Results – ECCA Open 10


Alice Lethbridge and Douglas Coleman winners in the ECCA Open 10 mile time trial on the E2-10 on Saturday

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Results – ECCA Open 10

1st Alice Lethbridge 00:21:38
2nd Julia Freeman Easterley R C 00:22:46
3rd Sue Triplow Essex Roads C C 00:22:55
4th Anna Muir Colchester Rovers C C 00:23:14
5th Mary Bower Chelmer C C 00:23:23
6th Ann Shuttleworth Chelmer C C 00:24:30
7th Zena Palgrave Ely & District 00:24:43
8th Joanna Butcher Chelmer C C 00:24:59
9th Gillian Reynolds Willesden CC 00:25:07
10th Annabel Sill Team Jadan 00:25:45
11th Joanne Wells Houndslow District Wheelers 00:25:55
12th Leanne Cutler Hitchin Nomads CC 00:26:01
13th Esther Hamill Stevenage C C 00:26:15
14th Cheryl Smith Finsbury Park C C 00:27:28
15th Mandy Bunn West Suffolk Wheelers 00:27:46
16th Denese Hallahan Wisbech Whlrs 00:28:44
17th Celia Whitechurch Ely & District 00:30:37
18th Mary Horsnell Chelmer C C 00:39:25

1st Douglas Coleman CC London 00:19:48
2nd Gary Empson Anglia Velo 00:19:56
3rd Sam Barker 45 Road Club 00:20:02
4th Pete Dyson East London Velo 00:20:08
5th Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 00:20:26
6th Paul Lunn Fenland Clarion CC 00:20:30
7th Steven Jennings C C Ashwell 00:20:33
8th Henry Farrell Endeavour RT 00:20:41
8th Rob Young Team Vision Racing 00:20:41
10th Antony Stapleton Chelmer C C 00:20:42
11th James Long Bishops Stortford C C 00:20:45
12th Mick Hodson St Ives CC 00:20:46
13th Luke Hattersley St Ives CC 00:20:49
14th David Harding Chelmer C C 00:20:50
15th Gary Stevens St Ives CC 00:20:51
15th Luke Danckert C C Ashwell 00:20:51
17th Mathew Eley Ely & District 00:20:57
18th Terry Garlinge East London Velo 00:21:05
18th James Jenkins Southend Wheelers 00:21:05
20th Sam Hayes Team 00:21:11
21st Dale Sturman West Suffolk Wheelers 00:21:12
22nd Alastair Luxford Endeavour RT 00:21:14
23rd Andy Whale C C Ashwell 00:21:15
24th Karl Willis Hertfordshire Whlrs 00:21:24
24th Paul Vickers West Suffolk Wheelers 00:21:24
26th Gray Turnock Finsbury Park C C 00:21:26
27th Ken Platts Cambridge C.C. 00:21:30
28th Gary Record West Kent R C 00:21:40
28th Tim Davies Icknield RC 00:21:40
30th Robert Golding Ely & District 00:21:43
30th James Rush C C Sudbury 00:21:43
32nd Andrew Grant Cambridge C.C. 00:21:45
33rd Franz Fuerst Cambridge C.C. 00:21:46
34th Dan Bromilow Ely & District 00:21:48
35th Lee Russell V C Elan 00:21:49
35th Damon Day C C Sudbury 00:21:49
37th Darren Davis West Suffolk Wheelers 00:21:54
38th Grant Orsborn Icknield RC 00:21:56
39th Richard Parrotte Shaftesbury C C 00:21:57
39th Dan Smith Hainault R C 00:21:57
41st Myles Hilbery Essex Roads C C 00:21:59
41st Mark Steers Team Vision Racing 00:21:59
43rd Max Sahota St Ives CC 00:22:00
44th Michael Martin C C Ashwell 00:22:02
45th John Bradbury C C Sudbury 00:22:11
46th Roger Porter Verulam C C 00:22:14
46th Abid Hussain Icknield RC 00:22:14
46th David Crisp C C Sudbury 00:22:14
46th Alex Bailey C C Breckland 00:22:14
50th Jerome Watts East London Velo 00:22:15
51st Tom Sykes Ely & District 00:22:18
52nd Paul Vine Wigmore C C 00:22:20
53rd Simon Ginger Chelmer C C 00:22:22
53rd James Dynes Cambridge C.C. 00:22:22
55th Colin Lizieri Cambridge C.C. 00:22:23
56th Sam Wightman Chelmer C C 00:22:30
57th Chris Nudds C C Breckland 00:22:31
58th Steffen Verbist London Phoenix CC 00:22:32
58th Darren Bigmore Glendene C C 00:22:32
60th Paul Rooke West Suffolk Wheelers 00:22:35
60th Carlito Rendora Eagle R C 00:22:35
62nd Darran Bennett Ely & District 00:22:40
63rd Hugo Hocknell Team 00:22:41
64th Malcolm Sadler Chelmer C C 00:22:42
65th Daniel Babbs Chelmer C C 00:22:45
66th Dave Hulatt Peterborough CC 00:22:47
67th Phillip Gosling Ely & District 00:22:48
68th Geoffrey Brewster Ely & District 00:22:49
69th Steve Robinson Team 00:23:01
70th Matthew Saunders Gateway Cycling 00:23:04
71st Kevin Gill Ciclos Uno 00:23:12
72nd Martin Holmes Ely & District 00:23:14
73rd Steve Peck Newmarket C & TC 00:23:17
74th John Manlow Ely & District 00:23:22
75th Mark Ready Diss & District C.C. 00:23:26
75th Patrick Ellis Diss & District C.C. 00:23:26
77th Neil Allonby Icknield RC 00:23:27
78th Brian Evans Hertfordshire Whlrs 00:23:32
79th Glen Clark Ely & District 00:23:37
79th Boyd Nicholas West Suffolk Wheelers 00:23:37
81st Daniel Jenkins Southend Wheelers 00:23:38
81st Simon Keen Crest C C 00:23:38
83rd Simon Fitzhugh 45 Road Club 00:23:45
84th Dave Wentworth Team 00:23:46
85th Nicolas Gyde C C Breckland 00:23:47
86th Don Saunders C C Breckland 00:23:53
87th Jan Ertner Cambridge C.C. 00:23:57
88th Michael Ashcroft West Kent R C 00:23:59
89th John Iszatt Team Vision Racing 00:24:01
90th Derek Ricketts Ely & District 00:24:02
91st Wayne Greve Shaftesbury C C 00:24:05
92nd Keith Clarke Colchester Rovers C C 00:24:07
92nd Graham Pepperdine Verulam C C 00:24:07
94th Richard Kemp Redbridge C C 00:24:19
95th John Parkes Stowmarket & Dist. C C 00:24:20
96th Len Benton Colchester Rovers C C 00:24:21
96th Colin Ashcroft West Kent R C 00:24:21
98th Michael Wood C C Breckland 00:24:31
99th Colin Whitechurch Ely & District 00:24:37
100th David Ledgerton Team 00:24:40
101st John Adams Stowmarket & Dist. C C 00:24:43
102nd Ian Stokes 45 Road Club 00:24:44
103rd John Royle Fenland Clarion CC 00:24:47
104th David Howes West Suffolk Wheelers 00:25:01
105th Michael Hennessy Southend Wheelers 00:25:05
106th Laurence Toombs West Kent R C 00:25:11
106th Stephen Watson Hertfordshire Whlrs 00:25:11
108th Peter Bullen Finsbury Park C C 00:25:12
109th Ed Graefe East London Velo 00:25:13
110th Julian Thorpe Crest C C 00:25:18
111th Henry Wood West Suffolk Wheelers 00:25:20
112th Douglas Reilly Godric CC 00:25:34
113th Andrew Porter Welwyn Whlrs 00:25:49
114th Colin Harris C C Sudbury 00:26:09
115th Tony Capon Becontree Whlrs C C 00:26:22
116th Slavik Ivantsiv St Ives CC 00:26:26
117th Brian Martin Ciclos Uno 00:26:32
118th John Jenkins West Kent R C 00:26:33
119th Eric Marsh Ciclos Uno 00:26:35
120th Antonio Paolino Eagle R C 00:27:01
121st Colin Clarke Wolsey R C 00:27:59
122nd Merv Player Hertfordshire Whlrs 00:28:05
123rd Shaun Qureshi Chelmer C C 00:28:07
124th Peter Horsnell Chelmer C C 00:29:19
125th Terry Sykes Ely & District 00:30:36

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