BikeP0RN: NFTO’s Custom Felt


We look at the custom Felt bikes that British pro team NFTO have been using in 2015

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BikeP0RN: NFTO’s Custom Felt



The weapon that NFTO use to race on is the Felt F1 carbon bike in custom colours for the team. Weighing in at the UCI limit (the bike can be made lighter apparently), the frames are made with a mixture of Felt’s UHC Advanced + TeXtreme® MMC carbon fiber along with cutting-edge carbon fibre. Steele Von Hoff also has an AR1 (aero) frame in the Aussie national champs colours made from the same carbon as the F1 frames.

The frames are decked out with Enve wheels, handlebars, stems and seatpost, Continental tyres and Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupsets.


Shimano Dura Ace with 11 speed cassettes (11-28)

The wheels used are a wide range of ENVE SES wheels. The 3.4’s are used on windy or hilly races and are 340g per rim (, the 6.7’s are used most days when the wind isn’t above 15mph or if your Eddie (Dunbar) and only weight 5kgs LoL. (

The team also have some 8.9’s for mega fast still days and TT’s. The bikes also run with ENVE seat posts, stems and bars with the new SES (SMART) aero bar being most popular at only 233g, its super stiff and a great shape (


The team use Astute SkyLite saddles in custom neon red with the riders having a choice between open or closed or wide or narrow options.  All bikes have Stages power meters (like Sky) along with Dura Ace Di2 on all the race bikes with Ultegra Di2 on training bikes.

Steele von Hoff is the only rider to use Rotor’s Q-Rings chainrings.

The bikes are 22 speed with 11-28 on most of the bikes and the pedals are Speedplay. The rubber used are tubulars (Continental 25mm PT tubulars or PTX for rough roads (like the CiCLE Classic). For training, the riders use clinchers with GP 4000s or Gran sport tyres (Continental).


Matt Lee, the mechanic at NFTO, explained how they will be working towards having all new Continental rubber on for the Tour of Britain and how anything that is punctured (of course) or got cuts will be replaced.

The bikes are running Dura Ace chains and how often these are replaced varies from bike to bike and rider to rider. Most of the bikes he explained will have had around three chains by mid August, even more on the training bikes. Surprisingly, considering the miles they do, the Dura Ace cables have not had to be replaced.


Post race and bikes are cleaned ready for the next event


Chris King hubs



Astute SkyLite saddles are in custom neon red for the team. Battle scars optional!




The aero ENVE bars popular with the riders


No mistaking these bikes are for the NFTO team in red and black.


The Arundel mandible bottle cages ensure they never loose a bottle


The ENVE Smart aero bars


A popular pedal in the peloton, Speedplay.

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