This Saturday: Revolution 53


Wiggins, Doull, Stannard, Viviani, Clancy, Trott and Archibald just some of the star names at Revolution 53 on Saturday

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This Saturday: Revolution 53

Saturday 24th October 2015 National Cycling Centre Manchester

Afternoon Session
Event 1 UCI Sprint – Qualification 200m Time Trial – Women
Event 2 Flying Lap
Event 3 UCI Sprint – Quarter Final – Women
Event 4 UCI Points Race – Women
Event 5 UCI Sprint – Semi Finals Match A – Women
Event 6 Australian Pursuit – Women
Event 7 UCI Sprint – Semi Finals Match B – Women
Event 8 UCI Points Race – Men 30km
Event 9 UCI Sprint – Semi Finals Match C – Women
Event 10 UCI Sprint – Minor Final – Women

Event 11 UCI Scratch Race – Men 15km
Event 12 UCI Sprint – Finals Match A – Women
Event 13 Elimination Race – Women
Event 14 1km Madison Time Trial – 1
Event 15 UCI Sprint – Finals Match B – Women
Event 16 Revolution Longest Lap – Endurance Men
Event 17 Future Stars 6 Lap Dash – Boys
Event 18 1Km Madison Time Trial – 2
Event 19 UCI Sprint Finals Match C (if req’d) – Women
Event 20 Team Elimination
Event 21 Future Stars 6 Lap Dash – Girls
Event 22 Presentation – Winning Team
Event 23 UCI Scratch Race – Women
Event 24 Future Stars Points Race – Boys
Event 25 UCI Sprint Keirin – First Round – Women
Event 26 Future Star Scratch Race – Girls
Event 27 UCI Keirin Minor Final – Women
Event 28 Future Stars Scratch Race – Boys
Event 29 UCI Keirin Final – Women
Event 30 Future Stars Points Race – Girls
Event 31 Team Sprint – Women
Event 32 Presentation – Future Stars
1 Elia Viviani Team Sky ITA
2 Ian Stannard Team Sky GBR
6 Theo Hartley Team Sky GBR
7 Chris Heaton Team Sky GBR
8 Samantha Verrill Team Sky GBR
9 Tara Ferguson Team Sky GBR
11 Christian Grasman Maloja Pushbikers RT GER
12 Marcel Kalz Maloja Pushbikers RT GER
16 Hamish Turnbull Maloja Pushbikers RT GBR
17 Matthew Shaw Maloja Pushbikers RT GBR
18 Anna Docherty Maloja Pushbikers RT GBR
19 Jayati Hine Maloja Pushbikers RT GBR
21 Ed Clancy JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
22 Ollie Wood JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
26 Ben Hardwick JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
27 Charlie Cox JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
28 Lauren Bate-Lowe JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
29 Georgia Ashworth JLT Condor p/b Mavic GBR
31 Sir Bradley Wiggins Team Wiggins GBR
32 Owain Doull Team Wiggins GBR
36 Jake Stewart Team Wiggins GBR
37 Conor Davies Team Wiggins GBR
38 Ellie Russell Team Wiggins GBR
39 Georgia Hilliard Team Wiggins GBR
41 Joe Holt Team USN GBR
42 Matt Bostock Team USN GBR
46 Rhys Britton Team USN GBR
47 Matthew Burke Team USN GBR
48 Jessica Roberts Team USN GBR
49 Elizabeth Bennett Team USN GBR
51 Marc Hester ONE Pro Cycling NED
52 TBC ONE Pro Cycling
56 Harry Hardcastle ONE Pro Cycling GBR
57 Jim Brown ONE Pro Cycling GBR
58 Lauren Dolan ONE Pro Cycling GBR
59 Pfieffer Georgi ONE Pro Cycling GBR
61 Mark Stewart Scotland GBR
62 Angus Claxton Scotland GBR
66 Lewis Stewart Scotland GBR
67 Joe Nally Scotland GBR
68 Jenny Holl Scotland GBR
69 Rhona Callander Scotland GBR
71 Alastair Rutherford The Nab Racing GBR
72 Reece Wood The Nab Racing GBR
76 Alex Ridehalgh The Nab Racing GBR
77 Jamie Ridehalgh The Nab Racing GBR
78 Amber King The Nab Racing GBR
79 Gemma Penman The Nab Racing GBR
81 Adam Blythe Orica Greenedge GBR
82 Glenn O ‘Shea Orica Greenedge AUS
86 Alistair Fielding Orica Greenedge GBR
87 Matthew Cox Orica Greenedge GBR
88 Sophie Williams Orica Greenedge GBR
89 Emily Tillett Orica Greenedge GBR
91 Germain Burton Telegraph Allstars GBR
92 TBC Telegraph Allstars
96 Fred Wright Telegraph Allstars GBR
97 Anthony Anderson Telegraph Allstars GBR
98 Rachel Jary Telegraph Allstars GBR
99 Emma Pit Telegraph Allstars GBR
101 Chris Latham VCUK-Champion Systems GBR
102 Nate Koch VCUK-Champion Systems USA
106 Jacob Vaughan VCUK-Champion Systems GBR
107 Louis Rose-Davies VCUK-Champion Systems GBR
108 Charlotte Cole-Hossain VCUK-Champion Systems GBR
109 Harriet Mellor VCUK-Champion Systems GBR
111 Andy Tennant Team Pedalsure GBR
112 Iljo Keisse Team Pedalsure BEL
116 Oscar Mingay Team Pedalsure GBR
117 Cameron Thomson Team Pedalsure GBR
118 Amber Joseph Team Pedalsure GBR
119 Lucy Horrocks Team Pedalsure

130 Laura Trott Matrix fitness GBR
131 Katie Archibald Pearl Izumi Sports Tours Int GBR
132 Emily Kay Team USN GBR
133 Manon Lloyd Team USN GBR
134 Emily Nelson Team USN GBR
135 Ellie Coster Team USN GBR
136 Abbie Dentus Team DeVere GBR
137 Megan Barker Fusion RT GBR
138 Henrietta Colborne Team Jadan GBR
139 Ellie Dickinson Team Giordana Triton GBR
140 Rebecca Raybould Poole Wheelers GBR
141 Sophie Black Isle of Man GBR
142 Amalie Winther Olsen Denmark DEN
143 Danielle Khan Solihull CC GBR
144 Annasley Park Team Giordana Triton GBR
145 Melissa Lowther Matrix Fitness CC

160 Shanaze Reade Madison Genesis GBR
161 Odette Van Deventer UCI School – Wattbike RSA
162 Bernette Beyers UCI School – Wattbike RSA
163 Robyn Stewart Scotland GBR
164 Neah Evans Scotland GBR
165 Emma Baird Scotland GBR
166 Sophie Capewell Lichfield City CC GBR
167 Nicky Degrendele Netherlands NED



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