2015 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships


The Gold medals on day 1 of the 2015 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome went to riders on both sides of the world with no one country dominating.

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2015 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships 

October 3-10, 2015 | Day 1

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The Gold medals on day 1 of the 2015 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome went to riders on both sides of the world with no one country dominating. USA, France, Australia, Latvia and Great Britain all triumphed on the opening day of the championships where riders from over 30 country’s are taking part.


With a new World Masters Best Time for the age group (subject to ratification), Scotland’s Bruce Croall won the Men’s Time Trial 35 – 39 Years over the distance of one kilometre (4 Laps) with a world class time in any age category of 1.03.959. He was over a second clear of Henrik Scharling of Denmark (1.05.527) and Arnaud Duble (France).

There was gold for Latvia when a regular on the World Cup scene not that many years ago, Ainars Kiksis won the 750 metre time trial for the 40-44 age group over three laps of the Manchester track with a time of 48.602, well clear of the silver medalist from Ireland, Terry Mackin (50.242) and Britain’s Adam Welch.


The USA struck Gold with Russell Murphy winning the Men’s Scratch Race for the 55 – 59 years age group which was contested over 7.5Km or 30 Laps of the Manchester Velodrome. He beat two riders from Down Under, New Zealand’s Grant Tyrell and Graeme Peadon (Australia) to the top spot.

The final of the Mens 60/64 Scratch race over ,5000 metres (20 Laps) was won by Ivan Colig of Australia from Jean Louis Duble of France and James Rutherford of Great Britain. Meanwhile, the Men’s Team Sprint for 65 and over was won by France with a time of 57.439 (Michel Briat, Gerard Van Den Abele, Gerard Louis Robert) who beat Denmark who completed the distance in 1.00.589. Their line up was Bent Christiansen, Preben Dalsgaard, Steffen Munch Hansen. The USA withReid Schwartz, Steve Troseth, and James Kloss were third.


The day also saw the early rounds of the 50-54 Men’s Sprint where Geoff Stoker (Australia), Brian Abers (USA), Chris Pyatt (GBR) and Adrian Dent (GBR) all made it through to the semi finals which will be held on day 2.



Mens 55/59 Scratch: Russell Murphy USA
Mens 35/39 TT: Bruce Croall GBR
Mens 40/44 TT: Ainars Kiksis LAT
Mens 60/64 Scratch: Gold – Ivan Colig, Australia
Mens Team Sprint (65+): France (Michel Briat, Gerard Van Den Abele, Gerard Louis Robert)



Mens 60/64 Scratch
1 Ivan Colig AUS
2 Jean Louis Duble FRA
3 James Rutherford GBR
4 Patrick Gellineau USA
5 Ian Humphreys GBR
6 Tom Daly IRL
7 Steve Davies GBR
8 Shannon Fox USA
9 David Smith GBR
10 Brian O’Kelly GBR
11 Bob Barber GBR
12 Don Huyser AUS
13 Mark Minting GBR
14 John Manning GBR
15 Chris Davis GBR

Mens Time Trial 40 – 44 Years
1 Ainars Kiksis LAT 48.602
2 Terry Mackin IRL 50.242
3 Adam Welch GBR 50.579
4 Jeremy Pile GBR 51.400
5 Alfred Rooks NED 51.450
6 Michael Smith AUS 51.684
7 Alessandro Picco ITA 52.086
8 Keith Bryceland GBR 52.300
9 Lee Suthard GBR 52.326
10 Martin Ruepp SUI 52.439
11 Christos Rantos GRE 52.443
12 Kev Babakian AUS 52.478
13 Geoffroy Soulaine FRA 52.753
14 Tommi Nieminen FIN 53.029
15 Hugo Alfredo Auge ARG 53.046
16 Sebastien Thery FRA 54.389
17 Edzard Boland NED 55.219
18 James Roberts GBR 55.402
19 Jason Streather GBR 55.514
20 Michael Dancel USA 55.956

Mens Time Trial 35 – 39 Years 1Km (4 Laps)
1 Bruce Croall GBR 1.03.959 ***
2 Henrik Scharling DEN 1.05.527
3 Arnaud Duble FRA 1.06.378
4 Ethan Boyes USA 1.07.666
5 Juhani Tammisto FIN 1.08.220
6 Jonathan Harris GBR 1.08.857
7 Julien Muselet FRA 1.09.090
8 Lauri Arte FIN 1.09.555
9 Hamish Wright NZL 1.09.573
10 Axel Boland NED 1.10.158
11 Bruno Tanjon FRA 1.10.265
12 Alvin Cobb USA 1.11.647
13 Fabio Rossetto BRA 1.12.046
14 Andrew Kruse USA 1.12.242
15 Christopher Holt GBR 1.12.933
16 Alan Holmes GBR 1.13.327
17 Nick Caton GBR 1.14.116

Mens Scratch Race 55 – 59 Years
7.5Km (30 Laps)

1 Russell Murphy USA
2 Grant Tyrell NZL
3 Graeme Peadon AUS
4 Manuel Gallardo CHI
5 Ivor Reid GBR
6 David Whitehall GBR
7 Ken Roesner GBR
8 Gerrit Schepers RSA
9 Gerard Carrette FRA
10 Graham Barclay GBR
11 Steve Wilkinson GBR
12 Sylvan Adams CAN
13 Mark Sommers USA
14 Christopher Tomlinson GBR
15 Keir Apperley GBR
16 Neil Familton NZL
17 Ian Donohue GBR
18 Uwe Rübling GER
19 Keith Jones GBR
20 Thierry Manicourt FRA
21 Ferruccio Veschetti ITA
22 Glen Heuvel RSA
Race Time: 09:28

Mens Team Sprint 65 Plus Years

1 France 57.439
Michel Briat, Gerard Van Den Abele, Gerard Louis Robert

2. Denmark 1.00.589
Bent Christiansen, Preben Dalsgaard, Steffen Munch Hansen

3. USA
Reid Schwartz, Steve Troseth, James Kloss

Mens Sprint 50 – 54 Years

200m Qualifying Flying Time Trial (3½ Laps)
1 Geoff Stoker AUS 11.106
2 Brian Abers USA 11.234
3 Adrian Dent GBR 11.351
4 Roberto Dardi ITA 11.360
5 Christopher Pyatt GBR 11.481
6 Matthew Diefenbach USA 11.500
7 Mark Wiffen GBR 11.592
8 Bruno Mery FRA 11.720
9 Thomas Donohue USA 11.727
10 Guy Mansio FRA 11.750
11 Gustavo Faris ARG 11.832
12 Pascal Chargros FRA 11.874
13 Geoffrey Baxter AUS 11.912
14 Harvey Jackson GBR 12.117
15 Andis Lejins LAT 12.405
16 Robert Francis USA 12.748
17 Michael Köhler GER 13.324
18 Christopher Welham GBR 14.526

Round 1
1st Geoff Stoker AUS 13.064
2nd Pascal Chargros FRA
3rd Christopher Welham GBR

1st Brian Abers US A 12.562
2nd Gustavo Faris ARG
3rd Michael Köhler GER

1st Adrian Dent GB R 12.100
2nd Guy Mansio FRA
3rd Robert Francis USA

1st Thomas Donohue US A 12.099
2nd Roberto Dardi ITA
3rd Andis Lejins LAT

1st Christopher Pyatt GB R 11.556
2nd Harvey Jackson GBR
3rd Bruno Mery FRA

1st Matthew Diefenbach US A 12.296
2nd Geoffrey Baxter AUS
3rd Mark Wiffen GBR

Round 1 Repechage winners
Bruno Mery FRA, Harvey Jackson GBR, Gustavo Faris ARG, and Roberto Dardi ITA

Round 2
1st Geoff Stoker AUS 12.463
2nd Matthew Diefenbach USA
3rd Roberto Dardi ITA

1st Christopher Pyatt GBR 11.914
2nd Brian Abers USA
3rd Bruno Mery FRA

1st Adrian Dent GBR 12.250
2nd Thomas Donohue USA
3rd Harvey Jackson GBR
4th Gustavo Faris ARG

Round 2 Repechage
1st Matthew Diefenbach USA 12.518
2nd Harvey Jackson GBR
3rd Bruno Mery FRA

1st Brian Abers USA 12.363
2nd Gustavo Faris ARG
3rd Roberto Dardi ITA
4th Thomas Donohue USA

Round 2 Repecharge Final
1st Brian Abers USA 11.936
2nd Matthew Diefenbach USA

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 3th and each day until October 10th.
Full information is at the championships web site www.cyclingmasters.com

Tickets are on sale on the web site and can be purchased in person from the velodrome Main Reception desk.

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