Result – Eastern Region RR Champs


Lloyd Chapman beats Russell Hampton to the Eastern Region Road Race title on Sunday

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Result – Eastern Region RR Champs

By Paul Burgoine |

A fine but windy day in deepest darkest Essex was the location of the Eastern Region Road Race Championships, The race was hosted by VC Revolution, held in memory of Ken Wright (West Sussex Wheelers) in a nice gesture Ken’s grandson was a the race presenting the winners with prize’s.


The 83 mile race consisted of four 12 mile laps then five smaller laps around the Jock Wadley circuit all running around the wind swept Abberton Reservoir. Mark Vale (VC Revolution) lunched the first attack on lap one, then was joined by Joshua Aiken (Stowmaket & District) Wojciech Sziachta (Cambridge University) Joe Giggins (Pro Cycle Hire) and Andrew Hastings (Richardson Trek RT).

They quickly pulled out a 30 second gap over the peloton, by the next passage the break was coming back with Richardson Trek all over the front of the bunch, as the race made the transition on to the smaller circuit Lloyd Chapman (Richardson Trek RT) had a small lead over three chasers Dominic Schils (Zannata) Kieran Brady (Richardson Trek RT) along with team mate Owen Lake, with Edmond Bradbury (NFTO) pulling the bunch along.

Alongside the reservoir the bunch was splitting to pieces with Russell Hampton (Polypipe) bridging the gap to the break,then making the juncture to Chapman, by the next lap the pair had a 30second lead over a few small chase groups and the peloton that had now split into two, Hampton and Chapman increased their lead to 50seconds over the smaller bunch and the race ended in a two man sprint with Chapman coming out on top, and last years winner Hastings winning the sprint for third.


The race as a whole was controlled by a strong Richardson Trek team and in particular by Chapman who rode a stunner therefore securing the trophy for the team for consecutive years, just as well because they had left the trophy in the shop (Thats confidence for you) Edmond Bradbury (NFTO) rode a strong race but was marked out of the race and was always fighting a losing battle as a lone rider.


Ken Wright Memorial RR
1 Lloyd Chapman Richardsons-Trek RT 03:29:52
2 Russell Hampton Polypipe s.t.
3 Andrew Hastings Richardsons-Trek RT @ 32 sec
4 Edmund Bradbury NFTO (UCI Team) s.t.
5 Alex Murison Easton Ritte s.t.
6 Tom Fitzpatrick Diss & District CC s.t.
7 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT s.t.
8 Freddy Pett Team VO2 Bikes @1-20
9 Martin Ruepp Strada Sport s.t.
10 James Rix Glendene CC s.t.
11 Chris Jackson Strada Sport s.t.
12 Ben Knapp Dulwich Paragon CC s.t.
13 Neil Murphy Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) s.t.
14 Chris Guy Iceni Velo s.t.
15 Dominic Schils Zannata Cycling Team s.t.
16 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC s.t.
17 Anthony Morris Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) s.t.
18 Anthony Moye Easton Ritte s.t.
19 Rory Havis St Ives CC s.t.
20 Lewis Stevens Strada Sport s.t.
21 Bjorn Krylander Cambridge CC s.t.
22 Matthew Clements Catford CC Equipe/Banks s.t.
23 Daniel Young Glendene CC s.t.
24 Jack Hardwicke Ipswich Bicycle Club s.t.
25 Sam Redding Easton Ritte s.t.
26 Matthew Carter Velo Schils – Interbike RT s.t.
27 Laurence Kirby Catford CC Equipe/Banks s.t.
28 Jeremy Perks Chelmer C.C. s.t.
29 Wayne Crombie East London Velo s.t.
30 James Browne VC Norwich s.t.
31 Henry Farrell Welwyn Wheelers CC s.t.
32 Thomas Beasley East London Velo s.t.
33 Joshua Green Catford CC Equipe/Banks s.t.
34 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT s.t.
35 Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team s.t.
36 Jobe Usher North Road CC s.t.
37 Mark Yale VC Revolution s.t.
38 Stephen Adams SportGrub Kuota Cycling Team s.t.
39 Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK R.T. s.t.
40 Frank Rawlins North Road CC s.t.
41 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT s.t.
42 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT s.t.
43 Trevor Ormes Velo Schils – Interbike RT s.t.
44 Mike Smith Colchester Rovers C.C. @1-33
45 Phillip Hetzel Ipswich BC @1-35
46 Vince Divine Finchley Racing Team s.t.
47 Christian Vincent East London Velo @1-39
48 Wojciech Szlachta Cambridge University CC @1-42
49 Paul Fielding St Ives CC @1-58
50 Dale Johnston VC Norwich @2-05


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