Report & Results – Beverley Town Centre GP


Felix English, Abby Mae Parkinson and Jim Brown were the winners at the Beverley Town Centre races in front of yet another huge crowd in the East Yorkshire town

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Report & Results – Beverley Town Centre GP

Felix English, Abby Mae Parkinson and Jim Brown were the winners at the Beverley Town Centre races in front of yet another huge crowd in the East Yorkshire town



Felix English of JLT Condor just gets the better of the ‘Peter Sagan’ of British racing, Jon Mould, second again for the One Pro Cycling rider

Felix English (JLT Condor) explains how the race unfolded after saying he was super happy to win. Asked how the break got away so early, Felix replied “Tom (Moses, JLT Condor) went away with Mike Northey (Madison Genesis) right at the beginning, and we were fairly happy with that as we’d agreed that Tom was going to be aggressive in the race”.

“Steve (Lampier, Raleigh GAC) went next I think and I hesitated a little bit but I then saw Mouldy (Jon, One Pro Cycling), go after him and you can never let him get away because he has been so consistent (four podiums) though the whole series, the whole year really.”

“So I went after it and was quite surprised when I looked back that we had a gap because I didn’t expect other teams to let two of us (from JLT Condor) get away. We all worked well together, no-one missed any turns and I was fortunate to have Tom (Moses) there at the finish because he led out for me and I just had enough to win it.”


Tom Moses, JLT Condor, winds up the sprint for his teammate Felix English

Asked what it’s like sprinting on cobbles, rough cobbles as they are in Beverley, Felix replied “Once you’re up to speed its fine but after racing here two years ago, I was cautious because you can’t really accelerate on it so I made sure I went quite early, got up to full speed and then pretty much got stuck in on the 11 and went as hard as I could and sat down whilst on the cobbles”.

After his injuries this year, Felix explained he’s lacking a bit of consistency but added “I have won so I could not really be much happier, especially after going pretty poorly on Wednesday in Sheffield. The flowing nature of this circuit is always going to suit me”.

“I have gone well in Sheffield before though so that was disappointing but I think it’s because I did the Tour Series, didn’t have a break, went to a training camp in Spain and have come straight here. So I haven’t really had a break so there’s a little tiredness but I hope to take it easy for the next week and come back stronger”.



Ed Clancy, JLT Condor, wins the bunch kick for 6th.

One of the things that happened during the race was using motorbikes to form a ‘barrage’ between the peloton being lapped and the break as they lapped the peloton. Asked how that worked for them in the break, Felix replied “we didn’t really know what was happening but it did go quite smooth going through”.

“I think we all had respect for each other and no one was going to attack (from the break) passing the peloton and once we got past the bunch, we all looked round to make sure everyone was still there.”

“When they came back at us in the bunch sprint (the peloton sprinted with five to go) we didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t even know they were there as there were no motorbikes and suddenly saw some Madison riders come flying past. We let them go and they didn’t disrupt us at all.”

“Tom went with a lap to go and Mouldy was straight on him and I accelerated a little bit as I didn’t want Mike to sit on me so I sat up and he had to go round me. I jumped round and got on Mouldy’s wheel with 400 to go and went quite early on the paved bit before the cobbles just to make sure I got up to full speed”.


Star Trophy winner Steve Lampier (Raleigh GAC) leading the break


James Lowsley Williams of NFTO doing his best to chase down the break


David McGowan of Pedal Heaven also chasing the break early on


Race gets under way as the night starts to draw in.


Abby Mae Parkinson of Giordana Triton wins the Women’s race from Henrietta Colbourne of Jadan


Hayley Edwards, Velosport, wins the sprint for third


Youth A rider Jim Brown of Holmfirth, looks like a climber but can sprint pretty fast too as he showed in the 2/3/4 race


Abby Mae talks to Mike Smith about her race


Jim Brown with his Paris-Roubaix cobblestone



1 Felix English JLT Condor
2 Jonathan Mould One Pro Cycling
3 Mike Northey Madison Genesis
4 Steve Lampier Raleigh GAC
5 Thomas Moses JLT Condor

At 1 lap
6 Edward Clancy MBE JLT Condor
7 Marc Hester One Pro Cycling
8 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis
9 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
10 David McGowan Pedal Heaven RT
11 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC
12 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
13 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
14 Jacob Tipper Neon-Velo Cycling Team
15 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven RT
16 Andrew Hawdon Raleigh GAC
17 Joe Evans Madison Genesis
18 Will Fox Pedal Heaven RT
19 Samuel Williams One Pro Cycling
20 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling
21 Peter Barusevicus Wheelbase Altura MGD
22 Sam Have Raleigh GAC
23 Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling
24 Tristan Robbins Madison Genesis
25 Joseph Wiltshire NFTO
26 David Shackleton Achieve Northside Skinnergate
27 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven RT
28 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura MGD
29 Tom Barras NFTO
30 Richard Hepworth SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
31 Ryan Davis SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
32 Liam Stones Raleigh GAC
33 George Harper One Pro Cycling
34 Joey Walker RST Racing Team
35 Matthew Nowell Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
36 Paul Rymer Wilsons Wheels Race Team
37 Calvin Beneke Raleigh GAC
38 Luke Grivell-Miller JLT Condor
39 Mike Cuming JLT Condor
40 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
41 Morgan Kneisky Raleigh GAC
42 Thomas Scully Madison Genesis

1 Abby-Mae Parkinson Team Giordana- Triton
2 Henrietta Colborne Team Jaden
3 Hayley Edwards Team Velosport
4 Nicola Moore Squadra RT
5 Lauren OBrien Team Giordana- Triton
6 Ellen McDermott Team Watt cycle
7 Sophie Thackray Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic
8 Elizabeth Denby Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic
9 Sarah King Morvelo
10 Sinead Burke PH-MAS VCUK Womens Cycling Team
11 Lorna Ferguson Glasgow Green CC
12 Nicola Soden Carnac-Planet X
13 Iona Sewell Carnac-Planet X
14 Louise Scupham Team Jadan
15 Stephanie Mottram
2 laps Gabrielle Duckworth Lune RCC
2 laps Claire Rutherford Team Wheelguru

1 Jim Brown Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Graham Morgan Hull Thursday RC
3 Gregory Saunderson Petuaria RT
4 Thomas Wood Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic
5 Andrew Johnson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
6 Mike Moss Clifton CC
7 Benjamin Beynon KASSEI.CC
8 Paul Shepherd Peturia RT
9 Mark Scoffin Team Cystic Fibrosis
10 Robert Lockhart Audiem Cycling Club
11 Adam Cadle
12 Billy Robinson Squadra RT
13 Tim Tharratt Squadra RT
14 Cavan Walker Clifton CC
15 Jonathan Apaloo Clifton CC
16 Jonathan Stanlake
17 Joshua Ravn Hull Thursday RC
18 Andrew Ashton Albarosa Cycling Club
19 Nick Nettleton Wilsons Wheels Race Team
20 Peter Fielding-Smith Wilsons Wheels Race Team
21 Damian Evington Clifton CC
22 Rob Brown Wilsons Wheels Race Team
23 Tobias Bartlett Brigg & District Cycling Club
24 Stewart Fraser Wilsons Wheels Race Team
25 Gary Trees Wilsons Wheels Race Team
26 Matthew Johnson Hull Thursday RC
27 Luke Preston Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
28 Joe Williams VCUK PH-Mas
29 Kenny Gray Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
30 Jonathan Bridge G4 Acre RT
31 Will Thomas Hull Thursday RC
32 James Ward Knottingley Velo

Former Winners

2014: 1. Mike Northey 2. Adam Blythe 3 Graham Briggs
2013: 1. Jonathon Mould, 2. Mike Northey, 3. Felix English
2012: 1. Richard Lang, Owain Doull, Bernie Sulzberger
2011: 1. Graham Briggs, 2. Ian Wilkinson 3. Tom Murray (Championship)
2010: 1. Ed Clancy 2. Ian Wilkinson, 3. Jonny McEvoy (Championship)
2009: 1. Russell Downing, 2. Jeremy Hunt 3. Rob Hayles (Championship)
2008: 1. Dean Downing, 2. Rob Hayles 3. Tony Gibb
2007: 1. James McCallum, 2.
2006: 1. Rob Hayles, 2. Russell Downing, 3. Warwick Spence





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