Report – Women’s Team Series


The Army go on the attack in the Darley Moor Women’s Team Series won by Elizabeth Jane Harris (Army CU) from teammate Chanel Mason

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Report – Women’s Team Series
(from Jon Miles)

With a 1 – 2 in the Women’s Team Series penultimate race at Darley Moor the Army CU have shown all year what can be achieved by genuine team tactics where a rider never
ends up just chasing licence points can be put aside for the good of the team
Organised for the Ashfield RC by Arthur Gentle, with this to be his last race organsiation after 41 years, this closed circuit race always lends itself to good racing especially when the wind blows, as it did today making it a tough course.

Sadly there were only 34 riders facing the starter from the 22 teams that paid to be registered with the Team Series (why?) but after the settling down few laps Chanel Mason, Army CU and  Anna Marie Hughes, Bonito Squadra Corse attacked but Anna Marie was soon dropped as Chanel plowed on using her strength but the vigilant bunch gradually drew her in but no sooner had that happened than two other Army CU riders had a go but it was shortlived.

However this did act to force 4 riders to get away Jennifer Powell, EliteVelo-Elizabeth Jane Harris, Army CU and Elizabeth Steadman, Fusion RT with Bethany Taylor, Bonito Squadra Corse getting with them later with 8 laps to go.

They had one laps freedom and it was all over; then the main attack of the day went when the Army CU duo just rode clear and gradually gained tyhose vital seconds until crossing the fnish line they had 45 seconds in hand. The bunch sprint was won by Lucy Shaw, Matrix.

1 Elizabeth Jane Harris Army CU
2 Chanel Mason Army CU
3 Lucy Shaw Matrix
4 Lauren Murphy Composite Team
5 Sam Burman Composite Team
6 Bethany Taylor Bonito Squadra Corse
7 Anna Marie Hughes Bonito Squadra Corse
8 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT
9 Sian Botteley Velosure Starley Primal
10 Sarah Graham Composite Team
11 Hayely Edwards Team Velosp[ort
12 Francesca Morgans Slader EliteVelo
13 Ellie Campbell Fusion RT
14 Steph Clayton Composite Team
15 Vanessa Holmes Composite Team
16 Elizabeth Steadman Fusion RT
17 Sophie Faulkner Fusion RT
18 Samantha Wilson Army CU
19 Sydnie Price M&D Cycles
20 Anne Walsham Composite Team
21 Sarah Burke Composite Team
22 Phoebe Marin Composite Team
23 Lizzie Catlow Composite Team
24 Jennifer Powell EliteVelo
25 Jess Woodworth Composite Team
26 Sophie Black EliteVelo
27 Tania Griffith Composite Team
28 Lotte Morris Composite Team

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