Live Photos! Wiltshire Grand Prix


Live photos from the third round of the Elite Men’s National Road Series for the Star Trophy, the Wiltshire GP 

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Live Photos! Wiltshire Grand Prix

Winner of the 2015 Wiltshire Grand Prix is Andy Tennant (Team Wiggins) who out sprinted Yanto Barker (One Pro Cycling) in a two up sprint for the victory.





After many a bunch kick to decide the Wiltshire GP, the 2015 Edition saw a man on man duel between Andy Tennant of Team Wiggins and
Yanto Barker (One Pro Cycling) to decide the top prize.

On a very fast run in, it was a flat out sprint won by Tennant from last years Star Trophy winner, Barker. The race began as most British races do a lot of attacks and the climb up Fovant hill didn’t break the bunch the first time up but as there was each lap, the action was at the back as riders struggled to hold the wheels and more and more riders slipped out the back.

Third time up and soon a 20 up break was clear but with so many riders, there was a lot of disorganisation but it wasn’t until the final time up Fovant that the four riders went clear.

The race saw a slight change from previous years with one more big circuit and one less small finishing circuit and whilst the splits happened before that extra big loop, the effect of the climbing on the legs of many was clear to see. Over the top of Fovant, Bradbury, in his first prem, slipped clear and Northey was straight on it.

Barker was quick to see the danger and he and Tennant also got across to make four leaders. They remained together for the first few laps of the finishing circuit before the attacks began and it was Barker and Tennant who managed to escape and hold on to the finish.


An early break with a rider from One Pro Cycling and Sport Grub Kuota


The peloton lined out on lap chasing the two leaders


Second time up Fovant and Dan Fleeman of Sport Grub Kuota is leading the charge on the way to the King of the Mountains prize.


The leading group of 20 on lap three  led by Will Fox of Pedal Heaven and Kristian House (JLT Condor).  The group consisted of Joshua Hunt, Yanto Barker and Peter Williams (One Pro Cycling), Kristian House and Thomas Moses (JLT Condor), Tobyn Horton, Mike Northey and Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis), Ian Bibby, Edmund Bradbury and Rob Partridge (NFTO), Team Raleigh GAC, Morgan Kniesky, Steve Lampier and Sam Lowe. Peal Heaven Will Fox and Stephen Williams, Dan Fleeman of SportGrub KUOTA, Jack Pullar of Starley Primal and Owain Doull and Andrew Tennant of Team Wiggins.


The peloton was split in three at this stage with Catford CC leading the chase


While Tommy Bustard of Giordana was leading a split from the next group. A few minutes covered the race at this stage. That was soon to change!


A rider from Richardsons Trek (Rhys Howells ?) leads Nathan Edmondson, Tommy Bustard (both Giordana) and James Gullen (Velosure Primal Starley)


Sportgrub Kuota had two riders in the next group, Adam Kenway and Will Bjergfelt along with David McGowan of Pedal Heaven


Whilst the chase groups above were losing time to the leaders, the peloton was losing much more and with the gap to the leaders approaching seven minutes, talks between organisers and chief comm Julia Gilbert were on going about black flagging them.


And sure enough with the stop watch in Sue Knights hand showing seven minutes plus, the peloton was black flagged and pulled out of the race.


With four leaders, their teams in the group, were content to sit in and so the 16 strong group had little firepower and the leader for the break grew quickly.


The four leaders had a lot of watts in their legs and were never going to be caught.


Mike Northey of Madison Genesis beats new to road racing, Edmund Bradbury of NFTO


The sprint for fifth won by Owain Doull of Team Wiggins


King of the mountains Dan Fleeman of Sportgrub Kuota has a shower on the podium in bubbly 

1. Andy Tennant, Team Wiggins
2. Yanto Barker, One Pro Cycling
3. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
4. Edmund Bradbury, NFTO
5. Owain Doull, Team Wiggins
6. Tobyn Horton, Madison Genesis
7. Ian Bibby, NFTO
8. Peter Williams, One Pro Cycling
9. Joshua Hunt, One Pro Cycling
10. Will Fox, Pedal Heaven RT
11. Sam Lowe, Raleigh GAC
12. Jack Pullar, Velosure Primal Starley
13. Stephen Williams, Pedal Heaven RT
14. Thomas Moses, JLT Condor
15. Morgan Kneisky, Raleigh GAC
16. Steve Lampier, Raleigh GAC
17. Rob Partridge, NFTO
18. Dan Fleeman, Sportgrub Kuota
19. Kristian House, JLT Condor
20. Erick Rowsell, Madison Genesis
21. David McGowan, Pedal Heaven RT
22. James Gullen, Velosure Primal Starley
23. Will Bjergfelt, Sportgrub Kuota
24. Rhys Howells, Richardsons Trek
25. Tommy Bustard, Giordana Mitubishi
26. Adam Kenway, Sportgrub Kuota
27. Nathan Edmondson, Giordana Mitubishi


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