Result – Last of the Summer Wine Series


Latest results from the  second in the series of The Last of The Summer Wine race geld at Redbridge Cycle Centre on Sunday

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Result – Last of the Summer Wine Series

On a very warm September morning only 11 riders started. It all stayed together until the second PRIME when Bob Downs (Condor Team) shot out of the bunch to take it with Dick Naylor (Abellio – SFA. RT) not far behind, these two riders went on to Lap the field with Bob Downs Taking the win from Dick Naylor.

1st, Bob Downs, Condor Team, E
2nd, Dick Naylor, Abellio – S.F.A. RT, F
3rd, Terry Devine, Braintree Velo, F At 1 LAP
4th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, F At 1 LAP
5th, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo, F At 1 LAP
6th, Pete Constable, Velo Schils – Interbike, E At 1 LAP
7th, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC, E At 1 LAP
8th, Trevor Mills, Ford CC, F At 1 LAP
9th, Roly Crayford, Abellio – S.F.A. RT, H At 1 LAP
10th, Richard Turner, Pearson CC, E At 1 LAP
11th, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC, E At 1 LAP
PRIME WINNERS No. 71 & No.77

“E” Race Result
1st, Bob Downs, Condor Team
2nd, Pete Constable, Velo Schils – Interbike
3rd, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC
4th, Richard Turner, Pearson CC
5th, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC

“F” Race Result
1st, Dick Naylor, Abellio – S.F.A. RT
2nd, Terry Devine, Braintree Velo
3rd, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
4th, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo
5th, Trevor Mills, Ford CC

“H” Race Result
1st, Roly Crayford, Abellio – S.F.A. RT,

Only a bunch of 19 riders started the race which was a poor showing on such a lovely day. No movement from any body for a few laps, not even Antony Wallis (Ciclos Uno) again until the first PRIME then a group of 4 riders No.9, No.11, No.16, & No. 17 broke away and the were soon joined by No. 1, Antony Wallis. These 5 continue distances themselves from the bunch. No. 9 was the first to drop back to the bunch, then No. 16 & No. 17, the next to go back into the bunch, this left Antony Wallis (Ciclos Uno) & Tony Meader (Eagle RC) to go on and lap the fields, and with only a few laps to go Tony Meader could not keep up the pace of Antony Wallis and dropped back into a small group the had broken away from the main bunch. Antony Wallis taking another solo win with Tony Meaders second place a lap ahead of the rest.

1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno, B
2nd, Tony Meader, Eagle RC, C
3rd, Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC, B At 1 LAP
4th, Tomasz Chmielewski, Finchley RT, A At 1 LAP
5th, Kevin Wolff, O P CC, B At 1 LAP
6th, A. Wubben, London Dynamo, C At 1 LAP
7th, Andrew Elderfield, VC Revolution, A At 1 LAP
8th, Martin Meades, Ciclos Uno, C At 1 LAP
9th, Angelo Cheistides, LVRC PRIVATE MEMBER, D At 1 LAP
10th, David Farrow, Eagle RC, B At 1 LAP
11th, Colin Smith, Colour Tech RT, C At 1 LAP
12th, Stephen Sonba, Dulwich Paragon CC, D At 1 LAP
13th, Jonathan Donald, Pearson CC, B At 1 LAP
14th, Dan Fentiman, LVRC PRIVATE MEMBER, B At 1 LAP
15th, David Nelson LVRC PRIVATE MEMBER, B At 1 LAP
16th, Nick Symes, LMNIT, B At 1 LAP
17th, Ian Hawthorn, O P CC, B At 1 LAP

“A” Race Result
1st, Tomasz Chmielewski, Finchley RT
2nd, Andrew Elderfield, VC Revolution

“B” Race Result
1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno
2nd, Robin Parker, East Grinstead CC
3rd, Kevin Wolff, O P CC
4th, David Farrow, Eagle RC
5th, Jonathan Donald, Pearson CC
6th, Dan Fentiman, LVRC PRIVATE MEMBER
8th, Nick Symes, LMNIT
9th, Ian Hawthorn, O P CC

“C” Race Result
1st, Tony Meader, Eagle RC
2nd, A. Wubben, London Dynamo
3rd, Martin Meades, Ciclos Uno
4th, Colin Smith, Colour Tech RT

“D” Race Result
1st, Angelo Cheistides, LVRC PRIVATE MEMBER
2nd, Stephen Sonba, Dulwich Paragon CC

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