Report & Results – British Masters RR Champs


Results by category for the Men’s & Women’s British Masters Road Race Championships on the weekend

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Report & Results – British Masters RR Champs
(thanks Maryka for forwarding the results on)

British Masters Road Race Championships | Newton Longville, Bucks 30th & 31st May 2015
by Chris Lovibond

This was an event far larger than any normal road race, and before describing what took place it is necessary to give some idea of the scale of this promotion.

The Championship took the form of eight separate races with the field divided into five year age bands from thirty to seventy plus. There were over four hundred entrants, a big increase over 2014.

It was the product of nine months hard work by the organiser Wayne Thomas, his principal helper Patrick Kavanagh, and many others. This work included arranging temporary traffic lights where the course joined the 70mph A421 road, getting potholes repaired, hand delivering a thousand letters to win over the local residents, organising a hundred helpers for each day of racing, which included fourteen accredited marshals.

These are a relatively new feature, but one which helped to win the approval of Thames Valley Police for special permission to allow concurrent racing (i.e. two races on the circuit at the same time). The organisers wish to express their gratitude to Neil Biggs, the Traffic Management Officer for Buckinghamshire, for his enthusiastic and constructive help which made the event possible.

The course was a 10.7 mile circuit based on Newton Longville (S.W. of Milton Keynes) which, apart from about one mile of the A421 consisted of quiet lanes. These were rolling and well suited to the purpose: nowhere was flat but there were no major climbs, although the final quarter mile to up to the finish was fairly demanding, particularly since there was a strong near headwind on both days.

The racing itself provided a double challenge for a single reporter – having two races on the road at the same time would be a problem under any circumstances, but in addition some of the races contained a number of age groups, so medal winners could be anywhere in a finishing bunch, and in the case of the most senior of the ladies, some way off the back.

Since it’s not possible to give a blow by blow account of every race, I will restrict myself to what I actually saw and heard.

The Ladies’ Races
There were two races run concurrently, the first for the 30-34 and 35-39 age bands, the second for the other four over 40 age groups, starting five minutes behind the first race.

Perhaps surprisingly, the older ladies got going significantly faster than their juniors, and for a while there seemed a serious possibility that they would have to be ‘neutralised’ to prevent them from catching the younger group. However, by mid distance the natural order of things had re-established itself.

Both ladies races ended with bunch sprints. Laura Massey (Ikon Mazda) convincingly won this first race, taking the youngest group championship. She commented that although she did get a useful lead out from a team mate for the final sprint, there was generally not much teamwork.

So after a few unsuccessful tries at a break, she decided the race would be resolved by a bunch sprint and that she should save her strength for the finale. She was proved correct.

The second ladies’ race finished in the same manner with Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) and Suzetta Guerrini (London Dynamo) taking the gold medals in their respective groups.

Bronze medallist in her section, Sarah Godwin (Somerset RC – Bike Chain) said that since this was her first try at masters racing she was reluctant to ride at the front and this does sum up the feeling that the women were more lacking in confidence than strength.

However, given that masters racing is about celebrating vigour in the non-youthful, it must be said that it was hard to believe that these ladies were not younger than they claimed to be!

The Men’s Races
(in the order in which they were run)

50 – 54 Years
This race developed quite differently from the ladies races above. Roy Chamberlain (Corley Cycles – Drops RT) started as the clear favourite, but this is not an ideal situation and the bunch reacted quickly to his probing attacks in the early stages.

However they were less concerned when, after about twenty miles Ralph Carter (London Dynamo) found himself alone in the lead “I looked round and there was no one there” he said afterwards.

Within three miles, he was joined by Malcolm Smith (St. Ives CC, the defending champion), David Langlands (Fenland Clarion) and Neil Higgins (The Nab Racing). Higgins, who had put much effort into the chase up to the leader, soon fell back to the bunch. The remaining three worked together looking like an efficient team time trial and built up a lead of nearly three minutes.

With 45 miles covered, Langlands became a passenger, apparently unable to work. Spectators were inclined to suspect a wheel sucking sit in sprinter, but this was completely mistaken. After the finish Langlands, who is a personal friend of Smith, told me that he had agreed with the others that as he lacked the power to do much to help, he would sit in until near the finish and then lead the other two out, and this is exactly what happened with Carter clearly winning a fair sprint.

45 – 49 Years
This group was won by Elliot Davis (Team Tor 2000). Davis sees himself primarily as a track man, living in Bristol and riding mainly at Newport; however, he also seems to have the knack when it comes to road racing. He told me that after a break had been caught on the last lap, Oliver Davies (OVB), the eventual bronze medallist, attacked and he, Elliot, went with him and he took the verdict on the line.

Sunday Morning

55 – 59 Years
This race was marked by a promising but ultimately unsuccessful break by Robert Cowie (Aberdeen Wheelers), Robert Cranstone (GS Vecchi), Roy Holmes (Bott Cycling Team) and Paul Lilley (Fenland Clarion) which was recaught after 35 miles.

At 43 miles, the winning break got away, consisting of James Stewart (Bonito Squadra Corse), Keir Apperley (CC Hackney), Roy Holmes again, Jim Moffat (Virgin Active), Stephen Johnson (Chevin Trek), Mick Bath (API Metrow/Essex Utilities) and Philip Hargreaves (VC Norwich).

In the sprint Jim Moffat ‘got round’ James Stewart and Roy Holmes. Back at the HQ, Moffat commented that, ‘looking round the field at the start, the seven men in the final break were just the ones he would have predicted’.

A final point here is that Moffat probably doesn’t know Malcolm Dunlop (VC Edinburgh) who was clearly determined to do his utmost not to waste an 800 mile round trip. In spite of the misfortune of having to stop twice with mechanical problems, he not only fought his way back to the bunch on both occasions, but in the closing minutes left them and made a determined chase to get up to the break.

Sadly, he would have needed a few more miles to catch them.

60–64, 65–69 and 70–75 Years
The three groups of senior gentlemen were put together in a single race. Jim Rutherford (Onimpex Bio Racer RT) was away on his own for three laps and was then joined by Steve Davies (Ferryhill Whrs), Steve Bunn (Welland Valley CC) and Alistair Cameron (Chevin Trek), but they were caught with a lap and a half to go.

Steve Jolley (Onimpex Bio Racer RT) then attacked on his own with half a lap to go and came in nearly a minute clear of his rivals. Jolley is clearly a man on form since this was his ninth victory this season. He said that cutting back on work had helped him, as no doubt had the Spanish training week, from which he had just returned.

Former professionals Alan Kemp and Geoff Wiles (a world Masters champion too on the track) won the other two age categories in this race: both of them were defending champions.

Sunday Afternoon

40 – 44 Years
This race had the biggest field of the weekend. With four laps to go, the decisive break was already established. This included Paul Dring (Echelon Rotor), Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla), Simon Cox, (NFTO Race Club), Steve Golla (High Wycombe), James Fox (CC Luton), Wayne Crombie (East London Velo), Duncan Moralee (All Terrain Cycles) and Chris MacNamarra (Pedal Heaven).

At the finish it was Crombie who triumphed. After the race he commented: ‘I was really pleased to win since I’ve been second and third in the past and now I’ve now got a full set of medals’.
30–34 and 35–39 Years
This was the only race of the weekend where a crash caused anything like a serious problem. Two riders came down and were slightly injured, although what looked serious at the time, did not seem nearly so bad after being cleaned up at the HQ.

However, a complaint of dangerous riding was made to the commissaires, and when this was put to the accused rider, he honourably put his hand up and admitted his mistake. The commissaires decision was to disqualify the rider which meant that the riders who had crossed the line in third and fourth positions moved up into second and third.

The winner, Ashley Cox (CC Luton), had got round the crash and managed to catch the break it had caused. He was the clear winner at the finish.

The last word should go to Geoff Wiles, British Professional Champion in 1976 and still a contender today. This is a man who, on retiring from work, took a degree in Sports Science and is now engaged in a study, to the extent to which the decline in physical ability with age is linked to external factors such as increased responsibilities.

He is also a man who, sneaking a look at his own file in his GP’s surgery, found a note on the front stating ‘Whatever this patient says he wants to do, do not tell him, he is too old.’ His comment at the HQ was: “This Championship should send a message that age is no bar to physical activity.”

The sponsors of the event must be mentioned since they made it possible. Three local cycle traders provided neutral service at their own cost, these were Veloworx of Milton Keynes, Spirit Bikes of Aylesbury and Bikebus, based near Cranfield University, Milton Keynes.

Condors, Grays Inn Road, WC1, generously provided over £700 worth of vouchers and prizes, which made by far the greatest contribution to the prize list. The largest contribution came from Enterprise flex-e-rent which provided the large fleet of vehicles and the necessary fuel which the event required.

Everyone involved wishes to offer a vote of thanks to the sponsors.


1 Laura Massey IKON – Mazda
2 Jennifer George Les Filles Racing Team
3 Charlotte Colclough Team Jadan
4 Laura Cameron London Phoenix CC
5 Claire Richardson Zappi’s Racing Team
6 Tanya Griffiths Velosure Starley Primal
7 Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael
8 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles
9 Victoria Grimmer Paramount CRT
10 Corinne Clark Ride 24/7
11 Lucy Burgess Bristol South CC
12 Victoria Strila PMR@Toachim House
13 Karla Boddy IKON – Mazda

WOMEN 35-39
1 Ruth Taylor Manchester Whlrs Club
2 Maxine Filby Team Mulebar Girl – Sigma Sport
3 Bella Leach London Phoenix CC
4 Melanie Potter Bromsgrove Olympique CC
5 Heidi Viles Somerset RC – The Bicycle Chain
6 Karen Poole Team WattCycle
7 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
8 Louise Marsden VC Norwich
9 Jennifer Lake Squadra Donne
10 Claire Munton Malteni Race Team
11 Katie Thilthorpe Ride 24/7
12 Lesley Pinder Elitecycling

WOMEN 40-44
1 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers CC
2 Victoria Collins London Dynamo
3 Sarah Godwin Somerset RC – The Bicycle Chain
4 Tamala McGee London Phoenix CC
5 Elaine Maitland Bonito Squadra Corse
6 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS VCUK Women’s Cycling Team
7 Nikki Metcalfe Team WattCycle
8 Michelle Forster GB
9 Jane Dennyson London Phoenix CC
10 Judith Philip Cycling Club Hackney

WOMEN 45-49
1 Suzetta Guerrini* London Dynamo
2 Juliet Milward Zappi’s Racing Team
3 Catherine Coley Ludlow CC
4 Nicola Moore Squadra RT
5 Sarah Cramoysan Carnac-Planet X
6 Sandra Mackay Carnac-Planet X
7 Nicky Russell
8 Lisa Leonard Squadra Donne
9 Alexandra Stubbs Ride 24/7
10 Vikki Filsell Les Filles Racing Team

WOMEN 50-54
1 122 Diane Moore Ride 24/7
2 Sarah Short Bonito Squadra Corse
3 Jayne Paine Willesden Cycling Club
4 Alison Gravatt Twickenham CC

WOMEN 55-59
1 Christine Higgs Macclesfield Wheelers
2 Deborah John* Lune RCC
3 Victoria Valentine Peterborough CC



1 Ashley Cox CC Luton
2 Deacon Cutterham Army Cycling Union
3 Anthony Morris Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
4 Douglas Coleman CC Luton
4 Stuart Travis-Beames Spirit Bikes Racing Team
5 Paul Lally Onimpex Bio Racer RT
5 Mike Wragg Arbis – Colbert Cycles RT
6 Adam Thompson Reading CC
7 Neil Kerr Twickenham CC
8 Nick Perks Velo Schils – Interbike RT
9 Richard Poynter London Phoenix CC
10 Cameron Fraser Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
11 Bevan Humphreys Easton Ritte
12 Stuart Gourley Radeon Cycle Coaching
13 Tom Grigson Radeon Cycle Coaching

1 Andrew Hastings Richardsons-Trek RT
2 James Notley Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
3 David Griffiths Paramount CRT
4 Matthew Bonehill Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
5 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
6 Paul Jones NFTO Race Club
7 Jamie Pine Pedal Heaven RT
8 Bryan Moore Equipe Velo
9 Richard Cartland Southdowns Bikes – Casco
10 Anthony Gibb Full Gas Racing Team
11 Richard Wood Arbis – Colbert Cycles RT
12 Jonathan Harris PMR@Toachim House
13 James Holland-Leader Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
14 Andrew Ten-broeke PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
15 Steve James High Wycombe Cycling Club
16 George Gori Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
17 Tim O’Rourke Twickenham CC
18 Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich
19 Luke Smith Whyte Bikes
20 Edward Catford Equipe Velo
21 Paul Flynn Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
22 Stuart Percival G M C Fire Services
23 Jason Baran TMG Horizon Cycling Team
24 James Norris High Wycombe Cycling Club
25 Michael Porter Radeon Cycle Coaching

1 Wayne Crombie East London Velo
2 Duncan Moralee All Terrain Cycles
3 Chris McNamara Pedal Heaven RT
4 Richard Harris Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
5 James Fox CC Luton
6 Graham Crow Handsling Racing
7 Paul Dring Team Echelon – Rotor
8 Grant Bayton Ride 24/7
9 Glenn McMenamin Equipe Velo
10 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
11 Simon McNamara Southdowns Bikes
12 Steve Golla High Wycombe Cycling Club
13 Mark Dziobon VELO CLUB UK
14 Steve Calland Southdowns Bikes – Casco
15 Martin Ford BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
16 Peter Dumbreck Banbury Star CC
18 Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon CC
19 James Browne VC Norwich
20 Andrew Critchlow WyndyMilla
21 Barny Willard PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
22 Jason Kierman St Ives CC
23 Anthony Greenhalgh Private Member
24 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club
25 Paul Butler PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
26 Paul Bennett Team PB Performance
27 Tim Edwins Equipe Velo
28 John Gartland GJS Cruise Racing
29 Malcolm Davies 4T+ Velo Club
30 Chris Bakal Rapha Cycling Club
31 Julian Mills Club Corley Cycles
32 Jonathan Shepherd Forza Cycles Racing Team
33 Stephen Feeney Team Chronomaster
34 Christopher Bates Beeston Cycling Club
35 Justin Belcher Banbury Star CC
36 Jonathon Puleston-Jones Dulwich Paragon CC
37 Andy Sykes Team Quest – The Bike Shop
38 Sheridan Bridal Abellio – SFA Racing Team
39 David Lowe BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
40 Ian Baynes TMG Horizon Cycling Team
41 Mike Jackson CC Luton
42 Craig McLean Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
43 Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team
44 Phil O’Connor Banbury Star CC
45 Steve Dring Team Echelon – Rotor
46 Wayne Beba Adalta Cycling Club
47 Sean Dines CC Luton
48 Benjamin Allen Dulwich Paragon CC
49 Richard Unwin VC Meudon
50 John Wager Felt Racing
51 Jason Kettle Mid Devon CC
52 Phil Giles Beeston Cycling Club
53 Darren Parish Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
54 Niel Dunnage Cotswold Veldrijden
55 Steve Tooke Private Member

1 Elliot Davis Team Tor 2000
2 Gareth McGuinness Clwb Beicio Egni
3 Oliver Davies OVB
4 Giles Pidcock Chevin Trek
5 Simon Cannings Equipe Velo
6 Brian Fleming VC Lincoln
7 Andrew Turner Team Moda-Anon
8 Ben Macland VC Meudon
9 Rupert Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
10 Simon Oxenham VC10
11 Peter Cole Handsling Racing
12 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC
13 David Watson Coventry Road Club
14 Andrew Lowe Team Milton Keynes
15 Nicholas Beale Beeline Bicycles RT
16 Grant Woodthorpe Twickenham CC
17 Paul Bird Virgin Active
18 Stephen Wood Peterborough CC
19 Michael Skipsey SD Racing Team
20 William Fleming Velo Club Venta
21 Jeremy Honor Equipe Velo
22 Chris Jubb Pearson Cycling Club
23 Gary Dodd Southdowns Bikes
24 Richard Golding Equipe Velo
25 Huw Watkins London Dynamo
26 Alun Owen CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
27 John Peters CC Luton
28 Chris Pyne Imperial Racing Team
29 Campbell Noon Virgin Active
30 Paul Moss Ride Coventry
31 Nigel Williams Python Racing Team
32 Keith Lea Paceline RT
33 Richard John Spirit Bikes Racing Team
34 Tim Tharratt Squadra RT
35 Tony Grassby Peak Road Club
36 Simon Bridge Manchester Whlrs Club
37 Stephen Morrell High Wycombe Cycling Club
38 Jonathan Donald Pearson Cycling Club
39 John Russell
40 Paul Fielding St Ives CC
41 Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC
42 Andrew Davis Kingston Wheelers CC
43 Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
44 Tim Davies Icknield Road Club
45 Stephen Gibson Peak Road Club
46 Andy Lack Paceline RT
47 John McClelland Bush Healthcare CRT
48 Aaron McCaffrey Private Member
49 Simon Whiten Handsling Racing
50 Mike Jones Paramount CRT
51 Richard Moore Squadra RT
52 Aleck Hornshaw Team Milton Keynes
53 Robin Parker East Grinstead CC

1 Ralph Carter London Dynamo
2 Malcolm Smith St Ives CC
3 David Langlands Fenland Clarion CC
4 Craig Wilson VC Meudon
5 Darryl Rice Blazing Saddles cycles
6 Frank Rawlins North Road CC
7 Courtney Rowe Cardiff JIF
8 Scott Holmes Hillingdon Cycling Club
9 Alan Galloway CC Luton
10 Johannes Roux Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films
11 Graham Douce In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
12 Michael Fuller Team Quest – The Bike Shop
13 Gavin Francis London Dynamo
14 Michael Rice De Laune CC
15 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club
16 Phil Rayner Welland Valley CC
17 Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team
18 Andrew Matheson Musselburgh RCC
19 Andrew Tabernacle The Nab Racing
20 Andy Ashurst Manchester Whlrs Club
21 Richard Edwards CC Luton
22 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
23 William Fotheringham Halesowen A & CC
24 Nick Harwood Revo Racing
25 Andrew Redding I-Team Cyclists’ Club
26 Nick Corbett Equipe Velo
27 Colin Roshier Team Quest – The Bike Shop
28 Shaun Williams Abellio – SFA Racing Team
29 Jim Kent London Dynamo
30 Pat Holborn Manchester Whlrs Club
33 Donal Linehan Newbury RC
34 Mark Booth Club Corley Cycles
35 Kieran Dineen Amersham Road Cycling Club
36 Michael Parker Bespoke cc
37 Ged Millward Ilkley Cycling Club
38 Steven Cottington Cadence RT
39 John Kent Birkenhead North End CC
40 Russell Childs RT 316
41 Paul Hone Addiscombe CC
42 Paul Demicoli Banbury Star CC
43 Andrew Hicklin Fusion Cycling Club Dronfield
44 Bob Lyons Deeside Thistle CC
45 Neil Higgins The Nab Racing
46 Stuart Lindsey St Ives CC
47 Andrew Eagers Derby Mercury RC
48 Robert Stimpson Python Racing Team
49 Paul Walsingham Horsham Cycling
50 Stephen Nunn Finchley Racing Team
51 Kenny Gray Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
52 Milt Warner Team Quest – The Bike Shop
53 Philip Burnett Mosquito Bikes
54 Andrew Barnes Hillingdon Cycling Club
55 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles Cycles

1 Jim Moffatt Virgin Active
2 James Stewart Bonito Squadra Corse
3 Roy Holmes Bott Cycle Team
4 Mick Bath API – Metrow/Essex Utilities
5 Keir Apperley Cycling Club Hackney
6 Philip Hargreaves VC Norwich
7 Stephen Johnson Chevin Trek
8 Malcolm Dunlop Velo Club Edinburgh
9 Costa Pierides Finchley Racing Team
10 Peter Smith Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
11 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC
12 Richard Hutt Harp RC
13 Paul Lilley Fenland Clarion CC
14 Robert Cowie Aberdeen Wheelers CC
15 Ian Cowan Solihull CC
16 Robin Osborne London Dynamo
17 David Broadbent St Ives CC
18 Ian Deakin Mid Devon CC
19 Stephen Sorba Dulwich Paragon CC
20 Barry Bonnett Private Member
21 Richard Simmons VC Meudon

1 Stephen Jolley Onimpex Bio Racer RT
2 Stephen Bunn Welland Valley CC
3 James Rutherford Onimpex Bio Racer RT
4 Stephen Davies Ferryhill Wheelers CC
5 Alistair Cameron Chevin Trek
6 Christopher Davis Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films
7 David Harper Andover Whls
8 Pete Roberts In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
9 Joey Williams* Onimpex Bio Racer RT
10 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
11 Ken Jones Onimpex Bio Racer RT
12 Brian O’Kelly Bristol RC
13 Martin Russell Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe

1 Alan Kemp* Weaver Valley CC
2 Alan Forrester Rhyl Cycling Club
3 William McMillan Glasgow United CC
4 David Woods CC Luton
5 Jeffery Hathaway Team Milton Keynes
6 James Butterworth Twickenham CC
7 Paul Baker Cheddar Cycle Club
8 Peter Jones Hillingdon Cycling Club
9 David Lang Glasgow Whls
10 Michael Illes Private Member

1 Geoff Wiles* Abellio – SFA Racing Team
2 John Ginley Condor RC (Calderdale)
3 Andrew Hicks South Western RC – Evans Cycles
4 Barry Jones Private Member
5 William Rains GS Vecchi

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