News – NFTO Junior Tour of Wales


In seven days time, 100 of the best junior cyclists in the world will converge on Brynmawr, South Wales for the NFTO Junior Tour of Wales

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News – NFTO Junior Tour of Wales
The three day five stage race begins on Saturday 29 August, finishing on the summit of the Tumble Mountain on Monday 31 August.

This year’s race features eight international teams, with riders from Australia, the USA and Uzbekistan taking on the cream of the domestic talent, including a Wales squad headed by last year’s Points Jersey winner, Joe Holt. For the Brits, it isn’t just the longest race most will ever have ridden, it is also the final round of the season-long British Cycling National Junior Road Series and will crown the winner.

The Tour has been a stepping stone for riders like Geraint Thomas, Alex Dowsett, David Millar and Mark Cavendish making the move from the junior ranks into professional teams. The next generation are also making their mark with 2013 winner Wales’ Scott Davies part of the British Cycling Olympic Senior Academy and 2014 winner Ireland’s Eddie Dunbar a key rider in NFTO Pro Cycling.

The race consists of five stages, starting with a time trial on the morning of Saturday 29 August, and finishing with a road race through the Brecon Beacons on Monday 31 August bringing the riders to the final showdown on the Tumble Mountain early in the afternoon, after nearly 180 miles of tough racing. And with quality all the way through the field, it’s impossible to predict the winners of the Green, Polka-Dot, Blue and Yellow Jerseys.

Stage 1, Brynmawr – Tumble ITT 
Jack Broadley 100 Sunset Cycles FJ3 10:31
Martijn Knoppert 72 Westland Wil Vooruit FJ 10:32
David Tudor 50 NFTO Race Club FJ2 10:33
Eugene Cross 78 Yorkshire FJ2 10:34
Max Williamson 84 Bike Box Alan/Envelopemaster FJ1 10:35
Cameron Biddle 99 Solihull CC FJ2 10:36
Corentin Navarro 66 Velo Sprint Narbonnais J 10:37
Jack Billyard 98 RP Racing Team J2 10:38
Jacob Booth 96 Dave Hinde Racing Team J2 10:39
James Ellmore 94 Mid Shropshire Wheelers J2 10:40
Mart Muskens 61 TWC Pijnenburg J 10:41
Tim James 91 Bourne Whls CC FJ2 10:42
Jonas Nordstrom 56 Team Novo Nordisk J 10:43
Alex Harvey 49 NFTO Race Club J2 10:44
Jake Beach 77 Yorkshire FJ2 10:46
Jali Packer 33 Strada-Sport FJ3 10:47
Thomas Humphreys 97 Rock Creek Velo FJ 10:48
Timothy Home 95 NRG/Godleys RT J2 10:49
Kieran Simcox 83 Bike Box Alan/Envelopemaster J2 10:50
Adam Stenson 54 Nicolas Roche Performance Team – FJ 10:51
Jim Duijvesteijn 71 Westland Wil Vooruit J 10:52
Jens Voets 46 District Team South West Netherlands 10:53
Kinsey McIlquham 93 Cardiff JIF J2 10:54
Matthew Clements 19 Catford CC Equipe/Banks J2 10:55
Sean Yelverton 38 Munster Academy J 10:56
Christopher Barnes 76 Yorkshire J2 10:57
Charlie McVey 65 Velo Sprint Narbonnais 10:58
Joash Lawerence 41 Cycling Ulster FJ 10:59
Liam Gilpin 48 NFTO Race Club FJ2 11:00
Willem Bok 59 TWC Pijnenburg FJ 11:01
Matthew Walls 70 Velocity Globalbike FJ2 11:02
Nick Vorwerk 58 Team Novo Nordisk J 11:03
Joshua Roberts 82 Zappi’s Racing Team FJ2 11:04
Harry Paine 29 Corley Cycles – Drops RT FJ2 11:05
Jacob Phelps 16 Wales J3 11:06
Adam Hartley 11 VCUK PH-MAS Junior Cycling Team FJ2 11:07
James Higginson 7 RST Racing Team FJ4 11:08
Charlie Meredith 25 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films J2 11:09
Karl Baillie 2 HMT Academy with JLT Condor J1 11:10
Yentil Ruijmgaard 73 Westland Wil Vooruit FJ 11:11
Alexis Roche 53 Nicolas Roche Performance Team – FJ 11:12
Florian van de Broek 45 District Team South West Netherlands FJ 11:13
Matt Bridges 32 Strada-Sport J3 11:14
James Curry 39 Cycling Ulster J 11:15
Robert O’ Leary 36 Munster Academy FJ 11:16
Matthew Webber 21 Catford CC Equipe/Banks FJ2 11:17
Kieran Savage 75 Yorkshire J2 11:18
Hefin Evans 47 NFTO Race Club J2 11:19
Owen Dudley 86 Manx Viking Whls CC FJ2 11:20
Thomas Veleys-Donk 62 TWC Pijnenburg J 11:21
Matthew Draper 69 Velocity Globalbike FJ2 11:22
Dmitriy Ponkratov 57 Team Novo Nordisk J 11:23
Patrick Christopher 80 Zappi’s Racing Team FJ2 11:24
Luke Morgan 28 Corley Cycles – Drops RT J2 11:25
Peter Kibble 15 Wales FJ2 11:26
Ralf Hodgson 12 VCUK PH-MAS Junior Cycling Team J2 11:27
Joseph Fry 6 RST Racing Team J1 11:28
Elliot Redfern 24 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films FJ2 11:29
Jack Escritt 4 HMT Academy with JLT Condor J1 11:30
Noah van der Meer 74 Westland Wil Vooruit J 11:31
Jake Gray 51 Nicolas Roche Performance Team – FJ 11:32
Cliff de Peijper 43 District Team South West Netherlands FJ 11:33
Lewis Stevens 34 Strada-Sport J1 11:34
Cameron McIntyre 42 Cycling Ulster FJ 11:35
Simon Tuomey 37 Munster Academy J 11:36
Simon Carr 64 Velo Sprint Narbonnais FJ 11:38
Harrison Jones 30 Pedal Heaven RT J2 11:39
Tom Chandler 87 Sherwood Pines Cycles SRAM RT FJ2 11:40
Stef de Louwere 60 TWC Pijnenburg J 11:41
Lewis Bulley 68 Velocity Globalbike FJ2 11:42
Francisco Carratala 55 Team Novo Nordisk J 11:43
Harry Luxton 81 Zappi’s Racing Team J2 11:44
Tom Yiangou 26 Corley Cycles – Drops RT J2 11:45
Alexandre Touche 17 Wales J2 11:46
Max Spedding 10 VCUK PH-MAS Junior Cycling Team J1 11:47
Joey Walker 8 RST Racing Team J1 11:48
Jack Mattock 22 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films J2 11:49
Stuart Balfour 3 HMT Academy with JLT Condor J1 11:50
Fabian Brennan 101 North City Velo Cycling Team J2 11:51
Morgan Hughes 102 Marsh Tracks Race Team FJ2 11:51
Michael O’ Loughlin 52 Nicolas Roche Performance Team – J 11:52
Bas Sitters 44 District Team South West Netherlands J 11:53
Chris Jackson 31 Strada-Sport J2 11:54
Marc Heaney 40 Cycling Ulster FJ 11:55
Darragh O’ Mahony 35 Munster Academy J 11:56
Louis Modell 18 Catford CC Equipe/Banks J2 11:57
Marcus Burnett 92 British Cycling PM FJ2 11:58
Matthew Bostock 85 Manx Viking Whls CC J2 11:59
Oliver Peckover 88 Sherwood Pines Cycles SRAM RT FJ2 12:00
Ethan Hayter 89 VC Londres FJ1 12:01
Reece Wood 67 Velocity Globalbike FJ2 12:02
Alexander Foster 9 Border City Wheelers CC J2 12:03
Charlie Quarterman 79 Zappi’s Racing Team FJ2 12:04
Robert Hogg 27 Corley Cycles – Drops RT J1 12:05
Joe Holt 14 Wales J1 12:06
Robert Scott 13 VCUK PH-MAS Junior Cycling Team FJ1 12:07
Nathan Draper 5 RST Racing Team J1 12:08
Etienne Georgi 23 Giant Cycling Club – Halo Films FJ1 12:09
Alexander Braybrooke 1 HMT Academy with JLT Condor J1 12:10

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