News – GB Christen Derby with a 3.54


Owain Doull, Steven Burke, Ed Clancy and Sir Bradley Wiggins record a 3.54 on Derby’s new indoor track

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News – GB Christen Derby with a 3.54

Event Press Release

The biggest roar from the crowd on opening night of the Derby Revolution was delivered to the Great Britain Team Pursuit riders as they crossed the line after 4km in 3.54.974, 3 seconds off the World Record.


The team lined up for the final with Owain Doull, Steven Burke, Ed Clancy (replacing Jon Dibben) and Sir Bradley Wiggins. They were most certainly impressed with themselves after, ‘Wiggo’ pointing at his counterparts to say he couldn’t have done it without them.

The biggest shock of the night came as Callum Skinner lined up on the back straight; he would go head to head with the current 1km Time Trial World Champion, Francois Pervis and beat him by more than a second.

Pervis had what was a lacklustre night, made worse by a crash over the finish line when he got caught up with Matthew Rotherham of Maloja Pushbikers in the Sprinters Longest Lap. Rotherham looked to come off worse of the two.

Great Britain also brought a very fast team of Women. Joanna Rowsell Shand and Pearl Izumi teammate Ciara Horne went head to head in the final of the Individual Pursuit. Horne started fastest of the two, however Rowsell Shand being the former World Champion that she is pulled her back to win the race. Laura Trott finished third.

It was Katie Archibald that would go on to win the Women’s Scratch Race gaining a lap over the rest of the field half way through the 15km. Failed attempts would come from Horne who was perhaps looking to make up for her loss to Rowsell Shand earlier in the night.

The first night in Derby most certainly lived up to the hype with Great Britain dominating the race card.


1000m Time Trial Men
1. SKINNER, Callum 01:01.135
2. LAFARGUE , Quentin 01:01.878
3. PERVIS, Francois 01:02.336
4. OLIVA, Lewis 01:02.749
5. ROTHERHAM, Matthew 01:02.810
6. CRAMPTON, Matthew 01:03.786
7. HAAK , Hugo 01:03.794
8. MORENO SANCHEZ, Jose 01:04.935

Individual Pursuit – Women
3000m / 12 Laps

1. ROWSELL-SHAND, Joanna 03:37.320
2. HORNE, Ciara 03:39.420

3. TROTT, Laura 03:41.152
4. KAY, Emily 03:43.696

1. HORNE, Ciara 03:37.278
2. ROWSELL-SHAND, Joanna 03:37.438
3. TROTT, Laura 03:39.586
4. KAY, Emily 03:42.202
5. OLABERRIA, Leire 03:43.916
6. NELSON, Emily 03:46.938
7. ARCHIBALD, Katie 03:48.178
8. GURLEY, Lydia 03:48.496

Team Pursuit – Men
4000m / 16 Laps


1 Great Britain A 03:54.974 (61.283kph)
01:03.781, 02:01.199, 02:58.009,
BURKE, Steven, Ed Clancy, DOULL, Owain, WIGGINS, Bradley
2. GB Academy 04:01.055, (59.737 kph)
01:05.103, 02:02.906, 03:00.856,
BURTON, Germain, GIBSON, Matthew, LATHAM, Christopher, WOOD, Oliver
3. Netherlands 04:12.914
4. Austria 04:22.480
1. Great Britain A 04:00.324
(DOULL, Owain, WIGGINS, Bradley, BURKE, Steven, DIBBEN, Jonathan)

2. Great Britain Academy 04:04.568
(WOOD, Oliver, BURTON, Germain, GIBSON, Matthew, LATHAM, Christopher)

3. Netherlands 04:06.251

4. Austria 04:26.297
(MASTALLER, Stefan, MATZNER, Stefan, WAUCH, Dennis, WAUCH, Tobias)

Scratch Race – Women

@ a lap

2. TROTT, Laura GBR
4. BERTHON, Laurie FRA
5. JEULAND, Pascale FRA
6. KAY, Emily GBR
7. WROTYA, Malgorzata POL
8. NELSON, Emily GBR
9. STEEL, Elizabeth NZL
10. BOYLAN, Lydia IRL
12. LLOYD, Manon GBR
13. COSTER , Ellie GBR
14. HORNE, Ciara GBR

500m Time Trial – Women

1. MARCHANT, Katy 00:34.117
2. VARNISH, Jessica 00:34.292
3. KHAN, Dannielle 00:34.961
4. CLAIR, Sandie 00:35.262
5. RIJKHOFF, Yesna 00:35.757
6. VAN RIESSEN, Laurine 00:36.006
7. READE, Shanaze 00:36.472
8. COSTER, Ellie 1/1 00:36.651

Longest Lap – Sprinters
1. OLIVA, Lewis Great Britain
2. SKINNER, Callum Great Britain
3. HAAK , Hugo Netherlands
4. LAFARGUE , Quentin France
5. PERVIS, Francois France
7. CRAMPTON, Matthew Great Britain
8. RIJKHOFF, Yesna Netherlands
9. ROTHERHAM, Matthew Great Britain
10. VAN RIESSEN, Laurine Netherlands
Young Riders Scratch Race – 1
2. NEL, Thamana
4. RUSSELL, Ellie
5. GEORGI, Pfeiffer
6. MELLOR, Harriet
7. BOWLER, Lorna
8. VERRILL , Samantha
9. NIBBLET, Esme
10. GAMMONS, Maddie
11. PITT , Emma
12. MARTIN, Eve

Young Riders Scratch Race –  2
1. DRANSFIELD, Brad Kirkless CA
2. NEL, Thamana I Team CC
3. HUMPHREY, Tom Kirkless CA
4. RUSSELL, Ellie Sportcity Velo
5. GEORGI, Pfeiffer Giant CC – Halo Films
6. MELLOR, Harriet Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7. PITT , Emma Palmer Park Velo RT
8. BOWLER, Lorna Hillingdon Slipstreamers
9. GAMMONS, Maddie Bourne Whs CC
10. MARTIN, Eve Team Jaden
11. VERRILL , Samantha Speedflex RT
12. NIBBLET, Esme Midshropshire Wheelers

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