Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Night 3


Sean Grosvenor and Lewis Askey two of the winners at the third of the Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Night circuit races

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Results – Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Night 3

Hafren CC
3/4th Category
1 Sean Grosvenor Ystwyth Cycling Club 3rd
2 Ben Hardwick Wolverhampton Whls A
3 Simon Bradeley Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 3rd
4 Rob Seeley Ciclo Costa Blanca 3rd
5 Christian Edwards GBC RT 3rd
6 Ed Hopper Audlem Cycling Club 3rd
7 David Thomas The Bulls 3rd
8 George Evans Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
9 Richard Line Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 3rd
10 Harry Thomas Worcester CC 3rd
11 Will Mason Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
12 Steve Griffiths Paramount CRT 4th
13 Iain Bullar Gannet CC 3rd
14 Craig Guy Fred Williams Cycles 3rd
15 James Wilkinson Audlem Cycling Club 3rd
16 Ethan Davies Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
17 Steve Glover Paramount 3rd
18 Ewan Grivell-Mellor Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
19 Devon Round Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
20 James Watson Edinburgh RC 4th
21 Keith Minor Lyme RC 3rd
22 Paul Nicholas Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
23 Dave Saunders The Trailhead 4th
24 Sean Evans Paramount CRT 4th
25 Thomas Ford Concorde CC 3rd
26 Bryn Davies Hafren CC 4th
27 Dave Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
28 Andrew Mortimer Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
29 Stephen Hall Lyme RC 3rd
30 Paul Bufton Hafren CC 3rd


Youth A Boys
1 Lewis Askey Lichfield CCC A
2 Oliver Dighton Halesowen A & CC A
3 Joseph Guy Wolverhampton Whls A
4 James Duncalf Lyme RC A
5 Aidan Monley Lichfield CCC A
6 Alfie Mortimer Mid Shropshire Wheelers A
7 Matthew Redworth Paramount CRT A
8 Charlie Fisher Newport Shropshire CC A
9 Oli Duffin Newport Shropshire CC A

Youth B Boys
1 George Mills-Keeling Wolverhampton Whls B
2 Farley Barber Lyme RC B
3 Liam Allen Halesowen A & CC B
4 Jamie Crump Wyre Forest CRC B
5 Sam Cooper Wyre Forest CRC B

Youth A Girls
1 Alice Law M and D Cycles / Fusion RT / WORX AG
2 Melica Baker Wolverhampton Whls AG

Youth D Boys
1 Joshua Jackson Lyme RC D
2 Xavier Teece-Round West Wales Cycle Racing Team D
3 Max Bufton Hafren CC D
4 Zac McCourt Hafren CC D
5 Dewi Hyde Hafren CC D
6 Alex Cochrane Newport Shropshire CC D

Youth C Boys
1 Ben Askey Lichfield CCC C
2 Ben Pierce Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
3 Griff Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing Team C
4 Aaron Mansell C
5 Alex Thomson Wolverhampton Whls C
6 Samuel Hall Lyme RC C
7 Henri Bedford Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
8 William Farmer Wolverhampton Whls C
9 Nick English Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
10 Jack Young Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
11 Oliver Baker Wolverhampton Whls C

Youth C Girls
1 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Whls CG
2 Rhiannon Tansley Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
3 Rachel Williams Hafren CC CG

Youth D Girls
1 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers DG
2 Amy Harland Mid Shropshire Wheelers DG
3 Maddie Griffiths Hafren CC DG

Youth E Boys
1 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC E
2 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
3 Finley Boulton Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
4 Adam Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC E
5 Louis Cochrane Newport Shropshire CC E
6 Colley Lewis Newport Shropshire CC E
7 Ben Bramford-Hale Newport Shropshire CC E

Youth E Girls
1 Kenzie McCourt Hafren CC EG
2 Taiya Griffiths Hafren CC EG
3 Jess Bufton Hafren CC EG

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