News – Win for Roe in Ireland


Scotland’s Eileen Roe sprinted to victory on the sixth and final stage of the An Post Rás na mBan whilst Germany’s Pohl Wins Overall

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News – Win for Roe in Ireland
Photos from Lorraine O’Sullivan

Event Press Release
After 85km in South Clare the former British Circuit Race champion powered up the finishing straight ahead of double stage winner Grace Garner (Team RST) from England and Germany’s Stephanie Pohl (South Netherlands-Energy HR).

2015_Ras na mBan Stage 6 Roe

Pohl’s third place thus protected the seven-second advantage she held over Roe to secure overall honours in the tenth edition of An Post Rás na mBan. Pohl is the second German winner of the event following Stephanie Gronow’s victory in the first event in 2006.

Pohl’s next assignment is the world championships in Richmond Virginia next week where she’ll ride in the service of team leaders Lisa Brennauer and Trixi Worrack. Pohl is in the German army and, as the reigning world champion in the Points Race on the track, is looking forward to competing in the velodrome at Rio next summer.

“It’s a really nice race and it is really good preparation for the world championships. I’m delighted to have taken victory here in Clare this week,” said Pohl, who will race on the road with the Bigla professional squad next season.

Pohl was ever vigilant throughout the final stage as wave after wave of early attacks were neutralised. Kirsten Peetom (WV kicked off the attacking while Helene Gerard (Team Breizh Ladies) was clear for much of the 10km, second classified ascent of the day only to be caught within sight of the top.

2015_Ras na mBan Stage 6 podium

Henrietta Colbourne (Team Jadan) was first over the climb after which the riders faced the long descent back to the finish line in Ennis.

Irish riders Eve McCrystal (Richie’s Garda CC) and Lydia Boylan (WNT) raced clear in the closing kilometres, opening up an advantage of 15s as the charged towards the line. McCrystal and Boylan were caught inside the final kilometre setting up the group sprint to the line taken in emphatic style by Roe.

“I checked out the finish last night and I knew I needed to be in front coming through the final turn. I led it out from a long way and I managed them hold them off. Ann Ewing told me I had to win at least one stage and I’m delighted it was the one she won last year,” added Roe in reference to her fellow Scotswoman’s final stage success for the same WV Breda team in the same stage 12 months ago.

Like Ewing, Roe also ended the week in second overall, seven seconds in arrears with Emma Norsgaard Jorgensen (Team Rytger) third at 13s. Norsgaard Jorgensen took the final Young Rider award to go with her stage two stage success however the Danish teenager was pipped for the final NDC Points jersey by Grace Garner whose second place on the final day pushed her one point in front.

The Wicklow 200 Queen of the Mountains Classification had already secured by Mirthe Wagenaar (WV ahead of the final day and the Dutchwoman was first over the first climb of the day for an encore.

2015_Ras na mBan Stage 6 Jerseys

Clare County Council Best Irish Rider was the preserve of Eve McCrystal (Richie’s Garda CC) throughout the week and, after an early bike change, the Louthwoman was soon back in the pack ready to contend for stage honours.

The Best British Rider award went the way of Natalie Grinczer (Fusion RT) while top junior was Norsgaard Jorgensen.

Best team was the Fusion RT squad of Natalie Grinczer, Rebecca Nixon, Eleanor Campbell, Jennifer Hudson and Elizabeth Stedman while the best Irish team award went to the Richie’s Garda CC squad of Eve McCrystal, Catherine McAteer, Orla Montague, Karen Robinson and Claire McIlwaine.


1.   Eileen Roe WV Breda
2.   Grace Garner RST RT
3.   Stephanie Pohl South Netherlands
4.   Nikki Juniper Giordana Triton
5.   Emma Norsgaard Jorgensen Rytger
6.   Henrietta Colbourne Jadan
7.   Lydia Boylan Team WNT
8.   Ciara Doogan Rytger
9.   Rebecca Nixon Fusion RT
10.   Cecilia LeBris Breizh
11.   Ellinor Huusko Rytger
12.   Annasley Park Giordana Triton
13.   Ellie Dickinson NRPT
14.   Angela Hibbs Watt Cycle
15.   Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT
16.   Mary Rose Postma South Netherlands
17.   Mirthe Wagenaar WV Breda
18.   Femke Kuipers West Frisia
19.   Eve McCrystal Garda CC
20.   Helen Ralston Team PMR
21.   Sarah Bradford Jadan
22.   Geerte Hoeke WV Breda
23.   Coralie Demay Breizh
24.   Emmy Anderasson HBSS Norge
25.   Chloe Fraser GB Cycles
26.   Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT
27.   Sophie Coleman Team PMR
28.   Elleke Classen West Frisia
29.   Eleanor Campbell Fusion RT
30.   Clare McIlwaine Garda CC
31.   Abbeymae Parkinson Giordana Triton
32.   Helene Gerard Breizh
33.   Gabriella Nordin GB Cycles
34.   Stephanie A Sydlik Team QCW
35.   Gabrielle Rimasson Breizh
36.   Katrine Aalerud HBSS Norge
37.   Keira McVitty Giordana Triton
38.   Roos Hoogeboom West Frisia
39.   Elizabeth Stedman Fusion RT
40.   Gaby Leveridge Starley Primal
41.   Monica Dew Jadan
42.   Michelle O Halloran Lakeside Whlrs
43.   Becca Carter Team WNT
44.   Susan Freeburn Team PMR
45.   Kirsten Peetoom WV Breda
46.   Julie Leth Rytger
47.   Ines Klok WV Breda
48.   Sam Burman Team WNT
49.   Kelly Murphy RST RT
50.   Emily Birchill NRPT
51.   Emma Walsh De Ronde von Cork
52.   Pernilla van Rozelaar West Frisia
53.   Margaux Cadol Breizh
54.   Monica Marconi Nenagh CC
55.   Louise Laker Team PMR
56.   Rachel Clancy Nenagh CC
57.   Ciara Kinch Lakeside Whlrs
58.   Eileen Burns Ulster
59.   Kylie Waterreus South Netherlands
60.   Pia de Quint Team WNT
61.   Fiona Guihen Steen Wear
62.   Maire Claffey De Ronde von Cork
63.   Claire Munton Starley Primal
64.   Malin Berlin HBSS Norge
65.   Grace Young De Ronde von Cork
66.   Niamh Stephens Steen Wear
67.   Michelle Geoghegan Steen Wear
68.   Anne Perry Carnac
69.   Jo Tindley Team WNT
70.   Andrea Terjesen HBSS Norge
71.   Sonja O Mahony Lakeside Whlrs
72.   Karen Deenihan De Ronde von Cork
73.   Ellen McDermott Watt Cycle
74.   Jane Millar Ulster
75.   Sarah Pratt Steen Wear
76.   Jennifer Fortune De Ronde von Cork
77.   Marije Hengeveld South Netherlands
78.   Alwynne Shannon Ulster
79.   Sinead Kennedy Nenagh CC
80.   Kristie Nichols James Team QCW
81.   Sandra Devine Ulster
82.   Lindsey Knast Team QCW
83.   Marianne Williams Team QCW
84.   Victoria Strila Team PMR
85.   Maxine Filby GB Cycles
86.   Sarah Jeanne Fraser South Netherlands
87.   Orla Montague Garda CC
88.   Beth McCluskey Steen Wear
89.   Siobhan Sheehan Lakeside Whlrs
90.   Nicola Soden Carnac
91.   Sandra McKay Carnac
92.   Karen Robinson Garda CC
93.   Catherine McAteer Garda CC
94.   Joanne Regan Ulster
95.   Elspeth Huyett Team QCW
96.   Michelle Forster GB Cycles


1.   Stephanie Pohl South Netherlands
2.   Eileen Roe WV Breda
3.   Emma Norsgaard Jorgensen Rytger
4.   Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT
5.   Coralie Demay Breizh
6.   Lydia Boylan Team WNT
7.   Nikki Juniper Giordana Triton
8.   Angela Hibbs Watt Cycle
9.   Eve McCrystal Garda CC
10.   Chloe Fraser GB Cycles
11.   Sophie Coleman Team PMR
12.   Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT
13.   Geerte Hoeke WV Breda
14.   Annasley Park Giordana Triton
15.   Henrietta Colbourne Jadan
16.   Abbeymae Parkinson Giordana Triton
17.   Rebecca Nixon Fusion RT
18.   Mirthe Wagenaar WV Breda
19.   Grace Garner RST RT
20.   Clare McIlwaine Garda CC
21.   Stephanie A Sydlik Team QCW
22.   Ciara Doogan Rytger
23.   Ellie Dickinson NRPT
24.   Mary Rose Postma South Netherlands
25.   Gabriella Nordin GB Cycles
26.   Ellinor Huusko Rytger
27.   Helen Ralston Team PMR
28.   Emmy Anderasson HBSS Norge
29.   Eleanor Campbell Fusion RT
30.   Julie Leth Rytger
31.   Femke Kuipers West Frisia
32.   Roos Hoogeboom West Frisia
33.   Elizabeth Stedman Fusion RT
34.   Kirsten Peetoom WV Breda
35.   Emily Birchill NRPT
36.   Elleke Classen West Frisia
37.   Kylie Waterreus South Netherlands
38.   Gabrielle Rimasson Breizh
39.   Cecilia LeBris Breizh
40.   Gaby Leveridge Starley Primal
41.   Ines Klok WV Breda
42.   Pernilla van Rozelaar West Frisia
43.   Anne Perry Carnac
44.   Kelly Murphy RST RT
45.   Michelle O Halloran Lakeside Whlrs
46.   Keira McVitty Giordana Triton
47.   Emma Walsh De Ronde von Cork
48.   Becca Carter Team WNT
49.   Katrine Aalerud HBSS Norge
50.   Michelle Geoghegan Steen Wear
51.   Rachel Clancy Nenagh CC
52.   Sarah Bradford Jadan
53.   Claire Munton Starley Primal
54.   Helene Gerard Breizh
55.   Ciara Kinch Lakeside Whlrs
56.   Jo Tindley Team WNT
57.   Monica Dew Jadan
58.   Beth McCluskey Steen Wear
59.   Fiona Guihen Steen Wear
60.   Susan Freeburn Team PMR
61.   Sam Burman Team WNT
62.   Eileen Burns Ulster
63.   Marije Hengeveld South Netherlands
64.   Andrea Terjesen HBSS Norge
65.   Kristie Nichols James Team QCW
66.   Sarah Jeanne Fraser South Netherlands
67.   Maire Claffey De Ronde von Cork
68.   Sonja O Mahony Lakeside Whlrs
69.   Grace Young De Ronde von Cork
70.   Ellen McDermott Watt Cycle
71.   Niamh Stephens Steen Wear
72.   Monica Marconi Nenagh CC
73.   Malin Berlin HBSS Norge
74.   Margaux Cadol Breizh
75.   Louise Laker Team PMR
76.   Pia de Quint Team WNT
77.   Lindsey Knast Team QCW
78.   Marianne Williams Team QCW
79.   Jane Millar Ulster
80.   Maxine Filby GB Cycles
81.   Orla Montague Garda CC
82.   Sinead Kennedy Nenagh CC
83.   Sandra McKay Carnac
84.   Sarah Pratt Steen Wear
85.   Catherine McAteer Garda CC
86.   Nicola Soden Carnac
87.   Karen Deenihan De Ronde von Cork
88.   Jennifer Fortune De Ronde von Cork
89.   Sandra Devine Ulster
90.   Victoria Strila Team PMR
91.   Elspeth Huyett Team QCW
92.   Karen Robinson Garda CC
93.   Alwynne Shannon Ulster
94.   Joanne Regan Ulster
95.   Siobhan Sheehan Lakeside Whlrs
96.   Michelle Forster GB Cycles

Young Rider

1.   Emma Norsgaard Jorgensen Rytger DEN
2.   Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT GBR
3.   Chloe Fraser GB Cycles GBR
4.   Annasley Park Giordana Triton GBR
5.   Henrietta Colbourne Jadan GBR
6.   Abbeymae Parkinson Giordana Triton GBR
7.   Grace Garner RST RT GBR
8.   Ciara Doogan Rytger IRL
9.   Ellie Dickinson NRPT GBR
10.   Ellinor Huusko Rytger DEN
11.   Eleanor Campbell Fusion RT GBR
12.   Roos Hoogeboom West Frisia NED
13.   Emily Birchill NRPT IRL
14.   Kylie Waterreus South Netherlands NED
15.   Gabrielle Rimasson Breizh FRA
16.   Cecilia LeBris Breizh FRA
17.   Pernilla van Rozelaar West Frisia NED
18.   Keira McVitty Giordana Triton GBR
19.   Katrine Aalerud HBSS Norge NOR
20.   Sarah Bradford Jadan GBR
21.   Helene Gerard Breizh FRA
22.   Monica Dew Jadan GBR
23.   Andrea Terjesen HBSS Norge NOR
24.   Malin Berlin HBSS Norge SWE
25.   Margaux Cadol Breizh FRA

Best British Rider
1.   Natalie Grinczer Fusion RT
2.   Lydia Boylan Team WNT
3.   Nikki Juniper Giordana Triton
4.   Angela Hibbs Watt Cycle
5.   Chloe Fraser GB Cycles
6.   Sophie Coleman Team PMR
7.   Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT
8.   Annasley Park Giordana Triton
9.   Henrietta Colbourne Jadan
10.   Abbeymae Parkinson Giordana Triton
11.   Rebecca Nixon Fusion RT
12.   Grace Garner RST RT
13.   Gabriella Nordin GB Cycles
14.   Helen Ralston Team PMR
15.   Eleanor Campbell Fusion RT
16.   Elizabeth Stedman Fusion RT
17.   Gaby Leveridge Starley Primal
18.   Kelly Murphy RST RT
19.   Keira McVitty Giordana Triton
20.   Becca Carter Team WNT
21.   Sarah Bradford Jadan
22.   Claire Munton Starley Primal
23.   Jo Tindley Team WNT
24.   Monica Dew Jadan
25.   Susan Freeburn Team PMR
26.   Sam Burman Team WNT
27.   Ellen McDermott Watt Cycle
28.   Louise Laker Team PMR
29.   Pia de Quint Team WNT
30.   Maxine Filby GB Cycles
31.   Sandra McKay Carnac
32.   Nicola Soden Carnac
33.   Victoria Strila Team PMR
34.   Michelle Forster GB Cycles




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