Results – Eelmoor Round 8


Rob McCarthy and Charles Page winners at round 8 of the Eelmoor Circuit Races on June 17

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Results – Eelmoor Round 8




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Category A Boys
1 Charley Calvert BACC
2 Harvey McNaughton I-Team-CC
3 Lewis Haller Charlotteville
4 Cyrus Hung VCL
5 Troy Loxley NHRC
6 Ben Bishop Charlotteville
7 James Doyle Clarence Wheelers
8 Liam Harris PPV
9 Max Mansell-Rowe Charlotteville CC
10 Jack Noble I-Team-CC
11 Hugh Johnson Charlotteville CC
12 Matt Rickard Wyndymilla
13 Callum McQueen PPV
14 Harry Porteous Charlotteville CC
15 Giacomo Lawrance Charlotteville

Category A Girls
1 Victoria Lovett I-Team-CC
2 Emma Pitt PPV
2 Chloe Jones PPV

Category B Boys
1 Tom Portsmouth Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Josh Knowles PPV
3 Tom Clarke PPV
4 Piers James FCCC
5 Ollie Suatt Alton CC
6 Malin Cory Charlotteville CC
7 Ewan Bleakley Charlotteville CC
8 Benjamin Elliot Redhill
9 Ben Fox Charlotteville CC

Category B Girls
1 Ellie Cooper Charlotteville CC
2 Zoe Brookes Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Emma Keiller Charlotteville CC
4 Eleanor Shorey Charlotteville CC

Category C Boys
1 Oliver Emment Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Elliott Moreve HSS
3 Seb Egan Charlotteville CC
4 Harry Clarke PPV
5 Ben Flatau Charlotteville CC
6 Morgan Cook
7 Ryan Tuppen
8 Evan de Suys-Shrubb Charlotteville CC
9 Kye Lewis Willesden
10 Oscar Pratt VC Venta

Category C Girls
1 Josie Goble Cycleworks
2 Mia Loxley PPV
3 Robyn Scott

Category D Boys
1 James Brown PPV
2 Ben Bisson Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Ben Coppola HSS
4 Olly Webb
5 Peter Drabble VC Meudon
6 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
7 Daniel Cox Charlotteville CC
8 Joshua Johnson Charlotteville CC
9 Austin Scott
10 Luca Leefe Slipstream
11 Max Jodrell Odiham Cycle Club
12 Gee Peter Pedal Heaven
13 Joseph Peters
14 Harrison Tennant VC Meudon

Category D Girls
1 Ella Beaton PNE
2 Honor Ashby Charlotteville CC
3 Electra Morris Charlotteville CC
4 Katie Keiller Charlotteville CC
5 Sophie Livermore Charlotteville CC
6 Detti Cory Charlotteville CC

Category E Boys
1 William Flatau Charlotteville CC
2 Ben Livermore Charlotteville CC
3 Alex Richards Pedal Heaven
4 Edward Fraile-Whysall Charlotteville CC
5 Aaron Webb
6 Matthew O’Donnell
7 Alfie Johnson Charlotteville CC
8 Lucas Jesse Pedal Heaven
9 Denton Smith Wyndymilla
10 Arthur Bache Wyndymilla
11 Bruno Bache Wyndymilla
12 Charlie Hoy Felt
13 Aidan Dutton
14 Riley Dutton
15 Alexander Hands Wyndy Milla

Category E Girls
1 Maddie Emment Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Sophie Hand Wyndymilla
3 Isabella Laws VC Meudon
4 Amy O’Donnell
5 Lauren Charles
6 Ruby Postgate Wyndymilla
7 Niamh Tennant


1 Rob McCarthy Pedal Heaven
2 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven
3 Mike Smith
4 Dave Creeggan Pedal Heaven
5 Chris Snook Nuun Sigma Sport
6 Dylan Thomas VC Meudon
7 Ben Marks
8 Ryan Keynes Odiham CC
9 Peter Allan Private Member
10 Simon Jodrell Odiham CC
10 Andy Self North Hants RC

1 Charles Page Edgeware RC
2 Charley Calvert Bournemouth Arrow
3 Charlie Taylor North Hants RC
4 Theo Webb VC Venta
5 Harvey McNaughton I-Team-CC
6 TJ Nel I-Team-CC
7 Frazier Carr University of Bath
8 Rob Ormond Fast Test Race Team
9 Alex Collins FWCC
10 Sammy Donovan PNE

1 Lorna Bowler Hillingdon Slipstreamers

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