Feature – Businessman to Race Winner


Feature – Primera Sports Customer Jason Gault is Businessman to Race Winner

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Feature – Businessman to Race Winner

Cycling is tough. It’s tough for everyone at every level and as much as we may admire the heroes of the professional pelotons there are a few inspirational exemplars that live among us. One such person is Jason Gault.


Photo: Eamonn Deane

You won’t find him registered to a professional team nor can you expect him to be seen hurtling along the Champs-Élysées in this years or any future Tour De France but you may see him upon his bike in Dorset pushing himself to the limit on a daily basis.

As Managing Director of the Dorset based recruitment firm, TeamJobs.co.uk, Jason is a successful local businessman who has a likeable tenacity about him not dissimilar to Wile E. Coyote which is grasped on first meeting. Husband of one and father of two, Jason is keen to succeed in everything he does, leaving nothing to chance.

For years he spent all his spare time in the gym with his success measured by the circumference of his biceps then, 18 months ago the mighty velo bug bit but not only did it bite.. it locked on! A visit to Primera-sports.com in Bournemouth resulted in his first carbon acquisition, a Pinarello Dogma 65.1 complete with matching Assos wardrobe.

It was now time to shine, a steady shop ride just like any other, but wait!! What’s this Gravity stuff? Jason and his biceps weighed in at 105kgs, double the RDA (Required for Decent Ascending) weight. Even a slight gradient resulted in some RAC like assistance from a fellow rider just to stay in the wheels. However, whether it be his sheer grit and determination or simply the need to catch Road Runner, Jason persevered and just like it was for everyone who has ever ridden, each ride, each climb gradually became easier.




There was even a local TLI handicapped race at Moreton, Dorset which Jason not only entered but went on to win. Initially, all about experience Jason started and finished in the easier group but no bad thing and hey, a win’s a win right!

Fast forward to present day and Jason is still winning but now from the Red Group, the fast group. In just 6 months and after a self-assessment the Inland Revenue would describe as too detailed, Jason invested in himself once more: a coach, a power metre and a new and faster Pinarello F8, Dura-Ace Di2 and Enve Wheels.

Jason went through the Primera Retul fitting process and trained, and trained and trained some more come rain, shine, cold and cloud. He ate well, he recovered sensibly but most of all he planned and structured his progression to achieve his goal.

20kgs lost and two wardrobes later the Jason Gault of old is no more. A cyclist able to endure Sa Calobre without roadside assistance, complete the 172 miles of Liège Bastogne Liège Sportive and still have the energy to race midweek had been born.

A fairytale ending? No, not yet. Still much more to come, more races, more challenges and a little more bicep to loose but it goes to show that we must not judge nor pigeon hole ourselves or others. Success needs investment, opportunities need to be created and cycling will always be tough. So, next time you’re thinking I can’t, I won’t, I give up.. Think of Mr Gault who couldn’t but now can and will.


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