Result – Hartlepool CC Open 10


Keith Murray of Strategic Lions fastest in the Hartlepool CC Open 10 on Saturday (July 11)

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Result – Hartlepool CC Open 10

1st Keith Murray Strategic Lions 20.02
2nd Shawn Tyson Adept Precision Rt 20.09
3rd Darren Gee Teesdale Crc 20.3
4th Peter Rowland Ferryhill Wheelers 20.44
5th Paul Thirling Stockton Wheelers 20.49
6th= Lee Mcdermott Breeze Rt 21.22
6th= Gray Walker Richmond Cc 21.22
8th Howard Heighton Ferryhill Wheelers 21.45
9th Simon Clark Gs Metro 21.53
10th Steven Fullerton Darlington Cc 22.01
11th Simon Coates Cleveland Wheelers 22.09
12th Brian Sunter Condor Rc 22.31
13th Guy Mcclements Cleveland Wheelers 22.42
14th Julian Walker Teesdale Crc 22.45
15th Tim Humphries Team Swift 22.49
16th Gary Hunt Stockton Wheelers 22.59
17th Nick Calvert Adept Precision Rt 23
18th Paul Fountain Hartlepool Cc 23.01
19th= Richard Booth Hartlepoolcc 23.15
19th= Dan Evans Cleveland Wheelers 23.15
21st Robert Lee Cleveland Wheelers 23.18
22nd Stephen Rhodes Stockton Wheelers 23.33
23rd Ian Hutchinson Cleveland Wheelers 23.35
24th Peter Guy Adept Precision Rt 23.4
25th Neil Foster Adept Precision Rt 23.49
26th Mike Holtby Cleveland Wheelers 24.17
27th Mark Tinkler Hartlepool Cc 24.33
28th Alex Smethurst Team Swift 24.46
29th Mike Drake Darlington Cc 24.51
30th Michael Youngson Yorkshire Road Club 24.58
31st Meirion Hughes Hartlepool Cc 25.1
32nd Dave Bennett Darlington Cc 25.15
33rd Dave Herbert Hartlepool Cc 25.41
34th= Kevin Peart Hartlepool Cc 26.13
34th= Charles Scurr Hartlepool Cc 26.13
36th Frank Elders Hartlepool Cc 26.35
37th Phil Wright Hartlepool Cc 26.57
38th= Dennis Fuller Gs Metro 27.37
38th= Alastair Mcdowall Hartlepool Cc 27.37
40th Neil Stuart Hartlepool Cc 27.46
41st Mike Riches Yorkshire Road Club 28.26
42nd Richard Bland Hitchins Nomads CC 28.33


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