Product News – Sunwise Hastings Eyewear


Now that summer is here, I’ve been testing the Sunwise Hastings sunglasses and after a month on the road, this grumpy old man is very impressed!

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Product News – Sunwise Hastings Eyewear

If you cycle, you will invariably have a pair or three of sunglasses and for the last six weeks on the road, I’ve had a pair of Sunwise Hastings Chrome sunglasses to shield the eyes from that big bright thing in the sky that has been present more often than expected.


I have at least five pairs of sunglasses but they all have short comings. One pair cannot be used with phones or gadgets as they dim the screens, another have dark lenses and so the sunnies have to whipped off as soon as the clouds come over and none are useable when using a camera.

So it was very pleasing to be sent a pair of Sunwise Hastings Chrome sunnies. During the many weeks I have had them, I’ve used them for driving, had them over my eyes when I have been on the motorbike with an open face helmet on and also been taking pictures. They are quite simply brilliant.

I’m no techno geek but what I do know is what I need for the real world and these are essential. When on the motorbike I need a pair of sunnies that are light on the face with the arms of the sunnies able to slip inside the motorcycle helmet and these do that and are very comfortable.

For driving, they’re great because when the light changes, the lenses are bright enough not to affect the vision in dark areas such as tunnels or through wooded areas. The same goes for when riding the bike through mixed lit areas. Even round the garden, I find I don’t need to remove them when going from the garden to the garage and out again. In short, stick them on and they are so light, leave them on.


They don’t affect the vision when looking at the iphone or other devices as well which for me is essential. And they’re durable too and have been floating around the battle bus for weeks on end and still appear scratch free without having been cocooned in their case or a soft cloth.

There is also another ‘feature’ which seems to work – anti fogging! I hope I’m not alone in finding sunnies fogging up when struggling up hills (been a long time problem!) but these have not done that either.

The Hastings range are available in three colours; Chrome (gun metal), Midnight (black with orange tips on the arms) and Snow (white). The RRP is £94.99.


Website – click here to view this eye wear here as well as many other models

For those wanting to read the technical info, here it is from Sunwise.

Press Release
Sunwise®, the award winning British Eyewear Company, have coupled innovative advanced lens technology with British design to produce Hastings; a revolution in sports performance eyewear. In response to customer demand Sunwise® created the solution.

The Hastings 2015 range is available to purchase online. The Hastings model is fitted with the innovative Chromafusion® 2.0 light-reacting (photochromic) lens which quickly adapts to changing light conditions and eliminates the need to change lenses. The hand crafted one piece lens is designed with advanced anti-fog technology for uncompromising vision quality.

The lens is water repellent and protects against 100% of UVA and UVB rays allowing the glasses to perform in some of the most intense conditions. The ultra-lightweight frame and flexible nose pad with grip and ventilation design provides maximum comfort.

The sleek and modern design of the visor lens gives an impressive panoramic view and wide coverage for greater protection, reduced wind resistance and a clear vision of the world. Hastings can comfortably handle changing and intense environments to allow full enjoyment and concentration to be on your sport.

Panoramic One-Piece Lens
Hastings features a British designed one-piece panoramic lens, made with the highest quality materials to ensure a light and comfortable fit. With a rim-less design there is no frame to distort your view; Hastings offers supreme unimpaired visual comfort.

All Sunwise® lenses go through stringent impact resistant testing to ensure protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact. Sunwise® lenses are subject to multiple impact resistant tests, protection is key within your choice of eyewear.

Sunwise® Anti-Fog technology can be found within the Chromafusion® 2.0 lenses, featuring a completely unique anti-fog property. Through intensive innovation and development Sunwise® has created a highly effective anti-fog lens with the ability to perform in some of the most intense conditions. This advance technology eliminates the need to cut holes into the lenses, for uncompromising vision quality.

Sunwise® light-reacting (photochromic) lenses adapt to changing light conditions, whilst continuously filtering UV light, reducing glare and eye fatigue. Sunwise® light-reacting technology reacts to the sun light within seconds, making these glasses perfect for use early in the morning until dusk, without the need to change lenses. Whilst ensuring full protection by blocking 100% UVA&B rays 100% of the time. The perfect solution for any changing environment.

Platinum Tints
Sunwise® Platinum tinted coatings give added protection against glare, glare strains the eyes and quickly causes fatigue. Optimising visual quality, supreme protection and adding comfort to your sight, Sunwise® platinum tints have been developed for all activities. For cyclists this allows for greater sight on the road, cracks and potholes can be avoided and rides feel more relaxed in the sun. For golfers, long days in the sun are not a problem and our tints improve your sight of the ball. Platinum tints also provide supreme protection and comfort when out on the snow and water.

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