Results – MK Bowl Thursday League


Tim Allen,  Tim Davies and Peter Brooks were the winners at the Milton Keynes Bowl Thursday League (June 4)

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Results – MK Bowl Thursday League


1 Tim Allen Corley Cycles -Drops RT
2 Stuart Travis – Beames Spirit Bikes RT
3 Michael Smith Corley Cycles -Drops RT
4 Jack Waller Spirit Bikes RT
5 Cameron Foster Club Corley Cycles
6 Alex Anderson Neon Velo
7 Anthony Morris CC Ashwell
8 Marcus Burnett Corley Cycles -Drops RT
9 Doug Coleman CC Luton
10 Anthony Moye Easton Ritte
11 Edward Watkiss Corley Cycles -Drops RT
12 Barry Connolly Team Milton Keynes
13 Matt Exley Corley Cycles -Drops RT
14 Cameron Woolsey Spirit Bikes RT
15 Jake Hales Spirit Bikes RT
16 Andrew Lowe Team Milton Keynes
17 Jamie Scott Corley Cycles – Drops RT
Unplaced Nick Corbett Equipe Velo
Unplaced Will Houghton Hillingdon CC
Unplaced Stephen Morrell High Wycombe CC
Unplaced Dan Tamplin High Wycombe CC
Unplaced Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles -Drops RT
Unplaced Glenn McMenamin Equipe Velo
Unplaced John Peters CC Luton
Unplaced Mike Wragg Arbis Colbert
Unplaced Oliver Barbieri Spirit Bikes RT
Unplaced Neil Murphy CC Ashwell
Unplaced Aaron McCaffrey NBRC


Category 3/4

1 Tim Davies Icknield RC
2 Jez Honour Equipe Velo
3 Gavin Howell Bicester Millennium CC
4 Dean Collier Aylesbury CC
5 Peter Humphries Mickey Cranks
6 Stewart Mackay
7 Nick Adkins Spirit Racing Team
8 Tim Edwins Equipe Velo
9 Andrew Cross Team Milton Keynes
10 Enrico Cacciatori A5 Rangers CC
11 Patrick Christopher Zappis RT
12 Chris Hart CC Luton
13 Julian Mills Club Corley Cycles
14 Tim Bailey Brivelo
15 James Barlow Leighton Buzzard RCC
16 Chris Manko Spirit Racing Team
17 James Vaughan Equipe Velo
18 Chris Smith Python RT
20 Louis Carter Corley Cycles – Drops RT
19 Robert Adams Icknield RC
21 Tom Perry 45 Road Club
22 Richard Stanton Arbis Colbert
23 Richard Golding Equipe Velo
25 Bob Taylor High Wycombe CC
26 Josh Beckett High Wycombe CC
27 Doug Smith PM
28 Simon Hudd Bicester Millennium CC
29 Mike Deeney CC Luton
30 Kieran Linders Spirit Racing Team
31 Michael Coomber CC Luton
32 Tom Sweet Club Corley Cycles
33 Chris Morrow Pedalworks CC
David Carrington Team Milton Keynes
Mike Broadbent Bicester Millennium CC
Aleck Hornshaw Team Milton Keynes
Mark Anstee Bedfordshire Roads CC
Rory Munn Dyson Cycles
Stuart Chung Equipe Velo
David Course Bedfordshire Roads CC
Colin Ingram Team Milton Keynes
Clive Sanders Bicester Millennium CC
Richard Hill Team Milton Keynes
John Deal Rugby Velo
James Beer PM
Martin Galpin PM
Campbell Noon Virgin Active
Neil Taylor Solihull CC
Nigel Byrne Club Corley Cycles
David Allan Leighton Buzzard RCC
Simon Kisley Banbury Star CC
Tim Hiscocks
Luke Smulders PM


1 Peter Brooks 45 Road Club
2 Will Page PM
3 Joshua Higgins High Wycombe CC
4 Adam Teal Club Corley Cycles
5 Gary Kensett Club Corley Cycles
6 John Dunkley Coventry RC
7 Jamie Hawthorn Club Corley Cycles
8 Michael Pattison Bonito Squadra Corse
9 Adam Cross i-Cycle
10 James Silk RAF CC
11 Steven Wooton Team Milton Keynes
12 Michael Berry 45 Road Club
13 Liam Barnard Spirit Racing Team
14 Simon Woodhead Club Corley Cycles
15 Ross Searle Spirit RT
16 Adam White RAF CA
17 Nick Clarke Berkhamstead CC
18 Samuel Carrington Team Miton Keynes
19 David Rickels Hitchin Nomads
20 Stuart Elvins VCT Racing
21 Rob Milnes Thanet Road Club
22 James Guest RAF CC
23 Mark Whenham Bedfordshire Roads CC
Unplaced Andrew Vaughan Bonito Squadra Corse
Unplaced James Osborn Club Club Corley Cycles

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