Results & Photo report – Sheffield GP


Tom Scully of Madison Genesis won the Elite Sheffield GP whilst youth A rider Tom Pidcock (Speedflex) won the 2/3/4

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Results & Photo report – Sheffield GP

Tom Scully (Madison Genesis) lept away from a fast moving peloton with still 20 laps to go and solo’d to victory in the Sheffield Hallam Grand Prix, winning by more than a minute.

The Kiwi, who rode to victory in the Isle of White Pearl Izumi Tour Series event in the same way in May, had plenty of time to raise the arms in front of a huge crowd, Behind, the sprint trains of One Pro Cycling, Pedal Heaven and Raleigh GAC were busy working for their riders and they both got a rider on the podium with Jon Mould having his third podium (2nd) of the Elite series and Andrew Hawdon following up his win at Colne with third at Sheffield.


For the last quarter of the race, Tom Scully of Madison Genesis was taking five time out of the chasers and give his team a prestigious victory


Jon Mould of One Pro Cycling with this third podium place in the Elite crits just ahead of Colne winner Andrew Hawdon of Raleigh GAC


Max Stedman of Pedal Heaven goes clear from the off 


Not so fresh from a grueling ride on a recce of stage 2 of the Tour of Britain, Steele Von Hoff (NFTO) was among the riders


Liam Stones (Raleigh GAC) joins Stedman whilst behind a solo Russell Downing is rushing up to join them


Russell Downing leads Matt Cronshaw (Madison Genesis)  in the break which spent ten laps at the front of the race


Alex Paton (Pedal Heaven) on his way to winning the first prime


Tom Stewart (Madison Genesis), who graduated from University in the city, was at the front of the race for a long spell.


In a race his father Chris Walker has won in earlier editions in the 90’s, Joey Walker (RST Racing) was back on the road racing after his Gold at the Euros on the track


Tom ‘the Scud’ Scully (Madison Genesis) was soon launching himself up the road to victory


There was a huge crowd in Sheffield to see the race


Madison Genesis manager Roger Hammond telling Scully he’s ‘plus five’ (seconds) on that lap


Max Stedman gets the sprint trains going, this one for his team Pedal Heaven 


One Pro Cycling then take over at the front


Before Raleigh and the big engine of Karol Domagalski (Raleigh GAC) keeps the pace high for his rider Hawdon


Bell lap and Evan Oliphant (Raleigh GAC) patrols the front with Jon Mould (One Pro Cycling)  ready to pounce and world champion Morgan Kniesky (Raleigh GAC) leading out Andrew Hawdon sitting on his wheel


Scully raises the trophy on the podium with Mould and Hawdon alongside


In he support race, yet again, Youth A rider Thomas Pidcock was just to quick for this rivals

Feature interviews to follow.



1. Tom Scully, Madison Genesis
2. Jon Mould, One Pro Cycling
3. Andrew Hawdon, Raleigh GAC
4. Matt Cronshaw, Madison Genesis
5. Will Fox, Pedal Heaven
6. Russell Downing, Cult Energy
7. Alex Paton, Pedal Heaven
8. Jacon Tipper, Neon Velo
9. Richard Hepworth, Sportgrub Kuota
10. David McGowan, Pedal Heaven
11. Gruffudd Lewis, Pedal Heaven
12. Ian Wilkinson, Raleigh GAC
13. Steve Lampier, Raleigh GAC
14. Graham Briggs, JLT Condor
15. Ryan Davis, Sportgrub Kuota
16. Tom Stewart, Madison Genesis
17. Tom Moses, JLT Condor
18. Max Stedman, Pedal Heaven
19. George Atkins, One Pro Cycling
20. Liam Stones, Raleigh GAC
21. Lewis Craven, Wheelbase
22. George Harper, One Pro Cycling
23. Peter Barusevicus, All terrain
24. Conor Swift, Polypipe
25. Joe Evans, Madison Genesis
26. Sam Lowe, Raleigh GAC
27. Tristan Robbins, Madison Genesis
28. Sam Williams, One Pro Cycling
29. Andy Coure, Wheelbase
30. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh GAC
31. Morgan Kniesky, Raleigh GAC
32. Mike Northey, Madison Genesis
33. Karol Domagalski, Raleigh GAC

Prime 1. Alex Paton, Pedal Heaven
Prime 2: Tom Scully, Madison Genesis

Support Race
1. Thomas Pidcockm Speedflex
2. Alfie Moses, HMT Academy
3. Jim Brown, Holmfirth
4. Mathew Hoyle, Wheelbase
5. Josh Housley, Beeston RC
6. Brad Dransfield, Kirklees Cycling
7. Will KIng, Prologue Racing
8. Matthew Kellett, 3RT
9. Jonathhan Harvey, Dinington RC
10. Alex Hart, Sarum Velo
11. James Dalton, Evans
12. Jack Clarkson, Hope Factory Racing
13. Michael Laborero, Bedfordshire RC
14. Tom Seaman, Nutcracker racing
15. Callum Stewart, Sheffrec CC
16. Joel Candy, Bolsover and District
17. Stehen Paterson, Doncaster Wheelers

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