Preview – RTTC 25 Mile TT Champs


Next Sunday will see the blue ribbon championship of time trialling, the 25, held in Buckinghamshire with Matt Bottrill defending his title

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Preview – RTTC 25 Mile TT Champs

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On a brand new course (H25/21) designed by Dr Gordon Wright who coached one of the country’s time trial legends, Stuart Dangerfield, many of the best time triallists will race on the A404/A4 to see who will take away the 2015 RTTC title.


Defending champion Matt Bottrill

The history books are packed with British icons from time trialing; Alf Engers, Dave Lloyd, Daryl Webster, Sean Yates (yellow jersey in the Tour de France), Eddie Adkins and Stuart Dangerfield to name but a few of the former winners.

Add to them the likes of World and Olympic champions/medallists Rob Hayles, Chris Newton, Graeme Obree, Norman Shiel and Chris Boardman, it is easy to see why this is such a sought after title.

On Sunday, on a course specially designed for the 2015 National 25 Time Trial, a new legend in British time trialing with multiple titles and comp records will attempt to win a second title against a formidable line up; Matt Bottril of Drag2Zero.

Matt says of the course, “it looks quick and my guess is a ‘48’ minute ride will win. It’s not very technical but there 14 roundabouts to negotiate!”

Last weekend, Matt won the Rugby RCC 10 mile time trial in a tight battle with Matt Clinton with only seconds between them and on Sunday, both are on the start list with Clinton off ten minutes before Bottrill.

They are but two names who week in, week out are winning time trials up and down the country. So many of the other names at the bottom end of the start list are also winners in their own right. Off quite early is Ashley Cox of CC Luton who has not beaten Bottrill but has been equal with him in a time trial in May whilst another well known name, Tejvan Pettinger of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team is also off mid table along with a regular winner, veteran Peter Tadros.


Chris McNamara of Pedal Heaven has a good record of winning time trials as well as road races as does James Boyman of Farnham RC who was in winning form last weekend. The last third of the start list is so full of winners with names such as Matt Sinclair, Adam Topham, Steve Irwin, Kieron Davies, Rob Sharland, Ryan Perry, Josh Williamson and Andy Jackson that the riders on podium could come from any of them.

The 25 is one of two popular titles that a lot of riders chase with the other being the 10 which is at the end of August. Asking the defending champion Matt Bottrill if racing 25 is different than a 10, he replied “Yes, you can’t go full gas in the 25 as it’s a much more controlled effort optimising the key elements of pacing, aerodynamics and power which are key”.

Giving an idea of just how much the event means to the riders, Matt says of his win in 2014, “It’s one of my proudest moments after 18 years to finally win it and having done it, I will now be remembered as a legend of time trailing, it’s that important”.

Matt will be the last rider off and is the big favourite to repeat his win but nothing is certain in sport which is why this title, above all the others, is such a major event in the racing programme. Good luck to all the riders.

The HQ for the event will be the The Redgrave Sports Centre; Redgrave Sports Centre, Wycombe Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1JE

Course is as per the map below


1 Richard Hutt Harp RC 07.01
2 Jonathan Hobby North Hampshire RC 07.02
3 Jeff Roberts High Wycombe CC 07.03
4 Mark Brambleby Northover Vets 07.04
5 James Churchard Reading CC 07.05
6 Andrew Warby RST Sport/Aero-Coach 07.06
7 Paul Granger Fairly United CT 07.07
8 Robert Gibbons Hinckley CRC 07.08
9 David Clarke Team 07.09
10 B Xavier Disley RST Sport/Aero-Coach 07.10
11 John Pilgrim Witham Wheelers 07.11
12 John Swindells Iceni Velo 07.12
13 Gerry McGarr Gloucester City CC 07.13
14 Jack Sears Team 07.14
15 Jack O’Neill Mike Vaughan Cycles 07.15
16 Andrew Clarke Mid Shropshire Wheelers 07.16
17 Martin Winter Twickenham CC 07.17
18 Brindley Taylor Crawley Wheelers 07.18
19 Marc Fairclough Leicester Forest CC 07.19
20 Tim Childs Westerley Cycling Club 07.20
21 Andrew Barnes Hillingdon CC 07.21
22 Stephen Morrell High Wycombe CC 07.22
23 Andrew Hastings Richardsons – Trek RT 07.23
24 Mathew Eley Ely District CC 07.24
25 David Webborn London Dynamo 07.25
26 Alan Holmes Paisley Velo Race Team – SCU 07.26
27 Alexander Foster Border City Whs CC 07.27
28 Jake Hollins University of Bath Cycling Club 07.28
29 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team 07.29
30 Mike Appleyard Lancashire RC 07.30
31 Paul Byford Crawley Wheelers 07.31
32 Phil Watts North Hampshire RC 07.32
33 Simon Drewett Fairly United Cycling Team 07.33
34 Cameron Campbell Army Cycling Union 07.34
35 Richard Gifford In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 07.35
36 Elliot Maynard Media Velo / Dynamic Rides 07.36
37 David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 07.37
38 David Kingsbury High Wycombe CC 07.38
39 Chris Nicholls Regents Park Rouleurs 07.39
40 Chris Pearce Team 07.40
41 Stuart Stow Twickenham CC 07.41
42 Peter Harding Chelmer CC 07.42
43 Jason Burrill Peterborough CC 07.44
44 David Harding Chelmer CC 07.43
45 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC 07.45
46 Paul Holdsworth Hounslow District Whs 07.46
47 Andy Whale CC Ashwell 07.47
48 Ashley Cox CC Luton 07.48
49 Martin Jones Team 07.49
50 tony ball Team Swift 07.50
51 Scott Holmes Hillingdon CC 07.51
52 Russell Jelly Mapperley CC 07.52
53 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 07.53
54 Stephen Biddulph Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 07.54
55 Robert Gilmour Hounslow District Whs 07.55
56 Paul Jones Severn Valley Cycles 07.56
57 Malcolm Rose Oxonian CC 07.57
58 Nev Martin Adept Precision RT 07.58
59 James Rix Crawley Wheelers 07.59
60 Tim Cartwright Newbury RC 08.00
61 Joe Gorman Full Gas Racing Team 08.01
62 Alexander Royle Army Cycling Union 08.02
63 Gavin Tillson Oxonian CC 08.03
64 Angus Macinnes RAF CA 08.04
65 Christopher Fennell Banks/Catford CC Equipe 08.05
66 James Long Bishop’s Stortford CC 08.06
67 Matthew Rowley Oxonian CC 08.07
68 Mark Newton Elite Cycling 08.08
69 Marc Clothier South Downs Bikes 08.09
70 James Perkins Team Zenith – GC Cycling 08.10
71 Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC 08.11
72 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 08.12
73 Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 08.13
74 Simon Mcnamara South Downs Bikes 08.14
75 Simon Norman Arbis-Colbert Cycles RT 08.15
76 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC 08.16
77 Tom Ward Team Echelon – Rotor 08.17
78 Chris Mcnamara Pedal Heaven 08.18
79 Tim Ashton Royal Sutton CC 08.19
80 Ryan Perry Langdale Lightweights R T 08.20
81 David Watson Coventry RC 08.21
82 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC 08.22
83 Keith Lea Paceline RT 08.23
84 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 08.24
85 Richard Harrison Didcot Phoenix CC 08.25
86 James Boyman Farnham RC 08.26
87 Joshua Williams Revolutions Racing 08.27
88 David Woodhouse CC Ashwell 08.28
89 Robert West RST Sport/Aero-Coach 08.29
90 Jonathan Wears Team Jewson – MI Racing 08.30
91 David Ellis Mapperley CC 08.31
92 John Dewey Dorking CC 08.32
93 Jonathan Parker PMR @ Toachim House 08.33
94 Billy Oliver Nopinz 08.34
95 Mark Holton 08.35
96 David Crawley Fibrax-Wrexham RC 08.36
97 Daniel Northover Finsbury Park CC 08.37
98 Mark Jones 08.38
99 Colin Ward Essex Roads CC 08.39
100 Scott Burns Manchester Wheelers Club 08.40
101 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 08.41
102 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Cente RT 08.42
103 Ben Anstie 73 Degrees Bicycles 08.43
104 Lee Tunnicliffe Clay Cross RT 08.44
105 Jason Bouttell Team 08.45
106 Peter Lawrence Team Swift 08.46
107 Nick English Banjo 08.47
108 Dan Evans Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical 08.48
109 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths 08.49
110 Alastair Wareham Team Swift 08.50
112 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 08.52
114 Adam Topham High Wycombe CC 08.54
116 Phil Brown Twickenham CC 08.56
118 Matthew Smith Team 08.58
120 Matt Clinton Mike Vaughan Cycles 09.00
122 Rob Sharland Paceline RT 09.02
124 Andy Jackson Team Swift 09.04
126 Kieron Davies 09.06
128 Steve Irwin North Lancs RC 09.08
130 Matthew Bottrill 09.10

131 Paul Sexton VC Norwich
132 Tim Wilcock Tyneside Vagabonds
133 Nathan Gosling Phian Racing – SCU
134 Jason Hales Oxford City RC
135 John Murphy Gloucester City
136 Murray Kirton A5 Rangers
137 John Froud Festival RC
138 Jonathan Ellis Royal Sutton CC
139 Andrew Murray Team Corridori
140 Neil Morris Didcot Phoenix CC
141 Marc Preece RAF CA
142 Richard Bennett Newbury RC

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