Report & Results –Men’s Ryedale GP


Ian Bibby of NFTO wins the Ryedale GP with a last gasp effort to catch Tom Moses (JLT Condor) …

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Report & Results –Men’s  Ryedale GP


A big peloton of almost 140 riders assembled in the start line at Ampleforth Abbey with the weather better than it was a few hours before and a lot of hard racing ahead.

A lot of the riders have had their mid season breaks, been training away from the Island and returned ready to start their assault on the second half of the season.  Ahead of them as they rolled away from the start were three laps of the large circuit and the five laps of the tough small circuit which is up and down all the time on narrow roads that every year, provides a tough challenge for the riders.


A six up break soon went clear including Matt Cronshaw (Madison Genesis), Marcin Bioloblocki (One Pro Cycling), Sam Lowe (Raleigh GAC), Chris Lawless (Wiggins) and Steel von Hoff (NFTO), the latter said to be the one who helped initiate the break.  A rider from Neon Velo was also said to be among them.

Working well together, the six were being chased by a solo rider whilst the peloton were said to be not interested although that did not last long and the gap was soon coming down as the peloton was, in the words of chief comm Julie Gilbert, incredibly strung out chasing the leaders.

The high pace saw a split into the peloton and there was a lot of action at the back with riders being distanced. There was also action in the break with Matt Cronshaw (Madison Genesis) falling but getting back on as the rest of the break waited. The lead of the break was stable but never got to the minute and when they came back into Ampleforth for the second time, the six leaders were 47 seconds ahead but within minutes, that lead was down to 31 seconds.

The riders in the peloton when they came through did look very comfortable and whilst the lead of the break came down to 30 seconds with the JLT Condor team lined out on the front chasing, just as quick it went back up to 40 seconds.

It was on the first of the smaller circuits the race lit up as the break was caught and then the peloton split with 20 riders going clear before splitting through the Ampleforth including  Stevie WIlliams,   Tom Moses, Dan Fleeman,  Tom Scully, Steve Lampier, ,  Marcin Bialoblocki,  Eddie Dunbar, Karol Domagalski,  Ian Bibby,  Mike Northey,  Pete Williams and Erick Rowsell.

The gap though was only 20 seconds and was soon coming down despite the big teams being represented in the gap. A chase group caught the leaders as they approached the start of the second small circuit and race radio was non stop with moves coming and going off the front. With two laps to go, there were two groups of 19 riders with only 20 seconds between and the first group was very active indeed.

Three riders got away but one of them, Rob Partridge (NFTO) punctured before the remaining two were joined by five more riders and plenty chasing behind.  The seven leaders though were working well together and with just over a lap to go, the race was so tight that there were three groups with 30 seconds covering them all and plenty more attacks to come before the finish.

The final lap was brutal as all the riders starting to attack and a final move by Tom Moses looked like succeeding until a all or nothing attack by Ian Bibby saw him not only gap his rivals but also catch Moses and Bibby collapsed across the line …


Tom Moses (2nd), Ian Bibby (1st), Pete Williams (3rd), Steve Lampier (series leader)


Race gets underway led by Erick Rowsell (Madison Genesis) and Eddie Dunbar (NFTO), both winners of the Junior Tour of Wales


The early break led by Marcin Bialoblocki of One Pro Cycling


JLT Condor had missed the break so lined it out chasing for Tom Moses


The break held the lime light for much of the first half of the race

2015_RyedaleGP_Break2 to go

The race then came back together and after a lot of activity, the race was led by a group of 19 riders chased by another group 19 (below)

2015_RyedaleGP_chasers2 to go


A lap to go and Dale Appleby (NFTO is driving the race along for his team at the start of 10 miles of fireworks


George Wood (Richardsons Trek) leads the chasers


1 Ian Bibby NFTO 03:50:49
2 Thomas Moses JLT Condor 4
3 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling 7
4 Steve Lampier Raleigh GAC 10
5 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis same time
6 Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling 25
7 Dan Fleeman SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 28
8 Karol Domagalski Raleigh GAC 37
9 Eddie Dunbar NFTO 01:53
10 Dale Appleby NFTO 02:11
11 Mark McNally Madison Genesis 02:56
12 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT 02:57
13 AdriÇ Moreno Sala Velosure Starley Primal 03:01
14 Liam Holorham Madison Genesis 03:03
15 Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven RT same time
16 Thomas Travis Pollard Polypipe Cycling Team 03:10
17 Tom Stuart Madison Genesis 03:19
18 Will Fox Pedal Heaven RT 04:12
19 Jake Tanner Team 3M same time
20 Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling 04:33
21 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling 04:56
22 Yanto Barker One Pro Cycling 05:08
23 Robert Partridge NFTO same time
24 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC 05:11
25 George Pym Raleigh GAC same time
26 Steven Lawley Neon-Velo Cycling Team same time
27 Adam Kenway SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team same time
28 Ashley Dennis Catford CC Equipe/Banks same time
29 Mitchell Webber Pedal Heaven RT 05:15
30 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven RT 05:23
31 Joseph Clark Team Envelopemaster/Bikeboxalan 09:15
32 Wouter Sybrandy Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 09:39
33 Edward McParland All Terrain Cycles 11:44
34 Anthony Moye Easton Ritte 12:58
35 Connor Swift Polypipe Cycling Team same time
36 James Gullen Velosure Starley Primal same time
37 Edmund Bradbury NFTO same time
38 Johnathan McEvoy NFTO 13:01
39 Sam Lowe Raleigh GAC same time
40 Dante Carpenter JLT Condor same time
41 Luke Grivell-Mellor JLT Condor same time
1 lap Martin Woffindin Moda-Annon
1 lap Fraser Martin Spokes Racing Team
2 laps Ryan Perry SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
2 laps Tom Bayliss One Pro Cycling
2 laps Gruffudd Lewis Pedal Heaven RT
3 laps Lee Baldwin Champion System VCUK Racing Tea
3 laps David Clarke Giordana-Mitsubishi Electric RT
3 laps James Lowden Neon-Velo Cycling Team
3 laps Charlie Tanfield Easton Ritte
3 laps Ben Davis Wheelbase Altura MGD
3 laps Chris Opie One Pro Cycling
3 laps William Bjergfelt SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
3 laps Ruari Yeoman Spokes Racing Team
3 laps David Shackleton Achieve Northside Skinnergate

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