Result – BEC CC Open 25


Chris McNamara of Pedal Heaven fastest in the BEC CC Open 25 mile time trial

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Result – BEC CC Open 25

1st Chris McNamara Pedal Heaven 52:18
2nd Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC 53:16
3rd Simon McNamara South Downs Bikes 53:43
4th James Rix Crawley Wheelers 54:59
5th Matthew Woods Eastbourne Rovers CC 55:28
6th Peter Hardcastle Sigma 55:49
7th Stephen Ralston London Dynamo 56:04
8th Andy Hamilton Addiscombe CC 56:15
8th Paul Callinan London Dynamo 56:15
10th Ricky Froud Alton CC/Owens Cycles 56:58
11th Richard Weatherstone GS Stella 57:03
12th Michael Deen Redmon CC 57:07
13th Howard Shaw Eastbourne Rovers CC 57:17
14th Paul Byford Crawley Wheelers 57:23
15th Richard Tully Elite Cycling 58:07
16th Dale Lush Kingston Phoenix RC 58:22
17th Noel Miles East Grinstead Tri Club 58:40
17th Mike O’Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC 58:40
19th Martin Brown 7 Oaks Triathlon Club 58:42
20th Kevin Plummer South Downs Bikes 59:06
21st Ben Skelton London Dynamo 59:14
22nd Alys Mathew Clapham Chasers 59:44
22nd Jonathan Thomas Epsom CC 59:44
24th Jon Fry Horsham Cycling 59:53
25th Martin Booker Worthing Excelsior CC 59:55
26th Shaun Marlor Bec CC 01:00:15
27th Serge Bouschet Dulwich Paragon CC 01:00:17
28th David Clements Eastbourne Rovers CC 01:00:26
29th Ian Bashford Old Portlians CC 01:00:38
30th Richard Vaudin Redmon CC 01:00:40
31st Stuart Richards Clapham Chasers 01:00:58
32nd James Stone Brighton Excelsior CC 01:01:08
33rd Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands! 01:01:09
34th Simon Letts Bognor Regis CC 01:01:15
35th Mark Van Niekerk Dorking CC 01:01:19
36th Simon Tonge Redmon CC 01:01:30
37th Hugh Pelling Old Portlians CC 01:01:31
37th Richard Heath Oxted Cycle Club 01:01:31
39th Nick McCormick Epsom CC 01:01:36
40th John Marinko Brighton Mitre CC 01:01:38
41st Ian Cheesman Worthing Excelsior CC 01:01:44
42nd Colin Barton Worthing Excelsior CC 01:02:20
43rd Roland Kitson Redhill CC 01:02:23
44th Andrew R Green Bec CC 01:02:35
45th Simon Underwood CC Topp 01:02:37
46th Kevin Bashford East Grinstead CC 01:02:38
47th Donald Parker Brighton Mitre CC 01:03:03
48th Alexander Kew Kingston Phoenix RC 01:03:13
49th Wayne Brown Oxted Cycle Club 01:03:14
50th Doug Bentall Southborough & Dist. Whs 01:03:20
51st David Phillips Old Portlians CC 01:03:24
52nd Simon Lowe De Laune CC 01:03:31
53rd Timothy Peters Horsham Cycling 01:03:45
54th Simon Trehearn Kingston Phoenix RC 01:04:18
55th Russell Hicks Oxted Cycle Club 01:04:21
56th Gary Burgess Brighton Mitre CC 01:05:00
57th Paul Tunnell Addiscombe CC 01:05:02
58th Paul Winkley East Grinstead CC 01:05:10
59th Alan Rowe De Laune CC 01:05:45
60th Rhiannon Davies RST Sport/Aero-Coach 01:06:12
61st John Mankelow Lewes Wanderers CC 01:06:13
61st Peter Eames Eastbourne Rovers CC 01:06:13
63rd Brendan Boreham Sigma 01:06:16
64th Stuart Jago GS Stella 01:06:21
65th Peter Owen Norwood Paragon CC 01:06:39
66th Deborah Percival 34 Nomads CC 01:06:45
67th Colin Gray Norwood Paragon CC 01:06:52
68th Bryn Reeves Horsham Cycling 01:06:59
69th John Froud Festival RC 01:07:03
70th Morgan Pike Clapham Chasers 01:07:07
71st Oliver Walker South Eastern RC 01:07:41
72nd Jackie Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 01:07:45
73rd Stuart Payne Central Sussex CC 01:07:54
74th Peter Horsfield Redmon CC 01:08:15
75th Valerie Place 7 Oaks Triathlon Club 01:09:17
76th Clive Jackson Central Sussex CC 01:10:20
77th Peter Dyer Crawley Wheelers 01:11:00
78th John Tindall Epsom CC 01:11:13
79th Paul Valks Lewes Wanderers CC 01:11:32
80th Sally McSorley Sussex Nomads CC 01:11:51
81st Brian Hill Epsom CC 01:13:51
82nd Jonathan Gough Old Portlians CC 01:14:10
83rd Colin Derrick South Eastern RC 01:15:02
84th Lise Richards Wyndymilla 01:16:48
85th Suzanne Ahern 34 Nomads CC 01:18:37

1st Alys Mathew Clapham Chasers W 01:03:13
2nd Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands! 01:11:14
3rd Rhiannon Davies RST Sport/Aero-Coach W 01:06:12
4th Deborah Percival 34 Nomads CC 01:06:45
5th Morgan Pike Clapham Chasers W 01:07:07
6th Jackie Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 01:07:45
7th Valerie Place 7 Oaks Triathlon Club 01:09:17
8th Sally McSorley Sussex Nomads CC 01:11:51
9th Lise Richards Wyndymilla 01:16:48
10th Suzanne Ahern 34 Nomads CC 01:18:37

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