert Cranstone, GS Vecchi, 9pts
5. Martin Hulbert, VC Meudon, 8pts
6. Peter Gottlieb, Glendene CC, 7pts
7. Chris Stone, Redhill CC, 6pts
8. Stephen Sorba, Dulwich Paragon, 5pts
9. Colin Bateman, Festival RC, 4pts
10. David Tyler, Oxted CC, 3pts

E/F/G Race winner Stephen Bunn

1. Stephen Bunn, Welland Valley, 15pts
2. Ralph Keeler, Wheels In Wheels, 13pts
3. David Harper, Andover Whs, 11pts
4. Mick Deen, Redmon CC, 9pts
5. Paul Cackett, VC Peloton, 8pts
6. Milt Ives, LVRC, 7pts
7. Wayne Thomas, GS Henley, 6pts
8. Dave Terry, Braintree Velo, 5pts
9. Richard Turner, Pearson CC, 4pts
10. Richard Varian, Epsom CC, 3pts
11. John Sanchez-Bisson, Crabwood CC
12. Peter Wilson, Bournemouth Arrow

1. Don Parry, Team Corley, 15pts
2. Roger Jackaman, South Western RC, 13pts
3. Dick Naylor, Abellio/SFA, 11pts
4. Tim Gray, Verulam CC, 9pts
5. John Buxton, LVRC, 8pts
6. John Rayner, GS Henley, 7pts
7. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, 6pts
8. Bill Butterworth, Twickenham CC, 5pts

1. Geoff Wiles, Abellio/SFA, 15pts
2. Andy Hicks, South Western RC, 13pts
3. Barry Jones, Cycles Dauphin, 11pts

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