Results – Welsh CX League Round 3


Ffion James  (Abergavenny RC) and Jonathan Pugh (The Bulls) winners at round 3 of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross league in Hereford

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Results – Welsh CX League Round 3

Senior/Junior/Vet 40/Women
1 Jonathan Pugh The Bulls S
2 Lewys Hobbs Forza Cycles RT S
3 Jacob Phelps Muddybumbikes S
4 Andrew Parry Urban Cyclery V40
5 Gruff Lewis Pedal Heaven S
6 Tim Davies CC Abergavenny V40
7 Luke Moseley Climb On Bikes S
8 David Thomas The Bulls S
9 Grant Johnson Sunset Cycles V50
10 Grant Leavy Urban Cyclery S
11 Bevan Humphreys Urban Cyclery S
12 Mark James Jewsons/Polypipe/MI Racing V40
13 Lee Davies Cycle-tec S
14 Adrian Peall Forza Cycles RT S
15 Tomos Nesham Cardiff JIF J
16 Matthew Page A Cycling S
17 Craig Seaman Urban Cyclery S
18 Daniel Powell Castle Bikes S
19 Joe Lally NFTO S
20 Andy Hoskins Cardiff JIF S
21 Brynley Smith Abergavenny RC J
22 Ross Porter Cwmcarn Paragon V50
23 Ian Bendall Forza Cycles RT S
24 Simon Loose S
25 Martyn Hughes-Dowdle Urban Cyclery V50
26 Stephen Corbyn KTM Impsport S
27 Mike Webb Cardiff Ajax S
28 Ffion James Abergavenny RC W
29 Owen Davies Abergavenny RC V40
30 Richard Allcock Jewsons/Polypipe/MI Racing V40
31 Bryan Greatrick Towy Riders CC V40
32 Ben Eardley Southfork Racing V40
33 Hugh Lloyd The Bulls S
34 Tyler Brennan The Bulls J
35 Gareth Rees Cwmcarn Paragon S
36 Arwel Davies Bynea CC V40
37 Paul Crapper Abergavenny RC V40
38 Max Gibbons Climb On Bikes J
39 Donald Gray Cardiff JIF V50
40 Kieron Hastings Cardiff JIF V40
41 Michael Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing S
42 Tim Hutchinson NFTO V50
43 Justin Harrington Abergavenny RC V40
44 Thomas Stoddart Ride Bikes Wales S
45 Thom Hadfield Pontypool RCC S
46 Simon James The Bulls V40
47 Darren Pearce Climb On Bikes S
48 Paul Hayward Cycle-tec S
49 Gareth Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing S
50 Adam Smith Cardiff Ajax V40
51 Thomas Dye Cardiff Ajax S
52 Ian Marshall Maindy Flyers V40
53 Chris Blackmore Cardiff Harlequins V40
54 Paul Bufton Hafren CC S
55 Richard Price Maindy Flyers V40
56 Bryn Bloodworth Monmouthshire Wheelers J
57 Iain Fairley Gower Riders S
58 Keelan Powell Cwmcarn Paragon S
59 Chris Lewis Port Talbot Wheelers V40
60 Scott Dunster Brecon Wheelers J
61 Carwyn Williams Cardiff JIF S
62 Evan Powell Pontypool RCC S
63 Mike Holwill Hafren CC V40
64 Rich Lloyd Pontypool RCC S
65 James Walker Gower Riders V40
66 Mark Ayling CC Abergavenny V40
67 Craig Morgan Cardiff Ajax S
68 Clare Hoskins Cardiff JIF W
69 Luke Bradford Climb On Bikes S
70 Chris Lee Merthyr CC V40
71 Steve Codd Maindy Flyers V50
72 Kevin Dunster Brecon Wheelers V50
73 Rob Brennan The Bulls V40
74 Clive Powell Dambusters V60
75 Rhys Lewis V40
76 Stuart Davies Ride Bikes Wales S
77 Liam Hayward V50
78 Meg Backstedt Maindy Flyers W
79 Paul Allen Abergavenny RC V40
80 Matt ? Monmouthshire Wheelers V40
81 Steve Parker Towy Riders CC S
82 Andrew Cleves Cardiff JIF V40
83 Alan Haird West Wales Cycle Racing V40
84 Kevin Jones M and D Cycles V40
85 Phil Caunt Cardiff JIF V50
86 Paul Lewis The Bulls S
87 Ben Greenaway Gower Riders S
88 Tim Jones Bynea CC V60
89 Adam Cole Pontypool RCC S
90 Marcus Heuberger Gower Riders V40
91 Crad Lowe V50
92 Katie Price Hereford Wheelers W
93 David Breese Cardiff Ajax S
94 Aled Richards West Wales Cycle Racing V40
95 Nic Hughes Abergavenny RC V40
96 Jemma Nurse Cardiff JIF W
97 David Wright West Wales Cycle Racing V40
98 Matthew Lloyd Pontypool RCC S
99 Brad Davies Bynea CC V40
100 Christian Fox Gower Riders V40
101 Chris Lloyd Gower Riders V50
102 Mark Phelps Cardiff Ajax V50
103 Ian Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing V40
104 Llyr Morgan West Wales Cycle Racing S
105 Ricky MacGough V40
106 Phil Harries Cardiff Ajax V60
107 Caitlin Shaw M and D Cycles JW



1 Owain Roberts Towy Riders U16
2 Joe Beckingsale Abergavenny RC U16
3 Oliver Beere Maindy Flyers U16
4 Megan James Abergavenny RC U16
5 Huw Higgins-Worrall Abergavenny RC U16
6 Bryn Davies Towy Riders U14
7 Eluned King Towy Riders U14
8 Jack Lee Maindy Flyers U16
9 James Codd Maindy Flyers U16
10 David Middleton Maindy Flyers U16
11 Iwan Evans The Bulls U14
12 George Marshall Maindy Flyers U14
13 Sam Holwill HACC U14
14 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny RC U14
15 Aled Trott Abergavenny RC U14
16 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny U14
17 Endaf Williams West Wales Cycle Racing U14
18 Gethin Price Maindy Flyers U14
19 Jack Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing U14
20 Jake Young Maindy Flyers U16
21 Danielle Parker Towy Riders U14
22 Alex Hughes Abergavenny RC U14
23 Sean Jones West Wales Cycle Racing U14
24 Alex Powell Dambusters U16
25 Shannon Haird West Wales Cycle Racing U14
26 Julia Thomas Abergavenny RC NW
27 Harriet Marshall Maindy Flyers U16
28 Ffion Morgan West Wales Cycle Racing NW
29 Dafydd Wright West Wales Cycle Racing U14
30 Sarah Marshall NW
31 Kay Higgins-Worrall Abergavenny RC NW
32 Mali Jones U16
33 Joseph Reardon U14
34 Isabella Flynn Gower Riders U14
35 Bethan Moore Ride Bikes Wales NW
36 Jennifer Walker Gower Riders NW
37 Rachel Greatrick Towy Riders CC NW
38 Nia Richards West Wales Cycle Racing NW
39 Megan Wood Abergavenny RC U14
40 Molly Reardon U14
41 Jackie Codd Maindy Flyers NW
42 Benjamin Pearce Cardiff JIF U14
43 Kim Jones West Wales Cycle Racing NW

Under 12
1 Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing
2 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF
3 Griff Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing
4 Harry Cockroft
5 Ethan Pratten Maindy Flyers
6 Joel Maclean-Howell Maindy Flyers
7 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers
8 Kyle Jones Maindy Flyers
9 Maddie Osborn Abergavenny RC
10 Dan Moseley Abergavenny RC
11 Bethany Bennett Towy Riders
12 Daniel Wylie-Morris M and D Cycles
13 Ben Robinson Abergavenny RC
14 Ella Maclean-Howell Maindy Flyers
15 Finley George Abergavenny RC
16 Tomos Perkins Towy Riders
17 Joshua Froom Maindy Flyers
18 Kieron Heuberger Gower Riders
19 Harry Codd Maindy Flyers
20 Evelyn Higgins-Worrall Abergavenny RC
21 Lowri Richards West Wales Cycle Racing
22 Dafydd King Towy Riders
23 Gareth Smith Abergavenny RC
24 Benjamin Fox Gower Riders
25 Jake Parker Towy Riders
26 Rhys Hughes Abergavenny RC
27 Carwyn Hardiman The Bulls
28 Poppy Beere Maindy Flyers
29 Megan Walker Gower Riders
30 Megan Thomas Abergavenny RC
31 Macsen Harrington Abergavenny RC
32 Mali Wood Abergavenny RC
33 Lucy Fisher
34 Amelie Osborn Abergavenny RC

Under 10
1 Alfie Davies Cycle-tec
2 Oscar Davies CC Abergavenny
3 Sam Fisher Maindy Flyers
4 Finlay Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing
5 Rory Gravelle Towy Riders
6 Cian Evans The Bulls
7 Owain Williams Sosban Riders
8 Arthwr Thomas Abergavenny RC
9 Anwen Nesham Cardiff JIF
10 Hannah Cockcroft
11 Amy Greatrick Towy Riders
12 Evelyn Nurse Cardiff JIF
13 Joshua Truluck
14 Jake Westwood
15 Owen Hughes Abergavenny RC
16 Rebecca Codd Maindy Flyers
17 Arwyn Walby The Bulls
18 Tomos Allen Abergavenny RC
19 Ioan Holman M and D Cycles
20 Jessica Hoskins Cardiff JIF
21 Imogen Morris Gower Riders
22 Matthew Cleves Cardiff JIF
23 Cameron Bungey Climb On Bikes
24 Tilly Hastings Cardiff JIF
25 Ffion Hill Towy Riders
26 Gwenno Wood Abergavenny RC
27 Oliver Charrington Abergavenny RC
28 Benjamin Howe
29 Seth Moore Towy Riders
30 Evie Tetley West Wales Cycle Racing
Under 8
1 Aelwen Davies The Bulls
2 Finn Davies Cycle-tec
3 Ashton Parry Urban Cyclery
4 Conor Walby The Bulls
5 Oliver Bryan Climb On Bikes
6 Flo Tovey Gower Riders
7 Kobe Evans Maindy Flyers
8 Tomos Jones West Wales Cycle Racing
9 Archie Westwood
10 Jack Bungey Climb On Bikes
11 Jessica Bufton Hafren CC
12 Robert Lewis The Bulls
13 Lewis Walker Gower Riders
14 Charlie Evans Cycle-tec
15 Lucy Tetley
16 Olivia Moss

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