Report & Results – Chepstow GP


The Chepstow Grand Prix was dominated by one rider, Graham Briggs of JLT Condor who led from start to finish

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Report & Results – Chepstow GP



Graham Briggs (JLT Condor) follows up his great ride at RideLondon with a solo win at Chepstow, and no ordinary solo ride!

The Chepstow Grand Prix was dominated by one rider, Graham Briggs of JLT Condor who led from start to finish. With the circuit wet from showers during the afternoon and evening, a good sized field lined up in Chepstow for this relatively new event organised by one of the most prolific organisers of major races, Bill Owen.

With Chepstow Castle a few hundred yards from the circuit, the riders in the Elite race had a lap to get used to the hilly course before the battle began and within half a lap, a gap opened up behind Graham Briggs and that was the last most of the field saw of him until he lapped them!

The wet conditions suited a lone rider but behind Graham, a chase group soon formed with Jonny McEvoy (NFTO) and Evan Oliphant (Raleigh GAC). The quality of “Brigga’s” ride can be seen in the nature of the chase, flat stick, and behind, the race was split into lots of groups. It was a tough circuit, made even tougher by the pace of the riders, just how Briggs likes it.


Jonny McEvoy (NFTO) leads a two up chase after Briggs with Evan Oliphant (Raleigh GAC) on his wheel.

While he revelled in the conditions, others did not and were soon pulling out having been dropped.

Back in the peloton, there was a chase on in earnest but also drama for the Aussie champion Steele Von Hoff (NFTO) who’s having a bad week. Following his crash in RideLondon, Steele broke some spokes in his front wheel and had to have a bike change. With no lap out, he had to chase and with the help of teammate Tom Barras, the two of them got back to the main group.

Worse was to come later though.

Meanwhile, Tom Moses (JLT Condor) showed that the gap to the chasers McEvoy and Oliphant (the Scottish crit champ) was bridgeable and he did just that and whilst he wasn’t helping the chase for his teammate, he was giving his team a real chance of a 1-2.

The break though didn’t have a smooth ride and when lapping a rider very late on, McEvoy had to take evasive action as the break and the lapped rider got tangled up resulting in Oliphant crashing and losing some ‘bark’ in the process.


The closing laps saw two champions from NFTO, Ian Bibby (British) leading out Steele Von Hoff (Aussie)

The Raleigh GAC rider however got back to the chasers only for Moses to attack them as the peloton closed in and whilst the JLT Condor rider stayed clear to take second behind a triumphant Briggs, both McEvoy and Oliphant were caught by the peloton where Chris Opie (One Pro Cycling) won the race to the line for third.

For NFTO, it was not their night and after watching British Circuit Champion Ian Bibby on the front of the peloton for the final four or five laps, with Steele Von Hoff on his wheel, at the bell Von Hoff came through turning a huge gear, revealing later he’d broken a gear cable.

The race at Chepstow was the second last event in the Elite Circuit Series and with David McGowan (Pedal Heaven) ill and unable to ride, that meant Jon Mould of One Pro Cycling was the winner of the series with the two rounds to go.


Prior to the main race, the support event was won by Steven Roach (Cycle Tec) from Rhys Philips (NFTO) and Justin Harcourt (Urban Cyclery)

Interview with Graham Briggs to come soon on VeloUK.


Chris Opie (One Pro Cycling), Graham Briggs (JLT Condor) and Tom Moses (JLT Condor)


Chris Opie wins the bunch sprint for 3rd


After Steele Von Hoff broke a gear cable, Ian Bibby (NFTO) was left on the front showing the ‘stripes’ off


After Briggs attacked and got a gap, Steele Von Hoff (NFTO) chased for a good half dozen laps trying to bring him back


Super effort from Graham Briggs


On the finish line with 2 two go, Tom Moses of JLT Condor attacks Jonny McEvoy (NFTO) and Evan Oliphant (Raleigh GAC)


Bunch comes through after a lap strung out behind Felix English (JLT Condor)


Jonny McEvoy have a real good dig up the climb tring to drop Oliphant and Moses

Elite Race – Provisional!
1 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
2 Tom Moses JLT Condor
3 Chris Opie One Pro Cycling
4 Kristian House JLT Condor
5 Harry Tanfield JLT Condor
6 Dale Appleby NFTO
7 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
8 Stephen Williams Pedal Heaven RT
9 Liam Stones Raleigh GAC
10 Mitch Webber Pedal Heaven RT
11 Tom Barras NFTO
12 Horton Tobyn Madison Genesis
13 Ryan Davis SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
14 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC
15 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven RT
16 Steele Vonhoff NFTO
17 Mark Stewart 100% ME
18 Joe Evans Madison Genesis
19 William Bjergfelt SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team
20 Johnny McCvoy NFTO
21 Sam Williams One Pro Cycling
22 William Harper Pedal Heaven RT
23 Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling

1 lap Tom Baylis One Pro Cycling
1 lap Luke Grivell-Mellor JLT Condor
1 lap James Phillips Dream Cycling Race Team
1 lap George Atkins One Pro Cycling
1 lap Harrison Jones Pedal Heaven RT
1 lap Brad Morgan Raleigh GAC
1 lap Edward Laverack JLT Condor
1 lap Jake Hales Spirit Bikes Racing Team
1 lap Michael Thompson Team Wiggins

Support Race
1. Steve Roach, Cycle Tec
2. Rhys Phillips, NFTO
3. Justin Harcourt, Urban Cyclery
4. Hefin Evans, NFTO RACE CLUB
5. Peter Banham, Jewsons
6. Ross Evans, Live2ride
7. Kinsey Mcllquham, Cardiff Jif
8. Ryan Bevis, the Bulls
9. Ryan Brain, Cwmcarn Paragon
10. Andrew Turner, NFTO Race Club



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