Result – East Anglian VTTA 25m TT


Glenn Taylor & Mark Arnold fastest on the tandem with 46:44 in the East Anglian VTTA 25m TT. Rachael Elliot & Peter Lawrence solo winners

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Result – East Anglian VTTA 25m TT

Also includes Ladies BBAR event and open tandem event



Fastest Peter Lawrence Team Swift 50:02
1st & the Herbie Neville cup Len Benton Colchester Rovers +16:51
1st Lady on standard Danuta Tin Maidenhead & Dist CC +15:41

Fastest age groups
40-44 Peter Lawrence (43) Team Swift 50:02
45-49 Mick Hodson (45) St Ives CC 51:40
50-54 Dave Lazenby (51) Baines Racing Silverstone 51:50
55-59 Jim Moffatt (58) Virgin Active CT 53:29
60-64 Steve Clarke (60) TMG Horizon Cycling Team 57:55
65-69 Roger Porter (68) Verulam CC 56:36
70-74 Chris Roberts (70) Anglia Velo 1:00:07
75-79 Len Benton (77) Colchester Rovers 1:01:35
80-84 Len Finch (84) CC Sudbury 1:21:01
85-89 Peter Horsnell (85) Chelmer CC 1:10:44
1st Team St Ives CC – Mick Hodson, Jason Kierman & Carl Whitwell +44:48

Ladies BBAR scratch event
1st Rachael Elliot Newbury RC 55:26
2nd Jasmijn Muller Paceline RT 56:12
3rd Cynthia Kunschke High Wycombe CC 56:19
4th Danuta Tin Maidenhead & Dist CC 57:47

1 Glenn Taylor Shorter Rochford RT 47 East Anglia 46:44
Mark Arnold Desireagear CC 40

2 Shaun Williams Abellio – SFA Racing Team 50 53:05
Neil Lewis North Road CC


1st Peter Lawrence Team Swift 50:02:00
2nd Robert West RST Sport/Aero-Coach 51:01:00
3rd Jason Kierman St Ives CC 51:24:00
4th Mick Hodson St Ives CC 51:40:00
5th Dave Lazenby Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle 51:50:00
6th Carl Whitwell St Ives CC 52:16:00
7th Rob Young Team Vision Racing 52:29:00
8th Richard Hancock St Neots CC 52:49:00
9th Jim Moffatt Virgin Active 53:29:00
9th Jon Surtees Team Swift 53:29:00
11th Mark Newton Elite Cycling 53:42:00
12th Andy Tyler VC Cosmique 53:47:00
13th Tony Harvey Mid Shropshire Wheelers 53:59:00
14th Dave Green Team 54:03:00
15th Sean Taylor RAF CA 54:04:00
16th Mark Steers Team Vision Racing 54:31:00
17th Lee Turner Sigma 54:32:00
18th Simon Wix VTTA South Wales 54:34:00
19th Anthony Westwood Gravesend CC 54:42:00
20th John Lacey Hemel Hempstead CC 54:48:00
21st John Martin Elmsall Road Club 54:49:00
22nd Robert Davies CC Sudbury 54:52:00
23rd Peter Balls Team 54:53:00
24th John Dowling Hemel Hempstead CC 55:00:00
25th David Clarke Team 55:02:00
26th Ian Turner North Road CC 55:07:00
27th Mark Shepherd Banjo 55:16:00
27th Tim Davies Icknield RC 55:16:00
29th David Procter Team VO2 Bikes 55:23:00
30th Lee Russell VC Elan 55:26:00
31st Damon Day CC Sudbury 55:30:00
32nd Martin Reynolds Cambridge CC 55:52:00
33rd Darren Preston St Neots CC 55:56:00
34th Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 55:57:00
35th Grant Orsborn Icknield RC 56:01:00
36th Darran Bennett Ely & District CC 56:07:00
37th Phillip Gosling Ely & District CC 56:15:00
38th Martin Dickinson Deal Tri 56:16:00
39th Martin Dossett Welwyn Whs 56:18:00
40th Robert Watson Newmarket Cycling & Tri Club 56:23:00
41st Keith Dorling Bishop’s Stortford CC 56:25:00
41st Steven Jennings CC Ashwell 56:25:00
43rd Andrew Halliday Westerley Cycling Club 56:29:00
44th Tim Childs Westerley Cycling Club 56:31:00
45th Roger Porter Verulam CC 56:36:00
45th Geoff Reynolds Hemel Hempstead CC 56:36:00
47th Chris Nudds CC Breckland 56:41:00
48th Rick Laws Colchester Rovers CC 56:44:00
49th Andrew Clarke Mid Shropshire Wheelers 56:45:00
50th Colin Lizieri Cambridge CC 56:47:00
51st Darren Lewis Poole Whs 56:48:00
52nd Richard Payn 34 Nomads CC 56:57:00
53rd Jim Reed Colchester Rovers CC 56:59:00
53rd Dan Bromilow Ely & District CC 56:59:00
55th Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC 57:28:00
56th Ian Mccluskey Diss & District CC 57:35:00
57th Carlito Rendora Eagle Road Club 57:37:00
58th Geoff Perry Team Milton Keynes 57:40:00
59th Richard Williams Bigfoot CC 57:43:00
60th Darren Davis West Suffolk Whs & Tri Club 57:45:00
61st Robert Golding Ely & District CC 57:51:00
62nd Tony Boardman Team Swift 57:53:00
63rd Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 57:55:00
64th Kevin Norman Stowmarket & District CC 58:08:00
65th Phil Barnes Team Swift 58:16:00
66th Dave Pitt Charlotteville CC 58:19:00
67th Peter Harridge Icknield RC 58:21:00
68th Malcolm Sadler Chelmer CC 58:24:00
69th Paul Williams West Drayton MBC 58:26:00
70th Karl Read North Norfolk Whs 58:34:00
70th Jeff Wharton Veloschils Interbike RT 58:34:00
72nd Martin Bullen Peterborough CC 58:36:00
73rd Alan Lang Hartlepool CC 58:41:00
74th Tony Summers Chelmer CC 58:53:00
75th John Golder Chelmer CC 59:12:00
76th Neil Barford 45 RC 59:16:00
77th Roger Sewell Hounslow & District Whls 59:20:00
78th Kevin Creese Chronos RT 59:21:00
79th Chris Womack VC Baracchi 59:50:00
79th Derek Ricketts Ely & District CC 59:50:00
81st Chris Roberts Anglia Velo 01:00:07
82nd Colin Hodges Verulam CC 01:00:18
83rd Nick Hanson Seacroft Wheelers 01:00:31
84th Andrew Vaughan City RC (Hull) 01:00:33
85th Tony Day Bigfoot CC 01:00:35
86th Nicolas Gyde CC Breckland 01:00:46
87th Richard Kemp Redbridge CC 01:00:47
88th David Solomon Whitewebbs CC 01:00:54
89th Mark Fairhead CC Breckland 01:01:07
90th Michael Coulter Gravesend CC 01:01:15
91st Steve Peck Newmarket Cycling & Tri Club 01:01:17
92nd Christopher Hall Lyme RC 01:01:26
93rd John Royle Fenland Clarion 01:01:34
94th Len Benton Colchester Rovers CC 01:01:35
95th John Adams Stowmarket & District CC 01:01:48
95th Keith Clarke Colchester Rovers CC 01:01:48
97th John Dupen Anglia Velo 01:01:49
98th Graham Green Leicestershire RC 01:02:13
99th Mike Williams Team Swift 01:02:17
100th Andrew Bright Chronos RT 01:02:53
101st Michael Wood CC Breckland 01:03:53
102nd Barry Quick Reading CC 01:03:59
103rd John Brown Wisbech Wheelers 01:04:09
104th David Lancaster VC 10 01:04:15
105th Michael Hennessy Southend Wheelers 01:04:55
106th David Howes West Suffolk Whs & Tri Club 01:04:59
107th Colin Whitechurch Ely & District CC 01:05:41
108th Murray Kirton A5 Rangers CC 01:05:48
109th Andrew Porter Whelwyn Wheelers CC 01:05:54
110th John Coles West Suffolk Whs & Tri Club 01:06:24
111th Douglas Williams Colchester Rovers CC 01:07:07
112th Brian Martin Ciclos Uno 01:08:15
113th Ron Back West Suffolk Whs & Tri Club 01:08:25
114th James Parsons North Road CC 01:09:56
115th Peter Horsnell Chelmer CC 01:10:44
116th John Thompson VC Baracchi 01:12:15
117th Gary Stevens St Ives CC (20 min LS) 01:15:24
118th Peter Cockbain South Bucks RC (10min LS) 01:18:14
119th Len Finch CC Sudbury 01:21:01
120th Brian Foster Norwich ABC 01:22:02
121st Eddie Fone Norwich ABC 01:35:09


The Next East Anglian VTTA promotions

Sunday 9th Aug 25 mile TT E2/25 organiser Paul Hirst
Saturday 12th Sep 10 mile TT E2/10 organiser Keith Dorling
Saturday 3rd Oct Leo 30 E2/30c organiser John Golder

The Leo 30 will be on a new super-fast course this year (Wilbrams-Red Lodge-Wilbrams) no more Pampisford hill (twice) or Sawston roundabout, we have even eliminated 4 Went Ways turn ! comp record for the taking  if you enter by ‘snail mail’ though, please make sure cheques are payable to the ‘East Anglian VTTA’
Event Secretary: John Golder, 6 Middlemead, West Hanningfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8UT
Mobile: 07709 328113 Tel: 01268 401402 (weekdays daytime)

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